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02/14/2019 - 3:03pm (No subject)


02/12/2019 - 8:05pm That fourth Sparty/UW game…

That fourth Sparty/UW game was a borderline unwatchable slog.

02/08/2019 - 8:10am Once you start, where do you…

Once you start, where do you stop?

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest football player of all-time.  I think you can stop at "Greatest Football Player of All-Time."

02/08/2019 - 8:07am I remember listening to an…

I remember listening to an interview with Horry a while back.  The reporter asked him if he'd rather have his career (role player with seven rings) or Charles Barkley's career (HOF'er, Top 20-ish player of all-time, no rings).

Horry instantly replied, "Barkley's--no question."

02/05/2019 - 9:59pm Man, you must've missed the…

Man, you must've missed the Captial One Bowl following the 2007 season.

02/05/2019 - 2:50pm Ah, the old "poison pill." …

Ah, the old "poison pill."  It's since been outlawed by the NFL.

02/05/2019 - 2:49pm I've always loved that Leroy…

I've always loved that Leroy Hoard quote.

02/01/2019 - 8:16pm Talk while the professor is…

Talk while the professor is talking, play on their phones, never pay attention or write anything down.

My wife is an English professor at a D-I university.  You just described 75% of her students.

02/01/2019 - 3:40pm Ty Cobb?

Ty Cobb?


02/01/2019 - 3:37pm Yes.






02/01/2019 - 8:24am…

Yep--Turd Ferguson's comment.

01/28/2019 - 6:40am I've never understood why…

I've never understood why women don't play with a shorter rim.

They're smaller than dudes, so they use a smaller ball.  But they still play with a 10' rim.  Why?

And I like that you mentioned women's volleyball, which is great to watch... because they play with a net that's 6.5 inches shorter than a men's net.

01/23/2019 - 1:21pm I want the CFP to be as…

I want the CFP to be as exclusive as possible.

I don't want UM making the CFP because they make it easier to get in, I want them to get in because they win the goddamn B1G.

01/23/2019 - 11:32am So there’s an increased…

So there’s an increased likelihood of an upset.

The #1 seed has never won the CFP.

01/23/2019 - 10:38am An eight team playoff all…

An eight team playoff all-but-guarantees that Alabama makes said playoff.  Hard pass.

01/22/2019 - 12:53pm Ha!

Man, this is exactly…


Man, this is exactly what kills me about everyone who criticizes UM's 2018 offense.  Was it as explosive as it could've been?  Obviously not.  But you have to assume that priority #1 was to make sure that Patterson was completely healthy come Thanksgiving with a shot to win the B1G.

And then the defense gave up a 60-burger.  JFC.

01/22/2019 - 12:41pm Your eyes are connected to…

Your eyes are connected to your brain... which is swayed by emotion.

Feelingsball, dude.  Feelingsball.

01/22/2019 - 12:39pm The answer to all your…

The answer to all your questions can be found here.

01/22/2019 - 12:36pm Simply throwing the ball…

Simply throwing the ball more frequently doesn't equate to being better.

You remember last season's game in East Lansing?  You trusting Washington State's or West Virginia's offense to win that game?

01/22/2019 - 12:30pm Everything else being equal,…

Everything else being equal, doesn't UM's 2018 offense win The Game in both 2016 and 2017?

01/22/2019 - 12:28pm "In no way was our offense…

"In no way was our offense last year better than in 2016."

...despite all data saying the complete opposite.  Feelingsball, dude.  Feelingsball.

01/22/2019 - 12:19pm "....tell me again how our…

"....tell me again how our passing offense last year was better than 2016."

I just did.  S&P+.

But, I mean, your stat of "300 yard passing games" and suggestion to "go rewatch old games" are prolly better metrics.

01/22/2019 - 11:56am UM's Passing S&P+ ranks on…

UM's Passing S&P+ ranks on offense...

2015:  17th

2016:  29th

2017:  86th (O'Korn'd, again)

2018:  9th

UM had a better passing offense last season than in either of Fisch's years here.

01/22/2019 - 11:45am UM's S&P+ ranks on offense…

UM's S&P+ ranks on offense...

