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01/28/2019 - 10:34am It's not even a good catch…

It's not even a good catch. If any one reads it talks about UM and Virginia being undefeated.  This is a terrible job by the OP.

01/11/2019 - 3:20pm "But whatever happened to…

"But whatever happened to making a commitment and standing by it - at least for a year or two,"  It never existed.  You're crazy if you think this wasn't happening 10, 20, 30, 50 years ago and not just in football.  People have always done what is best for themselves.  Period. 

01/11/2019 - 2:43pm OSU was ranked very low…

OSU was ranked very low prior to our game and we were still ranked #4.  If we were undefeated I don't think we would have a better resume than ND, Clemson or Alabama so we would have still been #4.  I don't think that woudl have helped OSU.  

Either way, we're making up all kinds of scenarios to avoid playing football.  I like watching them play football.  If we're a top 5 team we shouldn't be so afraid to play real games out of conference.  

01/11/2019 - 1:31pm "We play PSU, OSU and…

"We play PSU, OSU and usually at least one of Wisco, Neb., NW or Iowa, so if we win out, we will always have the resume to make the playoffs."  Are you sure that's good enough?  OSU was left out this year after dropping 1.  I hate that we're acting like a bunch of pussies, hurting the value of the season all just to chase the CFP which we haven't been good enough to play in yet.  If we think we are a top 4 team in the country, we shouldn't be worried about playing a VT, UCLA, Cal, Auburn, etc.  If we can't beat them we probably don't belong in the CFP anyway.  

01/11/2019 - 12:30pm How is losing an OOC game…

How is losing an OOC game impact a Big Ten title?  Personally, i'm annoyed that we are scheduling cupcake games.  It makes it uninteresting to watch which means I'll lose interest overall.  I'm certainly not going to travel to attend one of those shitty games.  I prefer to travel in the early fall with my kids for good weather so there's a real chance i'll attend less.  Further, people seem to forget that the BIG12 was left out of the CFP for playing a weak schedule.  I think it was last year that Wisconsin was looking like they would have been left out (they lost so it didn't matter).  I'm not saying we should schedule ND, Alabama and Clemson in the OOC but we have to have some real teams.  you are advocating to destroy the quality of the program for a rare chance to make the CFP.  I can't think of a season where losing an OOC game cost us the CFP (even theoretically before it existed).   

01/04/2019 - 5:29pm Valid points but the next…

Valid points but the next question is, so what do we do?  Some here seem to think the only response to his tweet is to write him off as a terrible person forever.  He has made mistakes and they should all be evaluated.  If you want to write him off for that tweet, I would encourage you to stay off of all social media.  there is much worse out there than what he said.  

Frank apologized for his tweets and acknowledged much of what you said above.  So now what?  I say we just move on.  

01/04/2019 - 5:25pm Here's what I know about the…

Here's what I know about the incident: He was bleeding from a small cut on his nose, Diamond was not bleeding or showing any sign of injury.  That is from the police videos and reports.  I don't know what to make of the manager's comments and clearly they weren't upset over an invalid word in scrabble. This was a bad situation and bad decisions were likely made all around.  I'm just saying we don't know the full story and labeling him a women beater (not you, but certainly many) is probably a bit much.  His tweet was dumb but also just a tweet.  Do we really disown everyone who makes an insult on twitter?  I'm not saying he's a saint, just that some perspective is needed when discussing him.  Most people (myself included) usually dismiss him as a disgrace to UM and a bad person.  i just don't think that's true.  I think he's turned out amazing well considering his start in life.  

01/04/2019 - 2:30pm Two comments: 1. Society has…

Two comments: 1. Society has an echo chamber and rush to judgement problem.  Frank is not a woman beater.  He was not convicted of those charges and the woman involved denies it.  I'm not saying that's the full truth to the story but clearly the woman has forgiven him and to my knowledge there are no other incidents.  Your phrasing assumes the worst is true but asks for compassion.    

2. I rolled my eyes when you said you were one of the most respected people in your company and then chuckled when you suggested the key to your life success is being humble.  You probably are a wonderful person, i just found those comments back to back a little ironic.  

01/04/2019 - 2:24pm I wasn't fully aware of the…

I wasn't fully aware of the domestic abuse story.  They both speak about the incident fairly candidly and he wasn't convicted of domestic abuse or assault.  I find it very hard to not feel bad for Frank and his life story.  This changed my opinion about him and I will root for him.  I've been with some foster kids and they are just messed up.  it's very hard to break that cycle of living on the streets and dealing with drugs and violence at a young age.  Anyone who looks down at Frank Clark needs to assess their own life.  It's a miracle he found the drive and determination to be as successful as he is.  I'm sure he could list 1000 days worse than my worst day and I still fucked up plenty as a kid.  As quoted by Frank in the article, "People hold onto stuff for so long and they want to always bring somebody down. They don't want to see the positive sides of things"  it's time to give him a break and embrace him as a true michigan man.  I do. 

