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10/20/2018 - 11:20pm This is my best day.


This is my best day.

Thank you JH. Thank you Boilers!

10/20/2018 - 11:18pm Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!


What a fun day! Pick 6, suck it Meyer!

10/20/2018 - 11:15pm Wow, that Moore kid is…

Wow, that Moore kid is incredible! What a fun guy to watch.

What a fantastic day!

10/20/2018 - 10:50pm Dammit. Still lots of time…

Dammit. Still lots of time left....crap. Hang tough Boilers!

10/20/2018 - 10:46pm Meyer is aging by the minute…

Meyer is aging by the minute - I love it!

10/20/2018 - 10:28pm Dare we dream?

C'mon Purdue…

Dare we dream?

C'mon Purdue!!!

10/20/2018 - 9:25pm Very True gbdub - and DPJ…

Very True gbdub - and DPJ was smart to stay away. It's gotta be frustrating to let the ball bounce past you, but on a wet field it's the right play. 


10/20/2018 - 6:29pm SDK, did you forget the /s?

SDK, did you forget the /s?

You're either joking, trolling, or not very bright. 

If you're joking, not funny.

If you're trolling, well done.

If it's the last option, I'm sorry for you. Please read books.

10/20/2018 - 6:22pm I liked a lot of what I saw…

I liked a lot of what I saw today on both sides of the ball. Shea didn't have a great game, but JH got a lot of production out of him with his legs and a couple of well-timed, beautiful TD passes.

This appears to be our winning formula; bruising running game, Shea's legs keeping the defense guessing and honest, and some timely passing. I'm fine with that.

Michigan didn't panic when things started to get hairy. That composure got them through the only moments where the game was in doubt.

Too many penalties, of course. 

Defensively, a masterpiece.

Punting well in MSU territory was my only gripe with the coaching - especially the 4th and 5.

I was super critical of Franklin last week when IMO he coached too conservatively and gave MSU a chance. It sure felt like JH was doing the same thing today.

Play to win, especially when you're well in opposing territory. 

It was great to see JH go for it in the second half, which made all the Franklin/Ferentz decisions in the first half all the more baffling to me. I really felt we could have absolutely crushed MSU today.

All in all, I'm incredibly happy - JH, the entire coaching staff and all the players deserve a ton of credit for a huge win and remarkable improvement this season. 

What a pleasure to watch this team - Go Blue!


10/20/2018 - 6:05pm Did you ever watch an NFL…

Did you ever watch an NFL game mitchewr? Good QB's execute in inclement weather, and throw accurate passes downfield. 

Shea is a good QB. 

There's nothing miraculous about it; it's just the first time in awhile we've had a high-level QB.

I know this isn't the NFL, but Shea is an NFL-level talent. He can make those throws.


10/20/2018 - 5:53pm We absolutely dominated a…

We absolutely dominated a ranked rival on the road - hard to complain about that.

Shea didn't have his best game, but he made some great runs/decisions, and threw two absolutely beautiful TD passes. That chuck to DPJ was perfection.

Higdon is a beast. What a year he's having! He made some very tough runs and made the most of his opportunities against a rugged defense.

Very satisfying win. I can't imagine many folks thought we'd be in this great place after the ND game - I certainly didn't. I give the players and coaches a ton of credit.

Well done! Go Blue!

10/20/2018 - 5:45pm The whole D was incredible,…

The whole D was incredible, but special shout outs to:



-Defensive backs, all of them

That was a clinic.

What makes it especially impressive is that it's a road game in hostile territory. 

All-time great defensive performance. This team is looking special. Wow!

10/20/2018 - 5:39pm What a happy day! So nice to…

What a happy day! So nice to dominate an overmatched Sparty - just like the good 'ol days.

A glorious October day - Go Blue!

....and Go Ace!

10/15/2018 - 4:29pm Band Show finish - Wow!

Band Show finish - Wow!

Thank you for including the halftime show clip - that was fantastic.

5 minutes of standard-issue oldies and marching around, followed, what a finish, playing "Freebird" directly in front of the students.

The roar from the crowd as they formed an arrow surging toward the student section was amazing!

Must have been really fun to see live.

10/14/2018 - 4:06am Outstanding performance. D…

Outstanding performance. D-line held up well against a very good line and terrific RB. 

Defense absolutely destroyed their passing game - intense pressure every pass play, and excellent coverage. Wisconsin had no chance through the air.