2015:  38th

2016:  40th

2017:  85th (O'Korn'd)

2018:  24th

UM had a better offense last season than in either of Fisch's years here.

01/22/2019 - 8:14am Think Griese is still the…

Think Griese is still the only QB to win a National Championship and Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons.

01/21/2019 - 12:49pm 2009.  Karma.

Fuck the…

2009.  Karma.

Fuck the Saints.

01/21/2019 - 8:20am Exactly.  The Saints have a…

Exactly.  The Saints have a lifetime of officiating bullshit coming their way to make up for 2009.

01/21/2019 - 8:19am 10,000% agree.  I don't…

10,000% agree.  I don't understand why this isn't brought up more--in a league where (at the time) punching a chick in the face on camera got you a two game suspension, Payton managed to be a big enough piece of shit to get suspended for an entire season.  As a coach.

Seriously, fuck that guy.

01/19/2019 - 11:51pm ...though I find games in…

...though I find games in the Superdome to be less entrancing in general.

I feel the exact same way.  Never liked watching games in the Edward Jones Dome or the RCA Dome when the Rams and Colts played there, respectively.  Just felt sterile.

01/19/2019 - 9:42am AAU ball & social media, man…

AAU ball & social media, man.  All these guys have been buddies since they were little kids.

01/17/2019 - 11:04pm Marcus said Purdue was the…

Marcus said Purdue was the best team in the B1G.

Looking back, was he right?

01/16/2019 - 6:07pm I don't think a team would…

I don't think a team would hang a Final Four banner if they win the National Championship.  They'd just hang a National Champs one, right?  Final Four's kinda implied...

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01/11/2019 - 3:49pm Yeah, but they also got UF…

Yeah, but they also got UF in Dallas.  Which, IIRC, netted them a bigger profit than a home game.

01/11/2019 - 2:57pm ...and then scheduled ND…

...and then scheduled ND according to THEIR conditions...

UM wants seven home games per season.  UM needed whoever replaced Arkansas to play in Ann Arbor in 2019.

Now, whether or not UM needed to schedule a team of ND's caliber is debatable.  But stop this idiotic narrative that UM ever would've agreed to play ND H/A as opposed to the current A/H setup.  That was never going to happen.

01/11/2019 - 1:36pm The dumbest voices are…

The dumbest voices are usually the loudest.

01/07/2019 - 11:27am Couldn't a team currently…

Couldn't a team currently serving a postseason ban win their last game of the season, as well?

01/06/2019 - 12:27am Khalil Mack was drafted 5th…

Khalil Mack was drafted 5th overall.  Jackson, uh, isn't.

So Jackson didn't turn into the QB version of Mack.

So no props to the OP.

01/06/2019 - 12:23am But had Olave come to UM, he…

But had Olave come to UM, he wouldn't have been covered by Brandon Watson in The Game...

01/03/2019 - 9:03am Your remember UM running any…

Your remember UM running any pistol before Shea arrived?

01/03/2019 - 9:02am 2018 Purdue


2017 Iowa

2018 Purdue


2017 Iowa


2016 Clemson

01/02/2019 - 1:29pm For rookie contracts, I…

For rookie contracts, I think the number of guaranteed years depends on what round a player is drafted in.

01/02/2019 - 12:48pm I'm curious to see if the…

I'm curious to see if the offense opens up next year now that UM has what appears to be a functional offensive line & viable backup quarterback for the first time since Harbaugh got here.

01/02/2019 - 12:42pm "Get off my nuts, loser."

Get off my nuts, loser.

In my brain, this is funny because you're a sixth grader.  And sixth graders are inherently dumb.

01/02/2019 - 8:28am 2019 NFL MINIMUM SALARIES


Rookie:  $495k

2nd Year:  $570k

3rd Year:  $645k

4th Year:  $720k

Yeah, but he'll have $2.5-ish million reasons to not give a fuck what a bunch of meatball NFL fans think of him.

12/28/2018 - 2:27pm But then again, what do I…

But then again, what do I know.

Judging by your Man U avatar, absolutely nothing... 😉

12/28/2018 - 1:02pm Yes, and the game next year…

Yes, and the game next year should be dropped.  Our schedule is insane.  Anyone other than Alabama would lose two games with that schedule.

Fixed it.