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02/17/2019 - 11:47pm Just a bunch of light…

Just a bunch of light-hearted optimists on here.

02/16/2019 - 9:14pm Iggy has been great pretty…

Iggy has been great pretty much all year from three.  In his three games before the Wisconsin win, he was a combined 9-16 with multiple threes in each game.  He didn't even shoot one against PSU so his "slump" literally was an 0-4 outing against Wisconsin. And those were all good looks (unlike the shots Poole is taking).

Unfortunately, he's been largely reduced to being Just A Shooter.  It's almost cringeworthy when he drives now.  He never passes and the odds of him getting his shot blocked seem about the same as him making a shot. Hopefully he can turn that around.  It's probably going to require him to keep his head up and make passing a threat so teams can't just collapse on him.

02/16/2019 - 5:50pm No, Matthews is gone.  He's…

No, Matthews is gone.  He's already said as much.  That's what I meant.  Foregone conclusion.  So yeah, stephenjrking is exactly right about the fact that Z and Matthews could score 20+ a game and it wouldn't change what they're doing next year.  Simpson is coming back and Matthews is gone.

02/16/2019 - 4:47pm I completely agree with you…

I completely agree with you that the refs let the teams play today and that benefitted Michigan's aggressive defense.

But Michigan still won by 13.  And Michigan can scarcely shoot worse than they did today.  The whistle will be tighter and that will even things up, but this is a coin flip at worst at Maryland.

02/16/2019 - 4:12pm Not surprised Simpson was…

Not surprised Simpson was MVP.  162 Ortg on highly efficient shooting.  8 (!!!) assists to just 1 TO and 2 steals.

Matthews was runner up though.  Solid game inside the arc.  OREBs were big early in the second half.

My low-key favorite thing about games in which Simpson and Matthews are the stars is that we already know where those two are playing next year.  As for the other three starters, stay away, NBA!

02/16/2019 - 3:53pm DeJulius looked confident…

DeJulius looked confident out there, but wow, what a difference on defense.  Every pick and roll became a nervous situation. You take Simpson's defense for granted and then realize, oh, yeah, mere mortals don't get through screens like Simpson does.

A lot of Derrick Walton to DeJulius though.  Good to see the young man earning some minutes.

I think it should be pointed out that Johns had 3 fouls in 4 minutes, not as a knock but to reiterate that the backup bigs are usually getting extended minutes when there's a tough post guy to guard that likely put Teske in foul trouble: Fernando, Morgan, Happ, etc. That's why he and Davis are going to necessarily have high foul rates.

02/14/2019 - 12:59am You made a comment that…

You made a comment that directly implied that getting out of conference and into the tournament would make games less of a slog.  The way slog is used around here is to refer to a slow, ugly, defensive battle. Also referred to here as a rock fight.  If that's not what you meant by slog, I apologize, and my comment wouldn't apply.

I merely pointed out that you might not want to count on Michigan being in fewer slow-paced, defensive battles in the tournament given Michigan's current style of play.

FWIW, one of the reasons I like the second go around of conference play is to see how coaches adjust from the first outing.  Chambers switched far more aggressively than he did the first game (and he's also playing Wheeler a lot more and played Watkins a lot less) and Beilein commented in his presser that the aggressive switching caught him off-guard.  So clearly the coaches don't know what their opponents are going to do.


02/14/2019 - 12:11am Look, I don't expect…

Look, I don't expect Michigan to run through all their inbounds plays in a 20-pt game against Norfolk St. so yes, there are certain situations in which you can keep it bland.

But when you're losing on the road in a critical conference game is not one of those times.

And again, ways in which you beat a press are very different than running set plays out of bounds or in the half court.

I didn't watch enough of the game to know whether they only used one tactic to try to beat the press as you say.  I have a hard time believing they'd fail multiple times (and I'm not sure that they did, per se) and not change anything up.

There are two different things that it sounds like happened:

1) Simpson/the team turned it over a few times.  That could have been simple failure to execute.  I did see Simpson dribble the ball off his foot in the last minute of the game.  It doesn't matter how great your tactics are if the players don't execute them. I think the failure to execute is the issue here.

2) It sounds like people are upset with how slowly Michigan broke the press, even when they did.  This is more about JB's extreme conservatism.  The number 1 mandate for Michigan offenses is to not turn the ball over.  They are a slow paced team precisely so they don't turn it over.  So that's more philosophical than tactical.  They turn it over once or twice and JB says, slow down and make sure you break it without turning it over.