01/02/2019 - 5:40pm 1. Maybe JH is a lot like Bo…

1. Maybe JH is a lot like Bo, but you can't extrapolate that to mean much else.  Bowl losses are the norm now?  Like most of your posts this is just negative for the sake of it.  It can't be argued because it's about the future.  I'm certain you weren't saying this leading up to the OSU game.  So what changed?  Other than the obvious which you don't consider in your argument?  

2. If you think we don't have superstars under JH you just aren't watching.  The NFL certainly thinks we do.  I think you actually mean we don't have a flashy QB or RB.  I sort of get your point about Rashan but what about Winovich and Bush?  or Long and Levert?  That's 5 guys on this team just on defense that great players if not superstars (Bush).  

3. Maybe, but again this is just being negative for no reason and has nothing to do with "looking in the mirror" or whatever you claim this post is supposed to accomplish.  

4. Maybe but until OSU the offense didn't struggle to move the ball this year. We averaged 6.2 yds/game with a difficult schedule.  Only 13 teams were over 6.5 and only 6 of those would be considered a good team (e.g. not Purdue, Ohio, Memphis, Utah St, Ole Miss, App St).  This is a long way of saying I'm not so sure the "quick hits" nonsense is the panacea you're hoping for.

5. This is just a question that I can't answer.  however, including practice time is dumb unless you know something about other schools and their lack of practice at the end of a season.  Most schools talk about practicing more near the end but I don't really know.

6. You're probably alone here.  Everyone else loved the revenge tour while we were winning.  I do agree with your latter comments about assuming we're the better team so we didn't try to out scheme OSU.  If you think MSU and Alabama aren't arrogant (at least as much as a few guys wearing a t-shirt) you aren't paying attention.  

7. You're upset about something you just made up.  I can't predict the future but Black confirmed that he was coming back already.  I have heard nothing about Oliver Martin wanting to leave.  Also would it really be tragic?  I don't want either to leave but sometimes things just don't work out. We would survive without either - but again, i really want both to stay.  

8. Only OSU "gashed" us.  We beat everyone else other than Florida and they gashed us on the ground.  If you have a fast RB that can also run routes and catch then that is a weapon that will hurt any linebacker.  That isn't unique to our scheme nor do you really claim that.  You're mostly just screaming at the clouds here.  It sucks when a team has really talented players.  I think we all agree that's tough to defend.  

9. I'd like to see some stats here.  This feels completely made up.  yes, we struggled in our last two games but injuries and just playing good teams seems like a more likely reason than OLs playing as a team.  

10. I don't know how good of a coach Jay Harbaugh is.  Do you?  Please tell me what his shortcomings are.  Pep and Drevno can't be fired just because mogblog thinks so.  Maybe they are the problem but you kind of contradict that in your next bullet.  Maybe it's the offense by committee that you just made up.  

11. This is not unique to M and it's not offense by committee.  Pep and Harbaugh talk.  Pep comes up with a play and JH agrees or vetos. At least that's how I've heard it described.  I think too much is made of this.  It is my understanding that this happens almost everywhere.  If the coach isn't even aware of the plays being called then they are just watching the game.  Is that better somehow?  It did seem slightly more confusing last year with Drevno calling some plays too but I'm still not concerned about this configuration in any way.  I'd rather see more creative play calling but I believe that is separate from some offense by committee theory.  

In short, everything you've said is basically your opinion and not backed up by anything.  I understand it would take more than 10 minutes to actually think or look up stats/trends but these posts are worthless.  What do you think is going to come of this?  Is Harbaugh reading and now finally realizing that 4 hour practices are bad?  Seriously, what do you possible think will come of this?  You didn't say anything that hasn't been repeated 10+ times on here.  We're all upset about the finish of the season but trashing the program and coaching staff just doesn't feel helpful to me.  If there is any impact to your post it'll be a continuation of a negative echo chamber that makes recruits/players hate the fan base (this has come up as a problem in the past).  Unless that's your goal, stop repeating the same baseless ideas.  

To those who think we need to critique the staff, I welcome that.  If this had any stats or facts behind it I would give it more weight.  But to say we can't blitz at the end of seasons because OLs start to play better as a team seems like a stretch.  Maybe do a little research and see how our havoc rate or pressure or sacks changed late in the year.  Do something other than complain for no reason.  

