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02/05/2019 - 5:47pm Only Nixon could go to China…

Only Nixon could go to China.....

01/11/2019 - 4:40pm My understanding is that…

My understanding is that there is this whole Campanile clan up in that area--not just his one other brother over at Rutgers right now.  I want to say maybe 5-6 of come combination of bothers/counsins/fathers/sons, where each of them are either head coaches of private catholic football programs, coordinators of major feeder/magnet high schools, or assistants/on staff at the regional college level.

Bottom line is, presuming all of these guys are on good terms w/ each other within their own family, Anthony Campanile (and by extension Michigan) will be able to leverage the hell out of that entire family's relationships & on-the-ground knowledge of diamonds in the rough, fast rising young recruits, etc.

01/10/2019 - 4:31pm It would suck, but it'd be…

It would suck, but it'd be more of us missing him being a great OL coach than MSU gaining some type of OC mastermind that is going to make Lewerke look like an All-Big Ten QB.

If it is Warriner going to be OC of MSU, what I want is us to take any saved money from the difference between Pep's old salary (assuming he goes) and the new OC's salary, adding that to Warriner's old salary, and then asking a booster to throw in some cash for a big signing bonus.  Then basically backing up the Brinks Truck for Pittman to leave UGA for us.

01/10/2019 - 4:29pm As OC.  His son is a walk-on…

As OC.  His son is a walk-on there.  Sophomore I think.

But again, that's twitter & unconfirmed rumors.  Other rumors are D'Antonio retiring, or that there will be NO personnel changes at all, but just re-assigning responsibilities among the current staff.

01/10/2019 - 4:18pm Man I hope this is true.


Man I hope this is true.

A credible source on the Edge of the Internet is actually saying that the news is Ed Warriner to be OC of MSU, but that is hasn't been confirmed yet so he's still working on confirmation.  

1)  Pep going to be OC at MSU--LOL.

2)  MD retiring from MSU--awesome.

3)  Warriner going to be OC at MSU--cry in my beer for a solid month.

And then Graham Couch tweets out just now that actually NO new blood on MSU's offensive coaching staff, just reorganizing responsibilities among the same guys.  Re-arranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic so to speak....

01/10/2019 - 4:00pm Nah, they could half-way do…

Nah, they could half-way do it like this:

UGA Press Release:


"The University of Georgia is a community of great scholarship, diversity, and tolerance.  We strive every day to ensure the safety and well-being of our students so that they can learn and grow to become the leaders of tomrrow.  However, since we also value the feelings and perceptions of each student as a unique individual, the University of Georia will not seek the denial of Mr. Fields' NCAA petition request for immediate eligibility, despite our fundamental disagreement with the underlying basis. We wish the best of luck to Mr. Fields in his future academic and athletic endeavors."


Unless there is a huge flood of guys suddenly jumping ship due to this, it won't harm recruiting.  Everybody knows this is a BS case, so his former UGA teammates will assure UGA potential recruits that it was just a cover for Fields bailing due to lack of playing time.



What I still don't get is the NCAA petition review procedure itself. If the UGA declines to BLOCK it & therefore isn't even in the room to provide evidence that undercuts his petition, does ANY of that other evidene get considered? Does an in-house NCAA team present a competing memo against the petition based on their own research? Or does the NCAA panel essentially just get to her a one-sided story?

01/10/2019 - 3:43pm Even MORE of an NCAA…

Even MORE of an NCAA headache is that it actually would NOT be a uniform free-agency scenario at first. It'd only be that way for people with backgrounds that were historically discriminated against--people of color, gay folks, etc.  

The rest of the student-athlete pool would be stuck with the old rules & traditional very high bar to get their petitions granted. 

Those kids would have to show a really difficult burden of a systematic locker room bullying, hazing, etc.  Whereas the former set could offer the Fields argument: "Yeah, one guy called me the N-word, but we are still on good terms, the school expelled him pretty quickly after the incident, I stayed on my team/in school for several months after that all happened, my little sister is still going to matriculate here next me, it is TOTALLY NOT about the fact that I'm getting zero playing time...."

Basically, the NCAA would be setting a precedent that certain types of accusations (racially charged, bullying based on sexual orientation, etc.) are far more serious, and thus despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, will still be enough to win a petition. 

So, at least initially, it'd invite a ton of controversey b/c you'll have one segmet of the student population getting immediate eligibility pretty easily, and the rest of the student athletes being forced to clear a much higher threshold to get theirs.