02/13/2019 - 11:47pm A green light is for open…

A green light is for open shots.  Like Teske when he's open: green light.  Shoot it.  Even Simpson, when he's open, shoot it.  Having a green light doesn't mean you are free to jack it up indiscriminately.

And every guy has a "green light" to take varying degrees of shots. But Poole takes a lot of excessively bad shots.  I doubt the coaches want him taking those when they're early in the shot clock.

02/13/2019 - 7:38pm While you are correct that…

While you are correct that Michigan has had a very easy conference schedule, I think the easiest in the league so far, you are incorrect about 10 of 13 against the bottom half.

The top half includes 6th place Iowa and 7th place OSU (there are 14 teams now, not 10! Welcome to the 21st century B1G) so Michigan has played 9 of 14 games against the bottom half.  They finish with 4 of 6 against the top half (MSU and Maryland).

Michigan won't lose at home to Maryland.  I have very high confidence in that.

02/13/2019 - 7:31pm While 99% of northernmich…

While 99% of northernmich posts are terrible, he is correct.  Your assertion that Beilein would withhold something in a game with such high leverage that a loss likely cost Michigan a conference title and a 1 seed is so absurd for so many reasons:

1) the aforementioned leverage of this game.  It was a crucial game going into a tough stretch of the schedule. It was far from meaningless.

2) There are only so many ways to break a press (as opposed to football in which there are many, many ways to exploit a defense so you can more easily get away with withholding some of your plays while still running effective plays), and every coach knows all the ways.  Keeping something off film doesn't do much to prevent a coach from saying, ok, they might break it this way, they might break it this way, or they might break it this way so we're going to be prepared for each way. 

3) If you have your preferred way to break it, showing that you can break it is better than withholding it because coaches will see it and be like, eh, this isn't going to work against them and they won't press.  That's the result you want.  If you can beat something do it, and force the other coach to try to find something else to do (and then anticipate/prepare for all those other things they might try).

4) This is the biggest thing but the upside of withholding some magical way to beat a press isn't worth it.  The only reason you'd do something like that is if you wanted your opponent(s) to keep playing it only to unleash your magical solution upon them at the right time.  But when you do, the upside is so limited in a basketball game with a high number of possessions.  Maybe you break it once and get a bucket.  Maybe they run it once more and you break it again for a bucket.   That's literally your best case scenario. Four points out of it.  Then they just stop running it. Four points in a basketball game is negligible compared whatever you gave up to keep that secret.

That said, you will see Beilein try other ways to beat it.  It's not because he wanted to keep it off film.  It's because he's been running what he thought would be best and since it's not working ideally, he'll try something else.

02/13/2019 - 7:00pm Simpson was 2-6, which is…

Simpson was 2-6, which is fine.  Starting backcourt was 3-14.  And that was all Poole going 1-8.

02/13/2019 - 6:40pm I think you're right about a…

I think you're right about a lot of the fluky stuff but there are two things concerning going forward in my mind:

1) The press has now rattled Simpson against Iowa and PSU.  Michigan used to be a team that murdered presses with Burke and Walton.  I'm surprised Simpson has such a hard time with it, given that ball-handling is undoubtedly a strength of his.  Maybe it's just two fluky games in which the press has gotten the better of him rather than the other way around, but it's becoming a concern.

2) Jordan Poole's shot selection remains ungodly bad, IMO.  Also, I suspect he was the one that was supposed to be guarding Dread.  I would have to go back and confirm, but he has an early DJ Wilson-like tendency to lose focus on the defensive end.  He is not improving as quickly as the staff is usually able to develop such high-end talent.  That is unfortunate to me.  I expected a break-out that hasn't come.

02/13/2019 - 6:40pm I think you're right about a…

I think you're right about a lot of the fluky stuff but there are two things concerning going forward in my mind:

1) The press has now rattled Simpson against Iowa and PSU.  Michigan used to be a team that murdered presses with Burke and Walton.  I'm surprised Simpson has such a hard time with it, given that ball-handling is undoubtedly a strength of his.  Maybe it's just two fluky games in which the press has gotten the better of him rather than the other way around, but it's becoming a concern.

2) Jordan Poole's shot selection remains ungodly bad, IMO.  Also, I suspect he was the one that was supposed to be guarding Dread.  I would have to go back and confirm, but he has an early DJ Wilson-like tendency to lose focus on the defensive end. It does not seem like coaching is reaching him.  He is not improving as quickly as the staff is usually able to develop such high-end talent.