The boys played with heart and tenacity tonight; super fun game to watch!


10/14/2018 - 3:48am Entire offensive line…

Entire offensive line deserves much praise, as does coach Warinner. Incredibly impressive performance.

Love Higdon's running, love the read option - but tonight the OL were the shining stars.

As JH says -  ascending!

10/08/2018 - 8:00pm Sad news. Ace, you're a good…

Sad news. Ace, you're a good guy and a fantastic writer.

Thank you for your contributions, your wonderful writing and your willingness to share your challenging journey.

Stay positive, and keep fighting. You've got a ton of people cheering for you.


10/08/2018 - 6:50pm Interesting Jasper - thanks…

Interesting Jasper - thanks for the correction. I knew MD had a couple of big DL, but didn't realize their whole front 7 was big. 

Makes it even better to have worn them down. 

To me, that's the downside of playing with tempo all the time on offense; if you're not moving the chains your defense spends a ton of time on the field.

It's a reasonable strategy for an undermanned team to steal a game, but I'm not so sure it's a great idea all the time. You end up like Big 12 teams, with nothing but shootouts.


10/06/2018 - 8:31pm Yes, it was. But IMO the…

Yes, it was. But IMO the comment was dumb and uninformed. Those guys transferred because the players in front of them - who are on the team - are better. 

More importantly, Harbaugh LOVES throwing to tight ends. He's been using TE's as primary threats since his Stanford days, probably even before. TE passes aren't a substitute, they're an integral, primary part of his offense.

If Black (and all the transfers) were playing, JH would still feature his TE's - especially when they are excellent, and huge mismatches for opponents.

And that pick was on Gentry - when you've got a 6'8 guy, you should throw it high. It was a fine decision on Shea's part, IMO.


10/06/2018 - 6:37pm I thought Michigan mixed up…

I thought Michigan mixed up run/pass very well. Some interesting/creative plays without showing too much. 

It's rewarding to beat up a small team like MD with lots of power - they were toast by the fourth quarter.

Thought Brian Griese said some incredibly stupid things. "Forced to throw to TE's because all our WR's injured or transferred"..."Bad decision to throw high pass to 6'-8 TE". One would think he keeps up with Michigan football.

All-around improvement game to game. It's nice to see the team get better. Hope it continues.

10/06/2018 - 6:28pm Wow, you are one negative…

Wow, you are one negative Nancy, MoBo. You really can't enjoy anything, can you?

Yes, there are tests coming up, but today we had a dominant win, with lots of great things to see. Michigan is clearly improving, and played a pretty damned good game. 

If it's not fun for you, why do you watch? Is complaining fun, or do you enjoy getting a rise out of strangers?

To each his/her own, I suppose. 

10/06/2018 - 6:17pm Things I liked:

No big…

Things I liked:

No big plays (except kick return, of course). MD has a bunch of speedy little guys, and we kept them bottled up all game. Really good job of keeping the ball in front of defenders.

Michigan more ready than MD for their tempo. Big improvement over past seasons.

No targeting this week! Hooray!

Big defensive stop when MD grabbed the lead and momentum.

Good combination of size and speed. Kinnel, Uche, Bush, Winovich, Gil, Hudson all made nice hustle plays.

Brandon Watson has turned into a fine football player. So much for 5th year guys not being able to improve. He's having a fantastic year, and made a great decision to stay.

10/06/2018 - 6:03pm Lots of good things today:

Lots of good things today:

Higdon is really good. He keeps those legs churning, and always falls forward. Plus, he's got that burst. Wilson's a better blocker, but Higdon is a trememdous runner.

Bell looks like a gem - good hands and concentration, FAST, and wow, keeping his feet on that hard right cut - incredible body control.

Line! There were times when Shea had a picnic back there before he threw. Great to see. Wonderful improvement. Look, they're not the strength of the team, but if they're not the weakness, it's a huge win.

I disagree with those who say we started poorly. We moved the ball, just failed in the red zone. That's a different issue altogether.

Wow, that play by Shea on the Bell touchdown was magical. I thought he was toast, and he just bamboozled MD's rushers. Then, to throw a pinpoint crossing pass against the momentum of his body - just wow.

I'm happy. Fun game. And down goes Sparty!



09/19/2018 - 12:34am As I said, Chi - it's just…

As I said, Chi - it's just my opinion. 