01/02/2019 - 3:59pm This is fucking stupid.  No…

This is fucking stupid.  No we shouldn't skip bowl games. You are literally arguing that we have too much Michigan football.  That is just dumb.  Your main logic flaw was assuming the "general sentiment on the board" was representative of real world.  It is not.  This place is overly negative, overly reactionary, overly self righteous and mostly just wrong.  90% of this board thinks they could coach football better than the staff at every school in the country.  

12/20/2018 - 4:25pm Maybe, but they tagged…

Maybe, but they tagged Crouch in the actual post.  It's not like they just drag and dropped the wrong pic, someone typed the kids name and you'd think they would not type a random name so accidentally.  That said, i still believe he goes elsewhere.  

12/20/2018 - 4:20pm Clearly it's cool to hate…

Clearly it's cool to hate pro sports around here for some reason, but that doesn't mean it's not super popular still.  If you listen to the mgoblog population you'd think NFL is unpopular overall.  In reality it absolutely dominates everything else in terms of popularity.  For perspective, the highest rated NCAA football game is the national championship and gets about 25 million viewers.  That is the only NCAA football game in the top 50 sports games of 2017.  NFL accounts for 43 of the top 50 games, including 6 games over 30 million and the Super Bowl getting 111 million viewers.  NBA comes in 2nd with 4 games, MLB and NCAA basketball gets 1 game.  NFL is king and it's not close.  They'll get more viewers for a big Monday night game than all other sports get for their championship games.    

Personally, I am way more into NCAA football but it's largely due to me attending UofM and having some of my best memories in life involving football saturdays.  I don't have that kind of connection to the Lions.  I live out of state now and travel for at least 1 M game each year, maybe 2.  I will also travel to hit a Lions road game most years.  The majority of the population did not go to a football school and has more of a connection with NFL teams.  

Finally, I'll point out that I think the NFL is screwing up by locking down ownership of games.  Any given Saturday I could probably watch 50 college games (and always M).  For NFL i get the 3 night games and 3 or 4 day games on Sunday.  If you won't let me watch the Lions (without buying Dish or whoever) then it's hard to be a dedicated fan.  They have the clout to do that now but that's a bad long term plan.  

12/17/2018 - 3:41pm I wasn't really trying to…

I wasn't really trying to analyze why these guys left Clemson, just pointing out that Diagonal Blue is making shit up.  But, I did just go through an article about the 7 transfers before the season and only 3 were expected to be starters or significant contributors.  I don't think we've lost more than 3 starters either.  So, I guess if there were a lot of people comparing M and Clemson recruiting they can continue to do so.  

12/17/2018 - 2:28pm Man you are really annoying…

Man you are really annoying.  Who compares UM to Clemson recruiting?  More than other places?  Clemson has one of the lowest attrition rates in the country?  Really, what's their attrition rate and where does that rank nationally?  What's UM's attrition rate?  Do you just make up random shit to be annoying?   You then jump right to this looking bad for the coaching staff.  For fucks sake just leave.  

Here are transfers from Clemson within the last 12 months: Kelly Bryant, Zerrick Cooper, Tucker Israel, Jabril Robinson, Sterling Johnson, Shadell Bell, CJ Fuller, Amir Trapp.  

12/06/2018 - 5:24pm No.  They would need to be…

No.  They would need to be in the frozen 4 for me to care.  

12/05/2018 - 12:43am This.  The board did it for…

This.  The board did it for the northwestern football game too.  This and hating random things and going out of your way to prove you hate it when you could do anything else.  ESPN, NBA, SEC, etc. Great, you hate them, go for a walk.

12/04/2018 - 3:19pm You should be mad at the…

You should be mad at the first OP.  That title sucks.  The OP has a very clear subject and I doubt this topic comes up again.  

Also, this isn't crazy.  Northwestern is 6-2 with nothing really impressive or alarming about their wins/losses.  They played Indiana to a 2 point loss on the road.  We seem to struggle at Northwestern and home court means a lot in basketball.  While I certainly expect to win this game, I wouldn't be surprised if it's close.  This reminds me way too much of the Northwestern football thread that was almost exactly this same thing.  The board called everyone stupid because the line was only 7 or 8.  Maybe we should just play the game and see what happens before getting upset.   

12/03/2018 - 5:39pm Why?  Do you really think…

Why?  Do you really think Alabama and Clemson won't win those too?  This argument isn't that we need more teams, it's that Alabama and Clemson are too dominant right now.  You pretty much have your 8+ team playoff if you count the conf championships.  If you go to 8+ teams, I suspect the desire to play conf championships is removed so now you have Alabama and Georgia playing in the playoff instead of the SEC championship.  Is that really any more interesting?  Or if you think there will still be conf championships, is it really interesting to watch UGA and Alabama play in the conf championship and then again in the playoff?  That would just add one pointless game and make the 2nd game important.  Everyone is just numb since OSU beat us again.      