02/13/2019 - 6:31pm As it relates to rebounding…

As it relates to rebounding airballs, the reason that can be a bit fluky is that defenses do have a significant rebounding advantage in general.  This is why like 100% of defenses get more rebounds than they give up and the overall number is like 70/30.  This is because defenses are in position to block out.

But when a guy airballs, i.e. misses so badly, it levels the playing field.  The defender who had position waiting for the ball to carom off the rim may no longer be in the best position.  What's unlucky is that the guy missed so badly that it gave his teammates a better chance to get the rebound.  That sucks.

It did look like PSU played with a lot more energy.  Not surprising at home against a top 6 team.  Also Teske is probably playing too many minutes.

The weird thing about this game is that PSU went mostly small.  Watkins only played 15 minutes and Wheeler unexpectedly played 30+. That would have normally played into Michigan's best solution for backup center: Livers.  But since Iggy was in foul trouble, Michigan was limited in going small with Iggy and Livers as the bigs.

Michigan should have given Davis some minutes while Watkins was in there to keep Teske more fresh.

02/13/2019 - 3:10pm Yes, we've seen this…

Yes, we've seen this multiple times the past two years.  It seems like a bit of a coaching failure to not anticipate this as a possibility and not have better prepared for it.

02/13/2019 - 2:59pm Michigan games are slogs…

Michigan games are slogs because they're a very slow-paced, defense-first team and they dictate the tempo against almost everyone.  In the NCAA tourney last year, Montana, Houston, FSU and Loyola were all "slogs", i.e. slow paced, low scoring, defensive battles. 

So no, non-conference games aren't going to change anything, at least against most teams. 

This is simply Michigan's style right now.  They are a slightly faster paced version of Virginia, like it or not. They are very similar to Wisconsin (minus the flopping), like it or not. 

They have sacrificed some of the offensive "beauty" we're used to seeing to play elite defensive players that have flaws on offense (Simpson, Matthews, Teske) and be an elite defensive team. Some people appreciate the defense and the winning, most casual fans do not, and that's totally understandable.

02/13/2019 - 2:31pm I do think that Teske has…

I do think that Teske has gone a little too far in terms of being conservative.

02/13/2019 - 2:29pm Yes, good point about the…

Yes, good point about the fouls on threes.  Those were brutal.

1000000% agree with the point about Teske not jumping. 

To your point, he is good precisely because he contests shots without needing to jump.  That means he can stay on his feet and stay in front of guys like Happ through all their moves and shot fakes to make all their shots tough, not just the ones that he blocks. 

A lot of shot blockers will be way overzealous going for blocks and while they'll get a couple more, they get out of position and give up easy buckets on shot fakes or too many Kobe assists. 

Teske has a really good balance of contesting while also staying in the play.  That said, I think since the Iowa game they've gotten a little too conservative with him.

02/13/2019 - 2:20pm Not sure I'd say it's easy…

Not sure I'd say it's easy to score almost 1 ppp against Michigan's defense with usage that high.  What was impressive is that he also had 2 Orebs, 3 assists and 0 TOs, which is why his Ortg was 111 which is very good against Michigan on such high usage.  That means he was responsible for well over 1 ppp.

Add in the rebounds and the blocked shots, and his overall game was super impressive.

Zero fouls does seem fishy and I didn't see the whole game to be able to tell whether there were some missed on him but the blocks I saw (I think the one on Livers on the break) were really good.

02/13/2019 - 2:08pm Yep, it's not his shot that…

Yep, it's not his shot that broken, it's his decision making.  It's a work in progress for sure. 

02/13/2019 - 12:49pm If by at the line, you mean…

If by at the line, you mean the three points gifted to them by Beilein, then yes, that was a factor.  But those four FTs and then about 10-12 in the last minutes are what put their FT volume so high.

I would argue this was won entirely on the glass.  Holding Michigan to only 4 OREBs and collecting 12 themselves (and going dead even on TOs) is what gave PSU 10+ more possessions that ended in shots/FTs.  That was the difference.  Very tough to overcome that against a decent team on the road.

Shame because Michigan wasted some really good offensive performances.  If this was a win, we'd be talking about Charles Matthews Being Back.  He was outstanding.  Iggy, Livers and Teske were efficient.  Only problems on offense were Simpsons TOs and Poole's very poor three point jacks, but M still scored more ppp than expected against a good defense (albeit propped up a bit by the frenetic finish).

