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02/18/2019 - 9:09am the next time i worry about…

the next time i worry about a richard pitino-coached minnesota team will be the first.

02/18/2019 - 6:16am actually, ya kinda can.  the…

actually, ya kinda can.  the difference is that beilein didn’t cry crocodile goddamn tears over the injuries.  he LITERALLY SAID “next up,” and sent andrew dakich out there.  he also didn’t take shots at dakich from the podium.

02/18/2019 - 6:13am lolz, you just brought up a…

lolz, you just brought up a game from before most of both progams’ present players were even born.

little brotherness abounds.

02/18/2019 - 6:08am dang, bummer for the kid,…

dang, bummer for the kid, although i don’t like him all that much as a player.  hope he gets back for sparty’s 2nd round loss.

more than that, i’m dreading izzo’s “woe is me” bullshit and crocodile tears.  has he pre-thrown ahrens under the bus yet?

02/13/2019 - 4:37pm oh, honestly.  "1-6 down the…

oh, honestly.  "1-6 down the stretch" is beyond silly.  but hey, reactions.  congratulations.

02/13/2019 - 4:34pm i...didn't think he played…

i...didn't think he played all that poorly

/ducks, pops back up...

he was 1/8 from three, but i have to say - at the time i didn't think the looks were all that bad, even the deeper ones.

02/13/2019 - 2:54pm i did much the same thing at…

i did much the same thing at halftime, although in my case i muted the tv (my GOD i hate talking heads) and listened to the "img radio network" feed via the tunein radio app.

walking through the living room, i saw the same "beilein ejected" chyron and thought i'd misread it.  why did i think this?  because the radio broadcast HADN'T MENTIONED IT DURING THEIR HALFTIME SHOW.  i'm not kidding - i hadn't heard a single word.  instead, i heard the "blah blah blah incorporated halftime highlights" ("the score was tied 2-2 when charles matthews went to work..." was considered a highlight) and "around the big ten, presented by go screw yourself insurance company" and the "halftime injury report, presented by blue cross blue shield" (admittedly, this last one may be entirely imaginary). 

neither terry mills or his play-by-play guy (whoever he is) appeared.  on the bright side, neither terry mills or his play-by-play partner appeared.

the point being - there's literally not one single thing you should be talking about at halftime other than the fact that the coach of the team got run out of the building.

i take back "the point being" - there's no point to this except to say that u-m radio coverage suuuuuuucks.

02/13/2019 - 11:40am t'd up more...or freaking…

t'd up more...or freaking EVER.  the thing where he's four feet onto the court and becoming a sixth defender is just mind-boggling to me.

02/13/2019 - 11:38am i think it's safe to say…

i think it's safe to say that yes, that's ridiculously negative for a 3-loss team that still has a meaningful shot at a 1-seed.

there's a blueprint to beat literally every team in the country.  force duke to shoot threes.  tempo virginia.  play an average game against gonzaga and wait for them to fold up like a cheap tent because they haven't beaten anyone worth a crap in three months.  every team has deficiencies - in duke's case, they sometimes look like a disinterested aau team, which they did for 32 minutes last night.

we were bound to come up flat at some point and cough one up.  it happens...but the odds that this happens in a b1g or ncaa tournament game are still very small.

02/13/2019 - 11:27am i'd rather do a 20-game…

i'd rather do a 20-game schedule without the double-bye tournament than the current setup.

well, i'd rather have a 10-team conference, but that's another conversation entirely.

02/13/2019 - 6:12am on to maryland.  


on to maryland.  

in beilein we trust.

02/12/2019 - 2:50pm section where i ignore…

section where i ignore kenpom and make my own prediction:  michigan by 19.

02/11/2019 - 2:28pm um, yes.  it "seemed…

um, yes.  it "seemed condescending."

most of my best friends are state grads, and it delights me to no end that beilein has izzo's number so bad, and that sparty has been so disappointing in the tournament lately.  my buddies are this close to late perles-era resignation about hoops.  "doesn't matter if we have langford or not, we're just going to lose in the second round anyway."

sparty tears are so, so yummy.