11/29/2018 - 3:04pm Read that article -…

Read that article - consistent is not the right word here.  Maybe it's real and the writing of the case was terrible but I think it's pretty clear and verifiable that the case is way off.  It makes statements that are easy to refute: like she was sent to Dr. Nassar because he was renowned as a doctor and Olympic team doctor.  He was neither yet.  Why would she go to a medical student for treatment?  Maybe the years are mixed up, but that would mean that it's actually later and then Perles wouldn't be coach or AD. I also think it's hard to mess up the year you were a freshman in college.  Sure, a random party might have been years ago or maybe twelve but your freshman year?  You should be able to remember that when you're 90.   I'm not saying there isn't some truth here, just that it seems sketchy and we should certainly wait for more evidence here.  This isn't just he said she said, there are verifiable statements that are just wrong.  

11/26/2018 - 11:14pm Well, great news.  Some…

Well, great news.  Some other brilliant OP previously declared ND is no longer a rival so we only played 2 rivals this year. Saying the players can't handle playing 3 tough games a season is demeaning.  It's one thing to complain about a hard schedule but this is ridiculous. What is going on with you pussies?  You have just given up on behalf of the team?  You and the other OP that wants to run to the Big Ten West to avoid OSU?  Fuck both of you and fuck OSU.  We don't need to run away, we need the team to get angry and beat these fucks. Why would you come here and talk so much shit about UM?  Just fuck off.  Go cheer for OSU and ND since you think they're so great.   

11/19/2018 - 1:08pm It's a bit early to be…

It's a bit early to be indignant about a top 10 ranking because you feel we're a lock for great or 8 or better in the tourney... 4 months from now.  I'm excited too, but we might not have even played a tournament team yet.  Villanova might get better but they are a mess right now.  Providence is the next best team and they are much younger than their past tourney teams.  Let's worry about beating UNC or any conference games before declaring the final 4 a lock.  

11/13/2018 - 12:02pm This is fucking stupid. …

This is fucking stupid.  This is some Delaney level stupidity.  Should we create stupid new trophies too just to make the rivalry even better?  Rivalries aren't a thing listed anywhere.  They happen naturally.  You can make your own list in your head, i'll make my own list.  What ever the collective fan bases feels is a rivalry, is a rivalry.  Trying to manufacturer this is stupid.  Also, there's not outcome here.  Do you really expect people to come back and say "ah yes, briliant idea, let's update the archives and move on.  Thanks for point this out."  No, there will be no outcome.  You'll get a lot of "yeah, sure" or "no that's stupid" or "who cares?"  You can put me in the 2nd two buckets; this is stupid and I don't care how you rank our rivals.  I will continue to feel however I want about our rivals regardless of the outcome of your futile exercise.    

11/07/2018 - 1:46pm I don't agree with your…

I don't agree with your thesis.  Yes, CFP likes SEC but I don't believe abama will get in with 1 loss to UGA  They simply cannot get in over a 1 loss conference champion.  Period.  

10/30/2018 - 1:29pm "Oral cancer from chewing…

"Oral cancer from chewing tobacco is actually a controversial..."  Your additional info does not support this statement.  The additional info supports death from chewing tobacco.  If caught as just "oral cancer" the survival rate is very high.  So it's like saying, getting punched in the face is controversial because the death rate is low.  Nope, it still sucks to be punched in the face and can make life very uncomfortable. I don't know much about this subject, but I'd like to know the rate of mouth cancers of smokeless tobacco users vs non-tobacco users.  Are they the same?  I suspect they are not.  

10/24/2018 - 1:11pm My overall take on this…

My overall take on this situation is that it's dumb on both sides, MSU could have handled it better and harbaugh made it worse.  i have a few things I can't really confirm:

People here say, "They were supposed to be there at 9:45 a.m., so they were 17 minutes late and obviously set the whole thing up..."  I don't see this anywhere else but on this blog.  Everyone else says they start the walk at 9:45 to end at the stadium at 10:00 AM.  That makes a huge difference.

Both sides seem to admit that Harbaugh asked for approval (and received it) to be on the field early (before 10:00 AM).  In this case, M should have been expecting them to come through at some point while they are on the field.  2 minutes late doesn't change anything.  Why didn't Harbaugh have the team ready for this?  

Did MSU do anything to announce that they were coming?  It doesn't seem like it.  I don't see any evidence and the videos don't show staff talking with the M players shortly before the walk.  

Three things should have happened that I don't think did: 1. Harbaugh should have told his players to be aware of this event.  2. MSU should have announced or talked with the M players on the field - if #1 happens, i'm sure they happily leave the field.  3. MSU should have opened the chain of arms instead of just walking into players.