02/12/2019 - 7:45pm They lost a lot of guys …

They lost a lot of guys (more than Michigan did - four starters) from last years team so the fact they lost some early games is fine.

He's done a great job.  Still don't know if he's done a better job than Beilein though.  It's between those two.

02/12/2019 - 7:42pm Yeah, my initial thought was…

Yeah, my initial thought was that it has to be between Beilein and Painter considering they're leading the league after most people thought they'd take a step down from last year.

But Gard is up there too considering how far Wisconsin has come this year.

Turgeon? No way.  They have a lot of talent.  They were expected to be at the top of league and they're currently tied for 4th.  Meh.  And they still have this game against Purdue that they're losing at home, they go to Michigan next, then to Iowa and last have to host Michigan.  They'll lose three more games to finish 13-7, probably.

Fran McCaffery is above Turgeon right now, IMO.

02/12/2019 - 2:13am Are you responding to the…

Are you responding to the correct person? Seth made the comment that he did it to look "purposefully accidental" and I argued that it was accidental.  Watching the ball through the hoop wasn't showboating.  He was making sure it went in and that he didn't have to follow it for an OREB.  That's typical.  I'm merely pointing out why he wasn't looking to make the point that it was accidental. It's not like he saw Brooks and then plowed into him.  He just turned without looking and plowed into him. Definitely bang-bang.

02/11/2019 - 7:24pm Was that they play the…

Was that they play the reviewed and called the hook and hold on Davison though?

02/11/2019 - 7:12pm Brooks wasn't guarding Happ…

EDIT: I stand corrected, Brooks was doubling Happ.  Happ scored and then turned to run down the court without looking where he was going (was kind of looking back at the ball going through the hoop while already running the other way) and plowed over Brooks who was waiting to receive the inbounds pass.  Typical spot for a PG to be after a made basket. Brooks wasn't looking at Happ because he was looking at the inbounder, got plowed over.

It did look entirely accidental to me and I would have been entirely fine with them not calling it but for the fact that they had just called a worse foul on Poole on which Poole passed and he took a couple steps to slow down and just bumped into Trice and they called the foul there.  They should not have called that, but since they did, they should have called this one on Happ for consistency sake.


02/11/2019 - 6:23pm That play wasn't dirty…

That play wasn't dirty goonery (it was an accident) but it absolutely should have been called a foul if the Poole offensive foul two steps after he passed to Matthews for the dunk was a foul.  Happ plowed over a Michigan guy that was entitled to his space, accident or not.  That was worse than Poole's "charge" in which he lightly bumped Trice and Trice flopped to the ground.

02/11/2019 - 6:15pm They weren't pressing so…

They weren't pressing so much as all-out denying the inbounds to try to get a steal.  Had they gotten a steal and hit a quick three, they could have had a tiny, tiny chance.

Once Michigan successfully inbounded, it was over and Wisconsin largely did stop.  They wouldn't have come after him to steal it or foul had he just dribbled it out.  One guy just ran after him after he realized Poole might try to score.  Poole could have stopped and just done the "classy" thing.

HOWEVER, like I said above, Wisconsin did the same thing in Madison.  Michigan had to do it back. Cuz F the Badgers.

02/11/2019 - 6:05pm This.  This is exactly why…

This.  This is exactly why Michigan deserved to rub that one in.  Was it necessary to win?  No.  Was it even risky on Livers ankle?  Probably.  Did Michigan deserve to rub salt in Wisconsin's wound after they had it done to them in Madison? Did they even owe it to the Badgers? Absolutely.

Wisconsin did almost the exact same thing by dunking on a wide open fast break up 6 with less than 10 seconds left in the game at Madison.  They could have dribbled out the clock but they wanted the celebratory emphatic dunk.

So did Michigan.

02/11/2019 - 6:00pm No.  That's not correct, per…

No.  That's not correct, per se. I'm not saying anything about this particular play, but an offensive player is not entitled to simply drive right at a defender and argue that the defender could have moved his feet to "contain" the drive.  Requiring the defender to move with the driving offender is quite literally not allowing him to contain the drive.  The offensive player could just drive at him, make him move his feet all the way to the basket and then simply shoot a layup or dunk.

The defender is absolutely entitled to his position on the court.  In fact, not moving ones feet is a requirement for establishing your vertical position as a defender.  If you have your feet set, you are entitled to that space.  The offensive player must go around you and not through you.