I could easily see that being a major problem for the NCAA in the short term, which would put them on a glide path to 100% free-agency for everybody shortly thereafter b/c they don't want to deal w/ the politically charged headache in the short-term aftermath of Fields winning it with a very weak case.


Again though, we are all assuming that the major facts of the Fields case are known. Maybe there are some other factors out there that people aren't privy to that would make the Fields case much stronger than it is right now.

01/10/2019 - 2:34pm Totally agree & I agree the…

Totally agree & I agree the Fields rationale is total BS.


HOWEVER, does the NCAA actually bring up evidence against the petitioner to proactively poke holes in his argument? Or do they just rely on any other parties to provide an opposition brief to the panel making the decision?


Because yes, there are a TON of factors weighing against the granting of immediate eligibility for Fields.  But if UGA isn't going to fight it, and if the NCAA panel themselves don't use internal investigators to put up a contra-argument to highlight those negative fact patterns weighing against the petition, then does Fields basically just get a free pass?



01/02/2019 - 7:42pm Although one feeds off the…

Although one feeds off the other.


If our coverage seemed a bit weaker this year, it was because we didn’t get push up the middle of the DL, thus allowing QBs to step up into the pocket as Gary & Winovich flanked the OTs. 


OTOH, if  our back 4-5 can be really strong, it gives our young/mediocre DL the opportunity for “coverage sacks” if the QB can’t find anybody open because the WRs are wearing our DBs forever as the latest fashion trend. 

12/30/2018 - 7:07pm Pretty sure it was just a…

Pretty sure it was just a cramp. 

12/30/2018 - 7:01pm Which will definitely be key…

Which will definitely be key if our DL struggles to collapse the pocket in passing downs. “Coverage Sacks” now becomes a thing, especially if Dax Hill has coverage skills as good as people say. 

12/29/2018 - 11:37pm If they all use them then…

If they all use them then why did only 6 players between all 4 CFP teams get caught? And all 6 were in the two squads most notorious for cheating among the four?

12/29/2018 - 11:29pm LOL. 

During the Clemson…


During the Clemson game they kept showing that DL player Lawrence who was suspended for PED standing on the sideline. 

I literally thought he was an assistant coach. Dude looked 30 years old. 

12/22/2018 - 3:43pm True, but a lot of also…

True, but a lot of also depends on context of stuff that wasn't on video.  Was the kid in white an aggressive player all game?  If so, then it may be an entirely reasonable judgment to think that he was about to start pounding on soebody.  Conversely, is Karsen known as a hot-head or has he gotten into trouble before? Or is this an isolated case where he rushed in to make sure the bigger opposing player wasn't a threat to his much smaller teammate, but in the heat of the moment & with his large size/strength, just didn't gauge his approach & slow to a walk to use his body as a wall like a perfectly zen/calm person might do?

12/22/2018 - 3:24pm He was coming in to prevent…

He was coming in to prevent a much "bigger" (relatively) kid on the white team from curb stomping his much smaller Paw Paw teammate.  Any scrutiny would involve whether he should have slowed down or used less force, but it's clear to me that if Karsen hadn't done what he did, that other player in white would have started beating the tar out of Karsen's much smaller team mate.

12/22/2018 - 3:17pm It does look like he was #42…

It does look like he was #42.  Seems to me it basically went like this:

1)  Single smaller player in red (Paw Paw player) maybe did a hard foul under the basket.  He's standing there as a player wearing white is on the ground.

2)  A bigger player on the white team gives the smaller Paw Paw player a shove clearly after the whistle was blown.  Then he shoves the smaller Paw Paw player a second time. 

3)  The smaller Paw Paw player in red does a bit of a half-assed shove back on the bigger player in white, at which point it seems to me it's clearly going south.

4)  The bigger player in white starts to go after the smaller Paw Paw player in red for the 3rd time (now more aggessively).  Due to the size & posture of the player in white, it looks like to me the smaller Paw Paw player in red is about to get his ass beaten pretty badly.

5)  As the bigger player in white presumably is about to really lace into the smaller Paw Paw player in red, Karsen comes flying down the court & uses his body & momentum to knock the "bigger" (but now comically out-sized) away from Karsen's much smaller Paw Paw team mate wearing red.  But due to his size/speed, he basically "de-cleats" the kid a foot or so off the ground and pancakes him. 

6)  All hell breaks loose from there, as the smaller/slower kids from both teams then enter the chaos.