The main issue here is #3 when physical contact is made.  That created the entire escalation so my blame lies 70% with MSU, 30% with M and 100% stupid.    


10/23/2018 - 2:55pm And you could just never…

And you could just never come to this site for information, instead googling everything... but that's not how things work.  If you post, you should include relevant information.  If anyone should google, it should be the OP since I quickly found that the time is 7:00 PM on his instagram.  This post would be much more helpful with some information and presented as a heads up to possible future 2020 MBB commit that people seem to really like.  

10/23/2018 - 2:46pm Option 1 included a loss so…

Option 1 included a loss so there is no chance at a championship.  It's not whether you'd opt out of the playoffs for the Rose Bowl.  It's 13-1 vs 12-2.  I'll take the Rose Bowl W over a CFP L.  But, without knowing the outcome of those games, everyone would choose to be included in the CFP.  

10/23/2018 - 2:44pm MSU disagrees with you.  I'm…

MSU disagrees with you.  I'm not sure they reaped any benefits from being embarrassed by Alabama in the playoffs.  If it's a guaranteed L in the first playoff game vs a guaranteed W in the Rose Bowl, I'll take the W.  We could claim to be as good as the NC without any evidence proving us wrong.  We could go full UCF and declare ourselves national champions.  We'd have a full offseason of debate and coverage discussing M compared to the playoff teams.  We'd have the disrepekt angle going for us in 2019. Getting blasted by Alabama or Clemson doesn't seem to offer much upside.

10/11/2018 - 1:43pm Delaney sucks but this is…

Delaney sucks but this is trying way too hard.  There are a million reasons to hate this guy.  This statement doesn't move the needle for me.  It's like arguing about whether Ted Kaczynski took improper deductions on his tax return.  Uh, what about all that other stuff? 

10/01/2018 - 1:05pm "So no, to Harbaugh a grad…

"So no, to Harbaugh a grad transfer is NOT 100% about football"

Harbaugh better be thinking 100% about football when handing out scholarships.  To suggest any less is a pretty disgusting accusation.  You think Harbaugh runs a small chartiy out of the football scholarship pool and gives out graduate degrees to people he feels deserves it for reasons other than football?  That is stupid and possibly a fireable offense if true.  Harbaugh felt giving Casey a scholarship would help the football team.  Period.  There is no altruistic reason here and there shouldn't be.  Casey may have had an academics first mindset (and good for him) but Harbaugh should not and I'm certain did not.  


10/01/2018 - 12:57pm This is why people hate UM…

This is why people hate UM fans.  Casey Hughes didn't work out?  Well of course, UM did it for the academics, not to win football.  This is stupid.  Harbaugh accepted him as a transfer for only one reason: he thought Case would help the team.  It's possible Casey transferred with only academics in mind, but that would be against Harbaugh's intentions.  UM and especially UM football is not in the business of handing out free master's degrees.  Thinking otherwise is just dumb.  Harbaugh wanted Casey for his football abilities either as an insurance policy or for leadership or because he truly thought he was good enough to play.  I don't know, but it was definitely not to let a random kid from Utah get a free Master's degree on the AD's dime.  

08/29/2018 - 5:48pm I'm glad you don't have a…

I'm glad you don't have a say in any of this.  It's a stupid fucking idea to stop playing OSU or MSU.  I can't stand this pompous attitude.  I hate to keep saying this but hoke covered up a god damn rape and played Gibbons for years and then lied to everyone about it.  That just doesn't seem to bother people though.  All schools have players and peole that do bad teams.  If everyone took this attitude, no teams would play each other.  We'd be too busy pretending we're perfect and everyone else is a mess.  Zach Smith is a piece of shit but he's been fired.  Should Urban have been fired?  I don't know but it's over.  Let's get off our high horse and just beat them on the field.  Seriously, of all the hot takes on this board, the pompous bullshit drives me crazy.  

08/23/2018 - 4:52pm Meh, I don't really believe…

Meh, I don't really believe either of you. I don't think this changes your behavior. The OSU thing was bad but if PSU, MSU, Baylor, Ol Miss, et al didn't make you feel this way, I'm not sure why this does.  OSU is clearly not as bad as these other scandals. This should be a tiny incident in a shit pile of awful incidents around college footbal. This one bothering you more (IF it bothers you more, I'm inferring a bit here) implies to me that you are part of the problem of only caring about winning and rivals losing.  There are bigger issues to care about (not trying to minimize this situation, but c'mon, go read about Baylor) and bigger justifications to "lose hope" over.  I can't help but think people are morally outraged only because a rival wasn't as hurt as we would have liked which... is kind of a reflection of only caring about winning and losing.  