02/11/2019 - 5:53pm This is a little overly…

This is a little overly conspiratorial.

There are two primary differences between M's conference schedule and M's non-conference schedule:

1) Road vs Home mix is even in conference. Michigan played one true road in the non-conference.  When you play road games, the refs are going to be less friendly, regardless of conference or anything.

2) Bad teams vs. Good teams.  Michigan plays a ton of bad teams in the non-conference.  Bad teams tend to have difficulty drawing fouls against vastly superior teams for obvious reasons.  It is more difficult to stop Ethan Happ and Luka Garza and Juwan Morgan without fouling that it is to stop whichever guy from Norfolk St. has the ball.

I do think that simply playing on neutral courts does remove some of the extreme home team bias that you see in the big ten and probably other conferences in which fans actually show up and behave like they're going to meet you outside at your car if you make a bad call.  In that sense, you get less variance and upsets become a little less likely because the inferior team doesn't have that home-cooking.

In this game, the first 10 minutes were bad, but I would argue that the refs were good, and probably even favored Michigan after the initial terrible start (as one would expect at home).

02/11/2019 - 3:26pm Completely agree with this. …

Completely agree with this.  Rome wasn't built in a day and the rebuild of the program didn't happen in one day and wasn't attributable to one player.  The steps kind of went like this in my mind:

1) Brought in smart, under-the-radar guys like Stu and Novak and turned them plus Manny Harris plus Sims into a tourney team to breath life into the program.

2) With that life, landed Morris and then THJ and with them plus Stu, Novak and Jmo and took another step forward (beat MSU twice, top 25 in the advanced stats, second weekend of tourney with a real chance to beat Duke, i.e not just a team that was happy to be there).

3) Landed Burke and took another step to win the conference title. Even though that was a pretty lucky title and they weren't actually that much better than the previous season, they started to buy into the fact that they could be champions.

4) Landed the class of 2012 that put the team into elite status the next two seasons.

5) It should be noted that they didn't remain elite because Beilein couldn't replicate that recruiting success regularly.  So the program regressed for a couple years until:

6) Beilein decided to give up control of the defense and hire someone who was better on that side of the ball and we've now had three outstanding seasons in a row without needing top classes and 5 star recruits and the recruiting is now perfectly suited to that kind of program: 50-100ish guys that will stay a few years, work hard and develop.

Those to me are the big milestones in the rebuild and evolution of the program and it was a step-by-step process.

02/11/2019 - 3:16pm Sorry, didn't see this…

Sorry, didn't see this comment when I commented above.  Totally agree that landing Morris, and then turning him into the key player on this team such that he was draftable after just two years was huge in my mind.

02/11/2019 - 3:12pm This a good point. …

This a good point.  Interestingly, Alexander had a terrible second half to his sophomore year under Beilein.  Huggins came in and, according to Alexander's Wikipedia, emphasized strength and conditioning such that Alexander went from 210 lbs to 230 and blossomed once again to point where he was draftable (even though he didn't stick).

I wonder if this was part of the reason Beilein brought in Sanderson.  Does anyone know the story of Beilein and Sanderson's relationship?  The Alexander story makes it sound like S&C wasn't a part of the Beilein program at WVU.

And Beilein also did "send" Manny Harris to the NBA.  But Morris was the first guy he recruited and coached all the way to being drafted, I think.

02/11/2019 - 2:51pm The question of whether…

The question of whether Michigan is being helped by NET depends on how other teams near them are being affected by NET and I think Gonzaga is being helped far more by NET.  1) the unadjusted efficiencies have skyrocketed them to number 1 in NET overall.  They are getting a lot of credit for 50 point wins and 2) for the same reasons, their opponents like St. Mary's and San Fransisco are being helped by NET compared to RPI. 

02/11/2019 - 2:20pm The randomness of a single…

The randomness of a single elimination tournament does not change the greatness of a team...much.  To me, at least.

To pretend like the 17-1 Patriots weren't among the top 5 teams of all time because a Giants WR caught a ridiculous helmet catch such that they'd be considered 50 something-th of all time behind every Super Bowl champ is ridiculous to me.  One crazy play does not knock a team from possibly the best all time to 50th.

My definition is about who would likely win in a 7 game series, so as to remove most of the randomness.

This Duke team, at full strength, would likely beat every team in the last ten years in a 7 game series save for maybe the Anthony Davis team, last year's Villanova team and/or the 2015 UK team.