I have no idea what transpires after that and don't know what Karsen did or didn't do.  But based on the early unfolding of the fight, it looks to me like he was rushing in to prevent his much smaller teammate from getting the tar beaten out of him by the bigger kid.  But due to his own size & momentum, basically blew up the would-be "bigger" aggressor.


EDIT:  After looking at the video more closely, you can see a slightly bigger Paw Paw team mate start to help defend his much smaller team mate from the bigger kid in white BEFORE Karsen arrives.  Clearly Karsen started running down to help out his small team mate first, but by the time he arrived that other Paw Paw player was already stepping up to the kid in the white uniform to defend the smallest Paw Paw player.  The player in white was STILL bigger than the 2nd Paw Paw player, but the size disparity wasn't quite as huge.  Then Karsen pancakes the original player wearing white.  So basically:     

White Jersey >>> 1st RedJersey......White Jersey remains aggressive; then

White Jersey > 2nd Red Jersey...... White Jersey seems to remain a threat, but less so; then

3rd Red Jersey (Karsen) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> White Jersey is now pancaked & no longer a threat.

Chaos ensues.


Video LINK:

12/22/2018 - 2:39pm This is a great point-…

This is a great point--similar to one I've been making for the past 1-2 years w/ regard to Michigan.

Success doesn't happen in isolation.  It also is partly dependent on how well your rival programs--either on the field or in the world of recruiting--are doing as well.

Yes, Michigan shot itself in the foot for 10 years, but part of the issue in the early-Harbaugh years is that IN AGGREGATE, the combination of OSU/MSU/PSU/ND/Stanford/Wisconsin were performing far higher than their program historic norms.  That takes more oxygen out of the tent that would normally be available to Michigan in the form of 1 or 2 extra wins each season, another 3-4 solid recruits we get instead of another program, etc.

Over time, you're going to start to see at least 2-3 of these programs if not 4-5 of them fall back to their historical averages, which creates more operating room for Michigan to land those extra few top recruits & win that extra game or two each year.

Similarly, Ohio State can either benefit from when traditional rivals (on field or in recruiting battles) are down, or suffer when those same traditional rivals are strong.  Not only did it help that OSU hit back to back home run coaching hires, but they've also had the benefit of Michigan being out of it, the state of Texas being wide open for recruitment, etc.

12/22/2018 - 2:30pm We've already been over this…

We've already been over this a few times the past few days.   

When you rank our guys 1-27 and take the corresponding averages against OSU and PSU, we match up in talent.  Then we also have an additional haul of lottery tickets which they do not have.

So yeah, I guess we don't have a "smaller but higher rated class."  But we also don't have a "big class of average players" either.  It isn't like our top talented kid is a low 4 star .90 type or something.  Instead, we have a "smaller & on-par class compared to both OSU & PSU" and then in ADDITION to that we've got another 10-12 lottery pick kids that neither OSU nor PSU have.

12/22/2018 - 2:21pm 1) I think "we" very likely…

1) I think "we" very likely means, "Team Aubrey Solomon"--aka him, his mom, maybe some other person in his orbit that helps make decisions like that--maybe a former HS coach, his dad or stepdad, etc.


2)  Rumor somewhere else said that he was looking into applying for a hardship waiver because apparently during workouts or drills or something, somebody on the staff called him fat in order to motivate him to work harder.  Whether or not that's the reason or whehter or not he has something additional or different, I do not know.  But if his primary argument is in fact, "they hurt my feelings by calling me fat during drills/weightlifting" then man, I just don't know what to say.   Gotta have tougher skin than that.

12/21/2018 - 10:06pm Who knows?


But at…

Who knows?


But at minimum, this is a huge boost to the offense in terms of comfort and familiarity with each other. Not only with Shea, his receivers, etc, but also Harbaugh knows his capabilities and likely trusts him a hell of a lot more.  This spring they can pretty much give Shea a huge % of the snaps knowing he’s the likely starter. No NCAA uncertainties hanging overhead.  And Shea now likely can go from understanding the playbook to total mastery  

Not to mention 2nd year Warriner has the OL who only graduates one guy & all but the true freshmen will understand his terminology and concepts.

The ONE key position we are losing is Higdon at RB. Even then, we’ve still got about 2-3 decent veteran options there until Zach Charbonnet can get up to speed and familiar with the system—which is usually pretty doable if it’s a talented RB which ZC is.

Bottom line is, barring catastrophic injury or truly dumb or uninspired play calling, this offense has a huge ceiling.


12/20/2018 - 11:56pm I will eat an ENTIRE PLATE…

I will eat an ENTIRE PLATE of lemon bar cookies that my wife made today if Crouch commits to Michigan tomorrow.