So, to respond to your statement - yes. As you said, the money is already in the system, and it's exactly that (relatively recent) explosion of money that has slowly lessened my interest.

No so very long ago, Bo and Don Canham insisted that Michigan games be played at 1, because it was best for players, students, and fans attending the game. Ticket prices were lower than they could be, and people could bring their own beverages into the stadium. Fall Saturdays at Michigan Stadium were among my fondest childhood memories.

Has the emphasis on money made Michigan football better? IMO, absolutely not. Ticket/concession prices, endless TV timeouts, even noon kickoffs lessen the fun. Those TV contracts have badly damaged the in-game experience. 

Schools/conferences should prioritize what's best for athletes, students and supporters, rather than what makes the most money. 

IMO, college sports would be more fun with less money. Not everything in this world is (or should be) about maximizing revenue. Activities related to a not-for-profit University are very much included.

You totally lost me when you started talking about worldwide capitalism. It's a school, not a corporation. It's not a damned "product" - it's an experience, an activity, a sport. Dave Brandon thought of Michigan athletics as a "product". Dave Brandon is evil and stupid, and personifies everything I find harmful to college sports.

Most athletes have no chance to turn professional. They play for the love of the game, and for the scholarship. To me, that's fantastic, and fun to support and cheer.

For those few athletes who may have a pro future, their college experience is already giving them:

- scholarship, including R&B and a bit of spending cash (and even some swag when they leave)

- a spectacular opportunity to demonstrate their talent to their future employers

- free coaching, tutoring and training, and world class athletic facilities to hone their skills

- opportunity to become famous, which can be worth millions of dollars. There are VERY few Kobes and LeBrons - most athletes get far more fame and exposure playing college ball than they would playing in a minor league.

- valuable, life-long connection with fellow alums who love to provide opportunities to former athletes

It's bullshit to say that 100,000 people show up at Michigan Stadium because of the current players. Sure, Shea Patterson and Chase Winovich contribute to the fun and interest, but most people go to watch MICHIGAN, their alma mater or local team, or school with a winning tradition, or with their favorite mascot or colors, or just to enjoy a fall day in Ann Arbor. What I'm trying to say is that with few exceptions, the school makes the athlete famous, not the other way around.

I also don't buy that college athletes are indentured servants, "laboring and sacrificing" for the financial gain of their University overlords. It sure looks to me like the kids LOVE playing their sport, they LOVE being on TV and playing in front of huge crowds. I sure wish I could have "labored and sacrificed" like those kids - sadly, 6 footers with an unorthodox jumper and less than otherworldly athleticism don't get scholarships to play at Michigan.

Most players seem to maintain a life-long connection and affection toward their school, often much greater than their pro team. Michael Jordan still bleeds Carolina blue, and Chuck Woodson still bleeds Michigan Blue. Why? My bet is because they loved their time on campus and playing college sports.

Almost no one watches G-League basketball, and the players seem to want only to move on.

I like professional sports because I get to see the very best athletes compete at the highest level.

I like college sports because of an intimate connection with my school, and because I like to watch young people playing for the love of the game.

I like college sports more.

Again, just my opinion. 

09/18/2018 - 4:59pm My position is probably…

My position is probably unpopular, but it's the way I feel.

I believe we're heading toward a tipping point, where college programs (football and basketball) split into "semi-professional" or "semi-amateur".

With all the scandals, and the obviously corrupting impact of all the money flowing into these sports, it seems inevitable that a bunch of schools will eventually say "enough".  What would it mean?

"Semi-pro" Division: 

- larger "stipends"

- continuing arms race with facilities and salaries

- squeeze every last dollar possible out of TV contracts, ticket prices, concessions, etc.

- growing corporate sponsorship, or even direct affiliation with NFL/NBA

- probably allowing athletes to own their likeness - sort of olympic model

- possibly remove academic requirements completely

- continue to pretend bag men aren't doling out money

Outcome? Continue process toward true minor league for pro teams. Great training ground for future pros, but sad outcomes for those kids who aren't good enough. Probably somewhat less fan interest, especially in-stadium.

Likely participants? OSU, MSU, maybe PSU, Rutgers maybe a few others in BIG. SEC except Vandy. Half of ACC (Clemson, FSU, Miami, VT, NC, NC State. Most of Big 12, Part of PAC 12 - USC, the Arizonas, maybe the Oregons, maybe the Washingtons, maybe Utah and/or UCLA. Boise, Houston, SMU, BYU, maybe a few others. Total of about 40.