02/11/2019 - 2:22pm nope.  nope, nope, nope.

nope.  nope, nope, nope.

wisconsin kills good basketball, and have since dick bennett left. 

the football team is no different.  it's a thug-o-rama in both sports. 

02/11/2019 - 2:13pm so borchardt closes his feet…

okay, i'm seeing it now, but...the bruno play almost seems worse to me.  it's as blatant and cheap-shotty an offensive foul as you'll ever see, and i can't completely blame borchardt for trying to shoot back.

i wish to god that zach novak would've done something like that to blake griffin in that tournament game - unfortunately, he would've had to do it from the third row.

02/11/2019 - 2:09pm holy crap, who was…

holy crap, who was complaining about the livers dunk?  i'm seriously asking - who complained?

i'll say this - i'm not above bitching about running up the score...i do believe that there are times when it's totally appropriate to take your foot off the gas.  this wasn't one of them.  wisconsin had scored AND PRESSED with ten seconds left.  if they're in your face, you run the floor.  if you just turtle up the ball, they're fouling (oh, sweet lord, are they fouling) and you're taking free throws.  if they don't press, fine.  but come on.

02/07/2019 - 8:58am i don't know, man -…

i don't know, man - cheeseman is probably better at taking the charge and / or drawing a 'roughing the snapper' call.

that that happened against wisconsin just made it all the more yummy.

02/06/2019 - 10:06pm jane coaston is far, far…

jane coaston is far, far more than we here deserve, just an everlasting delight.

also - midsomer murders?  LOVE that show.

02/06/2019 - 3:42pm ow, damn.  my eyes just…

ow, damn.  my eyes just rolled out of my head.

yeah, that miles bridges injury really hurt sparty, seeing as how he missed five games in the non-conference schedule, plus northwestern and minnesota, during his freshman year.

valentine, too - he missed oakland u, then iowa, minnesota, and illinois to start the big ten schedule.  that's the entire list.  he was healthy enough to play 37 minutes against middle tennessee state, though.

yet another thing i love about john beilein - he doesn't cry crocodile damn tears every time someone gets hurt.  next up. 

02/06/2019 - 3:30pm ha! nope!

ha! nope!

02/06/2019 - 1:38pm ye gods, the amaker turnover…

yes - ye gods, the amaker turnover rate.

how many times did we lose a game we shouldn't have, i'd look at the box score, and...yup, 24 turnovers.  drove me nuts, and it's why bilas was always full of crap about the great unrecognized genius that is tommy amaker.  those teams were always, without exception, poorly coached.  his harvard teams are no different - they play slow, and they play sloppy.

02/06/2019 - 9:33am cassius winston is going to…

cassius winston is going to EAT.  ZAVIER'S.  LUNCH.


02/06/2019 - 9:22am the trope is that izzo…

the trope is that izzo always has his teams ready for march, and this year is obviously no different.  they're in mid-march form!

01/30/2019 - 4:56pm oh, i'd never steal sam's…

oh, i'd never steal sam's work ;-)

01/30/2019 - 4:45pm cosign, cosign, cosign on…

cosign, cosign, cosign on the zero turnovers; that was my favorite part of the "derrick walton jr, destroyer of worlds" run - he seemed to have game after game of 8/2, 10/1, 5/0 assist/turnover ratios down that stretch.  when the ball was in his hands, we were going to get a shot off. 

we don't need zero turnovers from z, and we definitely don't need triple-doubles, but if we keep getting minimal turnovers and great defense?  man, nobody is going to want us.  nobody DOES want us.

except cassius winston, of course.  that guy is going to EAT.  Z's.  LUNCH.  (right, zavier?)

01/30/2019 - 1:37am z.

as in z-ro turnovers. …


as in z-ro turnovers.  dang, what a player.