I will also probably do that even if he doesn’t commit to Michigan. 

12/20/2018 - 4:00pm Seems like there are a ton…

Seems like there are a ton of would be USC guys on that list. Both USC and UCLA had terrible signing days yesterday, and I don’t know that Stanford did that well either.

I know pulling guys out of  California is tough, but if the traditional California powerhouse programs are all in disarray, it might be possible to convince one or two more kids to look elsewhere. 

12/17/2018 - 2:49am 1) I said he’s considering…

1) I said he’s considering it, not that he will. 


2) It’s possible one of the factors determining whether Dax signs early is whether Battle signs early and if so, to what school. 


3) Even if both sign early, it’s possible this is partly a bizarre game of chicken where if Battle signs with OSU or Oklahoma, Dax goes to Alabama. Alternatively, if Battle remains uncommitted (either signs late in the day on Wednesday or signs later) it forces Dax to either take a leap of faith by signing in early signing day hoping Alabama doesn’t just process some poor sap & sign Battle after Dax is locked in, or forces him to wait as you suggested. 

12/17/2018 - 2:07am Her profile says Dax is a…

Her profile says Dax is a Michigan committ. 

Is that a recent change, or did she just never flip to Alabama once he decommitted from us?

12/17/2018 - 1:44am Can’t say I have any idea…

Can’t say I have any idea where Hill goes. Although I do think it’s interesting his mom keeps “liking” pro Michigan stuff. Is she doing that with Alabama stuff too? It’s also possible it’s a split household and mom is the Michigan partisan while Dax/dad/brother are for Alabama. 


As for the OSU article on Battle & Dax, there is another more positive way to view it:


1) We are pretty sure now that JH did an in home or in school with Dax on Friday in Tulsa.

2) Similarly, Sam Webb stated that last week Nick Saban isn’t the kind of coach who goes on personal visits if he doesn’t think he’ll be successful.  It does not look like Saban visited Dax at all last week. 

3) Combine 1 & 2 with the positive Michigan vibes mom is giving off on social media & I think there is a chance Dax has flipped back to Michigan as a silent. Perhaps gone radio silent with Alabama at this point. 

4) At this point, perhaps Alabama doesn’t realize that necessarily, but is nonetheless nervous about the slow or no communication from Dax. Ergo, they are in “don’t rock the boat” mode and have asked Battle to hold off for now.

Items #3 & #4 are purely speculative on my part. But assuming the OSU Battle Article is true, I think it at least let’s us know the following:


A) Alabama certainly doesn’t feel solid with Dax, despite his recent flip to them, and 


B) IF we see Battle sign with Alabama publicly here at some point, it’s a lagging indicator that privately Alabama already knows they lost Dax to us for sure. 


BTW, I don’t see this as an either/or for Alabama.  I wouldn’t put it past Alabama at all if this was just timing Battle’s committment just to dupe Dax into locking his LOI to Alabama. Then once Dax can’t get out of the class, process some other kid & take Battle’s committment too. 

12/17/2018 - 1:25am Word is Hill is considering…

Word is Hill is considering signing early now. 

12/16/2018 - 11:22pm I could be wrong, but I don…

I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is correct. I think the only thing somebody cannot change a CB to is to a team for which a kid is currently verbally committed. So for example, nobody could flip a CB for Hill over to Alabama. 


But since Harrison is uncommitted, I think guys can put their CBs to whatever school they want. 

12/16/2018 - 1:45pm A lot of good comments…

A lot of good comments/points made in this thread.  My grab-bag of observations reenforcing & adding to some of them:


  • Definitely in modern college football, being an excellent recruiter almost always equates to being an "excellent coach."  Coaches now are more CEOs & recruiters, (and to a lesser extent in-game play callers if they want to be more hands-on) than they are the innovative X's & O's innovators.  Many top HCs climbed the LADDER by being innovative X's & O's guys at some point, but eventually the game passes them up to some extent.  The savvy CEO/recruiter types inherently know this & over time import fresh blood for the X's & O's innovation.


  • I agree the Lincoln Riley comparisons are not great.  First, it's too early to determine that Riley is really that incredible.  Stoops I think was on the down-swing in terms of innovation/recruiting but they did a great job lining up Riley in a more comprehensive way.  The transition was basically on their terms & super smooth.  I get the feeling that in terms of recruiting & being a HC, Meyer was still on top of his game, but kind of got run out of town due to administrative/scandal stuff.  The hand-off to Day just doesn't feel the same.