- restrictions on TV revenue, or naturally reduced income based on lower ratings/desirability

- restrictions on coaching salaries

- strict enforcement of rules, much more enforcement. No bag men. Possibly adopt olympic model regarding ownership of likeness etc.

- strict enforcement of real academic requirements. Scholarships guaranteed until bachelor's degree completed. 

- more university control of scheduling, etc. Game times set by schools, not networks.

- more control over games. Fewer TV timeouts, emphasis on in-stadium experience. Lower ticket and concession prices. 

Outcome? Much lower revenue. Fewer great players/teams. Attractive in-game experience, but fewer games nationally broadcast. Probably somewhat less general fan interest.

Likely participants? UM (I hope), Wiscy, NW, Minny, Purdue, maybe a few others in BIG, Vandy, Duke, BC, Virginia, GT, Pitt, Syracuse, Wake, maybe a few others in ACC, maybe Texas and/or TCU, Stanford, Cal, some others in PAC (maybe the Washingtons/Oregons, maybe Utah, Colorado, maybe UCLA. ND, Rice, Tulane, service academies, possibly even Ivies if they want to step up in a more amateur setting. Maybe around 40 schools.

As for the "also-rans" (Sun Belt, MAC, etc.), I imagine their numbers will slowly shrink as schools realize how financially stupid it is to try to compete. Many will probably move to DII.

At some point, being associated with the likes of MSU/OSU and the SEC is counter to the mission of the university. Sure, money is a powerful lure, but U Chicago and the Ivies walked away years ago - it's not unprecedented.

I love college football and basketball, but they become less fun for me in a direct relationship to the increase in money. Adding more money into the system and paying players make college sports less attractive to me. I've never had any interest in minor league sports.

Just my opinion.

09/17/2018 - 7:36pm I live in SF where almost…

I live in SF where almost everything is expensive, and brought 3 bottles of water into the Giants game yesterday. They cost $.07 each. Seven Cents (case price at Safeway). 

If UM wants to insist that people bring nothing into the game, they could hand out bottles of water. Sheesh.

09/17/2018 - 7:25pm Nope. I went to a SF Giants…

Nope. I went to a SF Giants game yesterday. You're allowed to bring in food and beverages, the only requirement is that bottles are unopened (and sealed).

You're welcome to bring an empty bottle as well.

I find it hard to believe that homeland security would have a different standard for one stadium vs. another. 

It's more likely that somebody decided it would take too long to search - and btw, it takes about 1/2 a second.

If it really were that big a deal, or somehow homeland security rules are different there, it would cost almost nothing to have a huge stack of large cups or plastic bottles waiting for people as they pass security, with enough drinking fountains/fill-up stations so people could easily get water.

It is absurd that they make it so hard to get water. Just ridiculous.

It's greed, pure and simple.

09/16/2018 - 2:46pm Everybody loves a back-up…

Everybody loves a back-up quarterback (or RB in this case). 

Tru Wilson is a great story, and it appears his hard work is being rewarded with well-deserved playing time.

Evans is simply better - quicker, shiftier, more instinctive - except for pass pro. Those people saying he can't run through tackles forget last week, when he refused to get cut down by an unblocked guy near the goal line. That was a seriously gutsy, tough TD run. He's not a straight-ahead bulldozer; that's not his style. 

JH has an interesting quandary on third down. Evans is great in space, fantastic as a receiver - really, a perfect third-down back...EXCEPT he can't pass block. So, you either utilize a great weapon and limit your playbook/risk your QB getting whacked, or you insert a guy almost solely to pass block. 

Michigan has two really good RB's, who offer an exciting change of pace. Wilson is a terrific guy to have in case of injury, or to give some rest.

All that said, IMO inserting Wilson for short yardage makes sense. I also like Mason in those situations.

09/16/2018 - 2:57am Thank you Marvin.

We won by…

Thank you Marvin.

We won by 25 f-ing points. That's not a struggle.

Did we play a great game? No. Did we crush an inferior opponent? Yes. 

Not so long ago we struggled mightily to beat even bad teams. My gosh, enjoy an easy win!

09/10/2018 - 9:52pm 31 point QUARTER.

Only the…

31 point QUARTER.

Only the Lions...