The numbers back this assertion up.  Their kenpom is historically good.  Only that 2015 team finished with a higher kenpom (but I will knock them down slightly for not winning it) than what Duke has right now. Most champs in the past ten years are well behind where they are now.

Plus, you know, they have incredible players.

02/11/2019 - 1:59pm And lost by seven.  Our…

And lost by seven.  Our Wisconsin loss is perfectly fine.  It is not nearly as "good" as a loss to UVA.  And not even close to as good as a loss to Duke.

02/11/2019 - 1:55pm It's not just the experts…

It's not just the experts that love Duke.  The computers do too.  They just won by ten on the road at the team that is unquestionably a 1 seed right now - easily the most impressive win of the season, except maybe their game against Kentucky. 

They're the best college basketball team since the Anthony Davis Kentucky team that won it all.

I hate that it's Duke, but people need to take off their blinders and accept that this is just an insanely good basketball team, it is not a creation of the media or whatever people want to complain about.

02/11/2019 - 2:36am He was instrumental, and the…

He was instrumental, and the single most important piece, but I would argue that the class of 2012 was the essential addition to Burke and THJ that brought the program back to the forefront of basketball.

Without Stauskas and GR3 and McGary and Levert (and Spike!), they'd have remained a plucky team capable of occasional upsets that was nonetheless unlikely to make it out of the first weekend instead of the juggernaut they'd become for the next two years.

And if the argument is about the first domino, I would say that was Morris.  He was the first top 100 recruit Beilein landed at M (and maybe ever?).  He had PAC12 offers closer to home in Los Angeles but took a chance on playing PG for Beilein, despite Beilein having never sent someone to the NBA (Pittsnogle and Gansey went undrafted and never played in the NBA to my knowledge).

If Stu and Novak were the heart and soul of the 2011 team, Morris was the body that actually made it happen. And the way he was featured was probably a big reason Burke wanted to play for Beilein.

I don't know if it was because Morris left early but he isn't given nearly enough credit for the rise of Michigan basketball.


02/11/2019 - 1:11am That team actually was…

That team actually was pretty good defensively. They were 34th in Torvik.  It was Beilein's best defensive team in the pre-DC/Simpson/Yaklich era.  Better than the 2013 runner up team.

So even with the slow pace, they held that MSU team under 1 ppp.

Stu, Novak and Jordan Morgan were good defenders and plus rebounders and Morris was a tall PG that gave PGs trouble.

That was the one and only Bielien team that won with defense before the past two years.  

02/11/2019 - 12:35am Trey Burke had already been…

Trey Burke had already been recruited and was committed at the time of that game. I only point it out because it sounded like you're suggesting that happened after the Novak game and the events of this season played out such that they had an impact on Burke's recruitment.

02/10/2019 - 11:56pm Livers is really the best…

Livers is really the best suited to guarding Zion.  But Iggy would probably guard him while he's playing the four.  Matthews would guard RJ Barrett.  Teske would guard Bolden/DeLaurier.

Michigan does match up pretty well with Duke, if that's possible.

02/10/2019 - 11:45pm Yes, almost always want…

Yes, almost always want teams we played twice to beat teams we played once and in the case of NW/Iowa we definitely did want NW to win.  At Iowa will be a Q1 game no matter what.  That loss is acceptable.  But NW is right on the cusp of being top 70 so that game at NW could also be a Q1 win if they finish well.

Plus for our SoS, it'll always be better for teams we play twice to beat teams we play once.

02/10/2019 - 11:42pm Only making the second…

Only making the second weekend this season wouldn't be good.  It wouldn't be a bad season, a first weekend loss would be bad, but this is a team for which anything short of a final four would be a bummer.

02/10/2019 - 11:37pm Yeah, good chance they drop…

Yeah, good chance they drop two of those five road games.  Something, something, road games in the B1G, something, a thing.

02/10/2019 - 12:26am Kenpom does take the full…

Kenpom does take the full season into account and the algorithm also doesn't take into account injuries and they lost Isaac Copeland a couple weeks ago.

It's rare that a team could look so promising for 12-15 games and then fall off a cliff like Nebraska has.

02/10/2019 - 12:21am They'll be favored in each…

They'll be favored in each individual game but they likely won't win them all. See: MSU last week.

02/10/2019 - 12:19am It's shocking but proves the…

It's shocking but proves the committee is all in on the efficiency margin that NET uses/advanced stats.

02/10/2019 - 12:12am Those two facts are nothing…

Those two facts are nothing short of astounding.