08/16/2018 - 3:30pm Allow me to butt in…

Allow me to butt in uninvited.  I appreciate that your back and forth has been reasonably civil.  I do get annoyed by the one word posts but Pepto did a good job elaborating for skypanther.  I think I fall somewhere between the two of you but closer to Pepto.  I dont' have an emotional attachment to this site.  If it goes away one day, I'll shrug and read other free conent.  I don't believe this site offers anything special anymore - I still come here, but way less without the app.  I whole heartedly agree with Pepto on this, "WolverinesWire (which in my opinion has blown MGoBlog out of the water all summer)."  The content quality and quantity is just better.  I'm excited to see some of the game analysis this fall.  Since the upgrade to 3.0 I've started a new rotation of UM content and by the time something comes up here, I've already read it and this site feels really slow/outdated now.  Some of the quotes on Seth's article are several weeks old, none are fresh.  I read it all, but I learned nothing and wouldn't feel like I'm missing out if it didn't exist.  

I don't know anyone who writes here, but I get a sense that Brian doesn't like his own site anymore; he's created this monster that he fights with,that fights with him, he cannot win but also can't stop.  He writes things that he knows people hate because, well fuck you.  I'm not sure how long that can exist as a business model... maybe he wants to lose the fight.  That's all speculation on my part.  

I think it's great you want to help by offering your time to generate new content.  It doesn't morally offend me if Brian might profit from that.  He already profits from the board which he has no role in.  I have no desire to assist and I'll probably let someone else pull out the relevant sound bites, but I commend your attempt to organize your fellow fans for the sake of everyone's enjoyment.  

Finally, either this site isn't free or all sites are free. Either definition results in the same conclusion: who cares.  Provide good content or lose readers.  If I paid $9.99 per month for this site i wouldn't be any more or less compelled to "help out."  I wouldn't have more or less sympathy for bad content.  The cost is irrelevant and just a strange defense for the site.  I literally have never paid for any content on the internet. If this site cost $1 per year, I would just stop reading.  It's not worth my effort to deal with that and violates the expectation of the internet.  

08/09/2018 - 10:36pm my problem is that very few…

my problem is that very few can actually "honestly assess" this situation.  The thread showing contrary information was blasted and people were mad that it was posted.  You are kidding yourself if the majority of people here give a shit about Courtney Smith.  They only care that OSU will get knocked down a peg.  I don't even find that opinion annoying.  I find this self righteous "I just want to see justice" opinion annoying.  All this situation has proven is that neither UM or OSU give a shit about any of the details and we both just want to win.  Period.  

Further, this makes you sound like a whiny bitch, " Their success is directly linked to a cultural that ignores what's right "  Ok.  The only reason they've ever won a game is because someone got free tattoos.  The only reason they recruit so well is that Urban lied to the big ten media about his knowledge of this incident.  Right.  I'd really like to see your "direct" link proven out.  At best you mean "indirect" and you definitely can't quantify or prove it. Further, read up about some of UM's scandals.  We are not innocent of bad people and decisions.  We've had boosters, we've given out cars to players, we've covered up crimes.  Why aren't we winning?  Are you suggesting we should allow more domestic violence and suddenly we'd win more?  

All of this sanctimonious bullshit is annoying.  Let's all just hope our team is good and let the dumpster fire in OSU play out.  

08/02/2018 - 5:42pm To be fair to Jay - which is…

To be fair to Jay - which is hard to even type - he's not entirely wrong.  You are blind if you can't look around this site and see people cheering Urban's potential firing.  There was an OP that literally stated he wasn't sure if he should be happy urban is gone or express sympathy for the victim.  Uh... clearly the latter, but those aren't mutually exclusive.  

Anyway, here is what I hear from Jay:

- urban did something bad

- fan bases demand he's fired because they are outraged

- Those same fans are clearly seen cheering that urban might be fired and not because justice is being served, immoral deeds are being penalized or a woman is safer now... are they really outraged? 

- Clearly any rival will be happy to see OSU knocked down a peg so OSU shouldn't cave to that echo chamber.  Are you equally upset if this happened at Tulsa?  

I believe that is 100% accurate.  I have two retorts to what Jay actually said (not some misconstrued statement about how Jay thinks winning justifies protecting an abuser - which clearly was his father's opinion):

1. Do we think OSU is really trolling rival internet sites looking for opinions on how to handle Urban?  They rightfully shouldnt' give a shit what UM fans have to say.  If there is a mob mentality forcing OSU it would come from media coverage and that's not exactly rival fan bases.  