09/10/2018 - 9:49pm The most disturbing thing is…

The most disturbing thing is that they have completely given up - in the first game!

That punt return defense was hilariously incompetent.

It looks like Patricia has lost his team already - wow.

09/10/2018 - 4:24pm Ambry Thomas?

Ambry Thomas?

09/08/2018 - 10:26pm Coaching was fine. Team was…

Coaching was fine. Team was ready, and played angry and determined football. Completely dominated an outmanned opponent.

Jim Harbaugh is an excellent football coach, and IMO people need to chill out a bit. 

Lots of teams and coaches had a tough first week (Sparty, PSU, Sumlin, Chip Kelly come to mind).

Meanwhile, as I write this, TAMU just fumbled away a chance to tie Clemson. College football is crazy.

B1G is looking considerably less scary than believed.

I expect to see our guys improve throughout the year, and become a dangerous team.

Go Blue!

09/08/2018 - 10:11pm Positives:

- It's great to…


- It's great to win, and to dominate an inferior team.

- Patterson is good. Damn, that pass to Martin while running for his life to the left was magical. Very accurate, and keeps his eyes active.

- RB's look tough. Love Evans' wiggle, but Higdon has a higher gear. They run hard, and really use their blocks. 

- Ben Mason is an absolute beast. He was just killing guys out there. 


- Neither Martin nor Perry look too impressive so far. Would love to see Ambry in the slot. He's a dangerous young man.

- Pass blocking not good, especially tackles. Can't throw downfield too much, because it's always a potential disaster.

- WMU's defense is bad. Poor tackling, lack speed. They were beaten down. 

Overall, a good win and a fun game. Much needed.

Go Blue!

09/08/2018 - 9:59pm This is all I could think of…

This is all I could think of watching Ben Mason crush broncos:


09/08/2018 - 9:51pm Totally disagree. Bolt is an…

Totally disagree. Bolt is an absolute physical freak, and completely changed belief/thinking about sprinting. 

BS was an amazing runner, and had a unique style; Usain Bolt was an absolutely unique athlete. 

From NYT:

"At its most basic, speed is the product of stride length times stride frequency. Though Bolt stands 6 feet 5 inches, he starts nearly as explosively as smaller sprinters and needs only 41 strides to cover 100 meters, while other elite runners need 43 or 45 or even 48."

He also had an unusually unbalanced stride, possibly due to scoliosis, that placed far more force on one stride than the other.

Perhaps Bolt's running doesn't look so unique because he's tearing down the track like every other sprinter, but within the constraints of his event, he is one of the most unique athletes from any sport. No one ever looked like him or ran like him.


09/08/2018 - 9:28pm Defense looked good. Fast,…

Defense looked good. Fast, aggressive and very sure tackling.

WMU has some weapons, and we made them look pretty impotent.


- Hill seems too grabby; every time I saw him, he was holding someone. He's gonna get a lot of flags if he keeps that up.

- Everyone is killing Matellus, and his late hits are really frustrating - but last year Bush was a bit out of control, and he figured it out. I think he and Hawkins are both pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Still weakest link in the D.

- We're a bit thin at DT, and we miss Hurst. It's early, and hopefully Aubrey will be 100% soon.


- Young Mr. Ross can lay some wood! He's gonna be a great player. Big, athletic, and has a nose for the ball.

- Great tackling, and our DB's look like the best cover guys in the country. They are blankets. Agree that Watson looks really good.

- Thought coaches did a good job of dialing down the outside rush to better contain the middle. Of course, it helped that WMU doesn't have a running QB, but I liked what I saw.


09/02/2018 - 1:29am I don't think the play…

I don't think the play calling was that bad. I would like to have seen more of Evans in the first half; I think his skills and packages might have helped. 

Our tackles were atrocious.

It's so hard to keep a defense honest when throwing deep is almost impossible. They just stacked the line on us.

Maybe it would have helped if we went full-on spread, and threw a bunch of bubble screens and stuff to get outside and let WR's block instead of our tackles.

I agree with some who have said it seems we're lacking dynamic playmakers - maybe we need Ambry more on offense than defense; that dude is electric.

Unlike many here, I'm not giving up on the season. It was a tough first game on the road. We'll get better.

09/02/2018 - 1:04am I don't like picking on a…

I don't like picking on a kid, but Runyan was just awful. Woof. He was obviously completely overmatched.