01/26/2019 - 1:47am good advice, forever and…

good advice, forever and ever, always.

01/26/2019 - 1:46am agreed, wouldn’t want him to…

agreed, wouldn’t want him to venture out into non-troll territory.

01/23/2019 - 7:31am yup, let’s bitch about what…

yup, let’s bitch about what players didn’t do as they head out the door.  it’s a great look.

01/23/2019 - 7:26am “reportedly,” a.k.a. “made…

“reportedly,” a.k.a. “made up out of whole cloth by some message board moron.”

01/23/2019 - 7:24am no, it’s not.

no, it’s not.

01/17/2019 - 9:45pm hey man, walks like a duck,…

hey man, walks like a duck, etc.

01/17/2019 - 6:41am it's interesting - john…

it's interesting - john engler was in that position for one reason and one reason only, and that was to stone wall the victims and protect the board of trustees...and they're firing him / sending him to bolivia because he took it too far.

the entire administration needs to go.  period.

01/17/2019 - 6:38am nope, nope, nope...that was…

nope, nope, nope...that was not an "i apologize" offense, it was an "i don't give a shit if you're sorry, you need to leave now" offense, up to and including a security guard watching pack his desk.

01/17/2019 - 6:36am you've got to be kidding.

you've got to be kidding.

you know what's ethical?  being a college president - interim or permanent - and standing up for the students.  that's pretty ethical.

next up, "section 1.9"

01/17/2019 - 6:34am yeah, THAT'S why you've been…

yeah, THAT'S why you've been "abused."

pardon me, my eyes just rolled right out of my damned head.

01/17/2019 - 6:24am the most mgoblog comment…

the most mgoblog comment thread ever.

01/09/2019 - 3:32pm and even then.

just don't.

and even then.

just don't.

01/09/2019 - 9:28am that georgia program is…

that georgia program is falling apart.

01/09/2019 - 8:54am congrats on creating yet…

congrats on creating yet another new account to type in yet another variation of the tired "our offense is bad" take.

01/09/2019 - 8:51am jeez, i get that you want to…

jeez, i get that you want to hire a young guy with potential, but give me a break.  the guy took tommy tuberville's 8-5 team and went...8-5.  i guess if you want a consistent 8-8, 9-7 nfl team, he's your guy.

kliff kingsbury = lane kiffin 2.0

01/08/2019 - 12:26pm again, again:  if you start…

again, again:  if you start with the assumption that the program is in bad shape, and harbaugh is the cause of it, then literally every negative thing that happens is further proof of that fact, and every positive thing happens despite harbaugh, rather than because of him.

01/07/2019 - 3:26pm hey, good point - me too!

hey, good point - me too!

01/07/2019 - 2:42pm shoot.


01/07/2019 - 2:37pm way way WAY early on this,…

way way WAY early on this, but...matthews - B1G player of the year?

it'll almost certainly be ethan happ, right?  i mean, fine - he's a really good player, plus the voting types are going to LOVE the "he stayed all four years" narrative - but i'd still take our guy.

01/07/2019 - 2:24pm gary grant was a tremendous…

gary grant was a tremendous defender.

01/02/2019 - 9:34pm you know as much about who's…

you know as much about who's qualified to coach running backs - or what a running back coach even does - as i do, which is to say nothing at all.

MAN, it's going to be a long seven months.  so many talking rectums.

01/02/2019 - 2:15pm well, you're right about one…

well, you're right about one thing - having a different opinion doesn't make you a troll.  being an unrelenting, constantly negative pain in the ass is what makes you a troll.

01/02/2019 - 1:39pm no, we shouldn't.

no, we shouldn't.

01/02/2019 - 1:38pm man, your schtick is tired…

man, your schtick is tired already, and it's only been a week and a half.

nothing sadder than someone who repeatedly gets their ass banned and repeatedly comes back to troll some more.