2. They shouldn't "rush" but they should also take care of this as quickly as possible while doing due dilligence. They have with 99.9% certainty caught Urban lying to the press.  Does that deserve a firing? The only thing left that shouldn't be rushed is an actual investigation into the other stuff: did they really threaten the victim to withdraw charges?  Was that at Urban's request?  Did he know that was happening and so on.  The reason to delay a decision on that stuff is to negotiate a buyout.  If there is more dirt, they can probably give urban less money to walk away.  I think if they fire him for cause OSU will be forced into a public court battle they don't want any part of.  

In conclusion, We have very maize colored glasses around here that break basic reasoning skills.  I can't help but cringe everytime someone says something like, "I'm just glad knowing our coaches wouldn't never to XYZ."  You don't know anything.  Brady fucking Hoke played a role in covering up a rape.  That is probably much worse than what Urban did and yet it's pretty quiet about that aroudn here.  Also, Jay remains a piece of shit and we should probably just forget all about him.  

07/19/2018 - 3:23pm I'm definitely in the camp…

I'm definitely in the camp that dislikes the site and comes way less.  It's just not convenient on a desktop and I'm 95% mobile.  I used to check 10-20 times per day when walking somewhere.  Now I check maybe once or twice a week.  I had been thinking about this and did some web analytics research.  here are some thoughts based on web traffic data from and  These are just estimates and can reportedly be off by wide margins, but I think they still work for trends (e.g. their model is off, but the model is consistently off so a drop in traffic is probably real).  

- Traffic is cyclical, but has been steadily increasing.  In 2016, traffic would spike to 2 million visits per month but was usually just over 1 million.  The loweset month in 2018 was June with about 2 million visits.  

- Unique visitors is flatter.  There was a spike in the fall of 2016 to about 160k unique users (1 users with multiple devices can count as several, I'm probably 5 or 6 unique visitors in a month).  It's been almost flat for the last 24 months now.  

- The most damning evidence of the site having issues is visit length.  Average visit duration tends to bounce between 10 and 20 minutes over that past 3 years.  However, this has been in steady decline.  In Nov 2017, duration was about 17 minutes.  it's now down to under 5 minutes.  May and June 2018 have the lowest durations in the 3 year history. 

- wolverineswire has a 50% longer duration in it's first month of existence.  It has a fraction of the visits (mgoblog users return, a lot) and a third the users, but after just one month that must/should put some fear into this blog. 

1.5% of traffic is referred from (Outlook for the medical college of Wisconsin).   This is the 4th largest referring site and 2nd behind only 247 if you remove feed aggregators.  Is there a superfan going to medical school in WI that forwards a lot of mgoblog articles?  Seems like it.

- The college football risk seems to have been extremely popular.  It is the 3rd most linked site for all of 2018 behind 247 and twitter.  

- My assumption: Brian et al don't really give a shit about your complaints.  Traffic is up and there will always be a number of people who complain so why bother trying to appeal to everyone.  However, I think there are signs of a decline and the CFB risk might have been popular enough to mask some very real issues.  Wolverineswire is a competitor to watch going forward.  

One last comment: I saw some people saying they didn't understand how the look of a site could impact someone from reading content they love.  My take is that you are making a big assumption about what is loved.  I am here for Michigan football.  That is what I love, not the site.  The site was the best way I knew to easily consume information I enjoyed.  i still love Michigan Football and seek out michigan content, but this site just isn't the easiest for me anymore.  I'll probably always come here but maybe only once or twice a week.   

06/29/2018 - 9:18pm On a positive note, my wife…

On a positive note, my wife loves the new site.  I only check it once a week or so now.  This place is like Facebook to me, I'm here but I only check infrequently and every time I'm here I get annoyed and wonder why I came.  I've been enjoying the wolverine wire though.

06/13/2018 - 1:31pm This is my opinion too (on…

This is my opinion too (on computer it's better, on phone it's way worse).  Unfortunately, I only read "news" sources on my phone so it doesn't help me that the site looks prettier.  All i can think is about a post Brian wrote where he laughed at how out of touch some websites were by adding videos.  Now Brian removes a phone app at a time when mobile traffic is growing very quickly. Close to 70% of all web hits are from a phone now.  On mobile, sites are visited via app about 55% of the time but if you are a recurring visitor (more then 5 times a month) those numbers jump to over 90% using apps.  Conversion rates are much much higher on app as well.  App should be prioritized over the desktop site.  Also, I laugh again when i see multiple podcasts that could/should be written articles.  How is that different than making fun of sites for videos?  Videos are better than audio only streams.  


Anyway, I gave up on UMhoops because they didn't have an app and in just a week or two, i've downloaded multiple other sports apps and reduced my time here.  It's petty, but the mobile experience is too annoying for me to deal with.  I'll probably still come here for a long time, but it's already not my first M site (anyone have recommendations for good M sports apps - I've been reading fansided and land of ten a lot lately but they're only ok).  