The right side was bad, but poor Runyan just got humiliated out there.

09/02/2018 - 12:59am My thoughts on the defense…

My thoughts on the defense. They did some good things; I thought there were very few open receivers. ND's guys made some spectacular plays, and Wimbush far exceeded expecations.

The Wimbush run up the middle on 3rd and 18 was the most frustrating play of the night to me. No excuse for that one - it was painfully obvious that was coming.

In the first half, there were too many plays where both Winovich and Gary went wide and Wimbush just exploited the middle, either stepping up in the pocket to throw or taking off.

ND also found and exploited a problem on the right side of our defense (ND's left). It seemed every time they ran wide to the left there was no containment, and nobody there to spread things out.

I think we have a very good defense that doesn't seem to match up well against teams with a smart QB who can run. Wimbush took some hellish shots, and he just kept making plays.

IMO the penalties and some of the mistakes should be expected in the first half of the first game. 

It remains to be seen if we can improve and eliminate some of these issues, but I believe we can and will.

09/02/2018 - 12:43am I agree Alumnus93, the…

I agree Alumnus93, the Wimbush scramble at 3rd and 18 was infuriating. Everyone in the stadium knew he was going to run up the middle. 

The play where he was flat sacked and somehow escaped was frustrating, but the 3rd and 18 play was the killer. They simply have to find a way to stop that play.

08/29/2018 - 4:31pm This is the one detail of…

This is the one detail of this whole ugly episode that made me laugh.

Until Zach Smith, I'd never seen or heard of a "ball lifter" - and I live in SF, and have seen some pretty wacky stuff.

08/29/2018 - 4:24pm MGrow, your emphatic defense…

MGrow, your emphatic defense of this guy is bizarre, at least to me. It's fair to say we don't know with 100% certainty what's happened in that household, but there is a TON of damning evidence:

- 2009 incident

- multiple reported incidents since then. Multiple.

- his obvious alcohol/substance abuse problem (including, apparently, today, based on his crazy twitter rant)

- very clear impulse control issues, and a volcanic temper

- tons of extremely unusual, aberrant behavior that spilled into his work life - if he did this kind of stuff on OSU's dime, one can reasonably surmise his behavior outside work was even worse. Not direct evidence of physical abuse, but clearly behavior demonstrating a lack of concern/care toward his wife. 

- I'm no expert on "defensive wounds", but the picture looks pretty awful to me. I've had passionate arguments with female partners, and have NEVER struck, injured, or left physical marks on a woman. Seems to me a big strong football coach could leave a room and a combustible situation without physically hurting anyone.

Self control and respect for women is a real thing. DV is awful, and accusations should be taken seriously.

I don't doubt or dispute that men and women can behave horribly, and she doesn't appear to be a wholly sympathetic character. However, based on everything that's been documented about Zach Smith, he does not deserve our benefit of doubt. At bare minimum, I believe there's no justification for injuring a woman badly enough to leave marks like that.


08/23/2018 - 10:47pm Could not disagree more with…

Could not disagree more with the idea of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". If Michigan were to go down this path, I'd be done as a fan and supporter, and embarrassed to be an alum.

I'm also among those (the minority, it seems) that feels paying players is not the answer. IMO, money is the problem, not the solution.

There's too much damn money in college sports, that's the whole problem. My suggestions?

- Limit coaching salaries. I'm no labor lawyer and don't know about the legalities, but it seems that if the NCAA introduced a salary cap, why couldn't it be enforceable? Pro leagues have salary caps, why can't there be a similar collective agreement in college sports? 

- Limit TV money. I know it's hard to turn down dollars, but the mountain of money is killing college sports. It's possible the pot may be shrinking anyway because of cord-cutting.

- Take a BIG chunk of TV money and dedicate it to enforcement. Enact very strict penalties, that first and foremost include suspension/termination of coaches. If coach's jobs are dependent on following the rules, it sure seems they'll "remember" to pay attention. 

- Place at least one NCAA enforcement officer in place at every school - possibly one each for football and basketball (rotate them to avoid conflicts). I'm not talking about the school's own compliance office, I'm talking about independent officials whose sole focus is enforcement. Find the bag men. Make sure the kids are taking real classes. I recognize this is the opposite of paying kids to play. If the in-place officer identifies a problem, send in a team to investigate. Strict oversight is the only way to police big-money operations.

- Strictly enforce academic requirements. A scholarship that genuinely means a promise of a real degree is hugely valuable. If a kid isn't interested in "playing school", he should not be in school. People say you can't keep track of every kid - I say why not? There's enough money to hire people to support and monitor kids. I'm 100% for extra academic support, mentoring, etc. 

- Finally, and most important: If you can't get all schools to agree to cleaning things up, then let them drown in their own cesspool. Break away from the rogue programs. Play ball with universities that are committed to playing by the rules and have some integrity. Be bold, and lead.

I like to believe it's still possible to play by the rules and be competitive. Coach Beilein has shown us that it is. However, it's getting harder and harder, and it sickens me to see so many schools embroiled in scandals or simply ignoring the rules.

I really think it's time for a change. I'd much rather proudly follow and support a clean program that competes with Northwestern and Stanford and Navy than a dirty program that's in an endless arms race with OSU and 'bama. Enough is enough.



08/23/2018 - 3:35pm I mentioned yesterday there…

I mentioned yesterday there may come a day when the P5 splits in two - one semi-pro league with an endless arms race and few constraints, and a more amateur league with strictly enforced rules.

I hope we would join the latter.

In addition to the schools you named, you could add Georgia Tech, BC, Wake Forest, and some from our conference too - Wisconsin, maybe Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. Washington, maybe Utah, TCU, Syracuse, Pitt, perhaps even Texas. Maybe the service academies would join in, and perhaps Rice and Tulane. Heck, maybe the ivies might be interested in stepping up their game a bit if everyone played within a strictly enforced structure.

Might just make college sports truly fun again.

08/22/2018 - 11:43pm Personally I like Herbie,…

Personally I like Herbie, with one exception - he seems to bend over backward to avoid angering the OSU hordes. 

He's knowledgeable, has a decent voice and is pretty objective. I enjoy his rapport with Desmond, and unlike many ESPN'rs he isn't so SEC biased.

Tonight was not his finest work - he seemed uncomfortable and cagey.

08/22/2018 - 11:07pm Dude, you're on a Michigan…

Dude, you're on a Michigan message board.

Michigan - MMMMMMMM

Cut that crap out, or please move along.

08/22/2018 - 10:35pm Smith should absolutely have…

Smith should absolutely have reported; so should Meyer. ZS was out of control and apparently doing bad things for years.

Meyer doesn't need to get Smith's approval to fire an assistant, and he obviously knew far more about ZS than Gene. He hired him apparently without disclosing what ZS did at Florida. He had many, many opportunities to do the right thing and can his ass.

The entire rationale for not firing Meyer rests on believing his claim that he followed procedure. Do you really believe that, after hearing him blatantly lie, again and again?

The media day performance was terrible, and tonight's was no better. There's no way he didn't see those emails, didn't see those pictures. 

Be honest; you all knew what you were getting when you hired Meyer - you knew what kind of program he ran at Florida.

He's a fantastic recruiter, a big-time winning coach, and a guy willing to look the other way and operate with shady ethics.  

Now we all know he's also a serial liar.

08/22/2018 - 10:14pm The many awful scandals…

The many awful scandals involving schools in our conference is really distressing.

The response of the institutions is worse.

It's become clear that the athletic programs at many of our conference schools are operating at an SEC level of corruption (or even worse).

The whole MSU situation is disgusting. Engler and the school acted absolutely without integrity.

I was holding out hope that OSU would do the right thing and fire that crooked SOB; taking firm and clear action that says "this won't do". Instead, they continue to employ a scumbag and his enabling AD.

More and more, I believe that P5 power football is eventually going to divide, and Michigan might distance itself from this crap.  

I wouldn't be surprised if schools like Northwestern, UVA, Stanford, Duke, Wake, BC, Vandy, etc. split off and formed their own level of more amateur college football, leaving the SEC, OSU and others to become ever more professional and money-focused.

It would be a tough call for Michigan, because of their history, stadium, and national profile - but at some point, supporting a never-ending arms race seems antithetical to the mission of the university. The ivies, service academies and U of Chicago were once at the top of college football; they all decided it just wasn't worth it anymore.

Who knows? Maybe OSU will just eventually join the SEC, where they seem to belong.

08/22/2018 - 9:39pm "I was not aware of the text…

"I was not aware of the text messages sent by Shelly Smith...(mumbled) the time"

Wow, Meyer simply cannot speak truthfully.