Anyway, get an app.  Charge me for it if you must.  Request an mgoblogger to build it and split the profits.  Do something.  

06/08/2018 - 9:42pm I'm assuming you have a…

I'm assuming you have a decent budget coming from CA, I'd go Castle Pines over Castle Rock.  South Parker has a little more space and a few golf courses.  Highlands ranch is ok but very crowded now.  Parker is on that same path.  I feel better that a bubble is far away due to the economy and a steady influx of people.  I don't see people suddenly deciding Colorado isn't a great place to live.


It really depends on what you want.  Parker and Castle Pines are very family oriented and may be too boring.  Personally, id trade the bar scene for an acre of natural pines and mountain views.  

06/07/2018 - 12:37am I just really don't like the…

I just really don't like the webpage on mobile experience.  Yes, the HTML5 is dynamic, but it's not nearly as clean or convenient as an app.  HTML5 is meant to be convenient when you are on mobile and directed to a site (via search or link), not to replace an app.  There is not a single webpage that I intentionally visit on my phone and there are no websites (other than work related) that I visit on a computer without being directed via link or search.  Sorry, i just think this is a major mistake and will definitely hinder my site visits.  Just to put it out there... I'd be willing to pay for an app.

06/07/2018 - 12:36am I just really don't like the…

I just really don't like the webpage on mobile experience.  Yes, the HTML5 is dynamic, but it's not nearly as clean or convenient as an app.  HTML5 is meant to be convenient when you are on mobile and directed to a site (via search or link), not to replace an app.  There is not a single webpage that I intentionally visit on my phone and there are no websites (other than work related) that I visit on a computer without being directed via link or search.  Sorry, i just think this is a major mistake and will definitely hinder my site visits.  

05/29/2018 - 10:20pm where are you hearing rumblings? you asked for

where are you hearing rumblings? you asked for inside info but simultaneously claim to have inside info that you're unwilling to share. odd.

05/23/2018 - 2:49pm Fun fact, a few years back,

Fun fact, a few years back, Wells Fargo (i think it was WFC) looked at their brokerage accounts that had the highest returns to see if they could determine why they outperformed.  The most common trait among all of those accounts?  The investor was dead.  They hadn't been traded.  They hadn't been over-analyzed and profit balanced. They just sat for years.  I put about 50% of my portfolio into a mixture of S&P, NASDAQ and DOW ETFs.  40% is in 4 stocks that I have no intention of selling unless something major happens to me or the stocks.  10% is just in random things I'm playing with because I'm a degenerate gambler also.  i tend to believe that you'll only outperform if you are NOT diversified.  I have increased my portfolio risk and variance and so far, over the last 20 years, it's worked for me.  

05/23/2018 - 2:41pm Apple

I hear these Apple stories all the time and they just prove the person talking/recommending doesn't really know anything.  Apple was basically flat for 20 years and darn near bankruptcy the whole time.  Unless your profoessor said, "Buy Apple because soon these casettes are going to be converted to digital and Apple seems uniquely positioned to capitalize on that movement and create a really cool music player and digital platform.  once those catch on, they'll create a phone which will make ridiculous amounts of money." then he was just wrong. Guessing that a stock will do well for reasons A,B,C and coincidentally the company does well because of X,Y, and Z so you end up with the correct conclusion is not impressive.  It's called dumb luck.   Also, Apple is up about 37,000% in 38 years.  That's good, but not near the best performance over that time.  Microsoft is up over 105,000% in that same time.  

05/07/2018 - 3:27pm I hate this comment

These comments are so easy in retrospect.  Everyone had Darko as the overall #2 and it made a lot of sense for the Pistons to take a guy with all the upside in the world but needed to develop.  We didn't need any talent on that team and we won a damn championship his rookie year.  I'd argue that if we have Melo or Wade, we don't win the championship because they mess with the rotation and chemistry.  We would have been slightly better in 2004-2006 but we were still really damn good those years.  Any of those players would have left the Pistons after their rookie contract so it's not like we lost out on much.  I'll always take that Championship over any of those players.  The best thing Darko did was stay out of the way and I'm ok with that.  Why wonder what could have been when we won a fucking championship. 

05/06/2018 - 1:26pm this is why Robert Horry and John Salley get my

this is why Robert Horry and John Salley get my vote for goat. LeBron needs 4 more before I'm willing to discuss it.

04/20/2018 - 3:39pm 2nd years?

I'd like to see an example of a second year student graduating and transferring. I've seen 3rd year red shirt sophomores do it but never a true 2nd year.

04/19/2018 - 6:10pm worse still

what if that #8 team actually wins the big ten? everyone else would be pissed. it's a bad idea.