  • Also agree that comparisons to the Tressell/Meyer transition isn't great either.  OSU definitely sucked for that one year, so at least OSU suffered *a bit* and they knew an elite coach was on the way.  That isn't the case this time.


  • It defies logic that OSU won't slide back at least *a little*.  Meyer was an historically great coach. Even if Day turns out to be an excellent one, we're talking about at least a marginal slip.  Going from the 99 percentile for example to the 95th percentile.  Even then, there is a difference between the two men in a vaccuum versus Day benefiting from program momentum/roster talent.


  • Since the OSU fanbase is incredibly spoiled and since this wasn't some closely tracked national coaching hire where they are bringing in some known elite coach from outside, I think that Day will get a shorter "honeymoon" period than one might expect.  He isn't come into a desperate fan base who just wants to get back up to "good."  He isn't coming with a ton of hype as a nationaly elite coach where people can point to his stops at prior turn-around efforts as HC and decide to be patient for 4-5 years as he sorts it all out.  As others have said, if he manages to lose 2 in a row to Michigan and/or slip and go 10-2 or god forbid 9-3 in the next season, I could see the OSU faithful hitting the panic button pretty quickly.  If that happens, the entire program could start to destabalize & go into that coaching death spiral--fan base is worried, Day has a hard time holding on to top recruits/assitants-->OSU loses a half step more due to this---> repeat.


  • Even if Day manages to pretty much keep marching to the OSU beat, due to the historically elite nature of Meyer as both a recruiter & a coach, I still think Day would drop a half a step back.  So instead of winning 90% of his games & totally owning Michigan like Meyer did, maybe winning 85% and dropping one to Michigan every 3rd year or so.  And again, due to the point I made above about the state of the OSU fan base right now, you wonder if they'd be crazy enough to dump him overboard if he ends up being "merely very good" as opposed to being historically elite.


Final overall point outside of the OSU coaching change----

What a lot of folks don't consider often enough is that a good % (maybe 30% or even 50%) of Michigan's standing within the Big Ten doesn't relate directly to Michigan at all, but it relates to the relative health of other programs--both relative to Michigan currently, and also as it relates to THOSE program's historical health/performance over the years. 

Michigan created a ton of self-inflicted wounds from the late Carr Era when we didn't recruit that well & didn't cultivate that coaching tree--all the way through RR, Hoke & maybe even some of the OL recruiting/coaching issues we had under Drevno in the early Harbaugh Era.  And when those self-inflicted wounds happened MSU had a very good coach in Dantonio who was able to step into the vaccuum & build MSU off of Michigan's failures.  Similarly, PSU pretty much recovered as best as any reasonable person might expect from the Sandusky scandal.  OSU gets that tripple-rainbow back-to-back home-run coaching hires in Tressel & Meyer.  It also didn't help that Stanford (who we dont' play but certainly compete against for 2-3 recruits each year) was built up to become a very solid team (by Harbaugh of course) from maybe 2009-2017 as well.  

So what hurt us wasn't only our own downfall/self-inflicted wounds from 2007-2014, but it was also that these other programs took up the oxygen that Michigan historically had, which made it harder for us to claw our way back. 

Now we are starting to see the reverse happen.  Maybe OSU slips up just 5% or so.  But Michigan doesn't grow merely with a zero-sum-gain measured against how much OSU slips back.  What's also happening is that those other programs that were siphoning energy/recruits away from us SEEM to be falling back as well--MSU, Stanford, PSU. 

Yes, Michigan can be excellently coached & help accellerate that process.  Basically take a very slim opening & make sure we absolutely smash through it.  Essentially be a catalyst for their downfall.  But it seems to me that at some point most programs regress back to their historical means naturally.  And what I'm starting to see is that brutal 10 year era where our chief rivals (on field & recruiting) of OSU/PSU/MSU/Stanford (not to mention Wisconsin & Notre Dame) all COLLECTIVELY having one of the strongest eras ever is starting to come to an end.  There is more oxygen in the room generally, and Michigan needs to make damned sure we are the ones who are grabbing as much of that new-found oxygen as possible.

12/13/2018 - 10:54am I wish that were true.


I wish that were true.

But IIRC, listening to Sam Webb sometime this summer on WTKA, he said that the hard part about  this PARTICULAR recruitment is that if there is one plausible hole that Alabama actually has right now, it's at Safety.  

So yes, one major trump card Michigan can USUALLY play against Alabama for top recruits is that with Michigan, there is a clearer to path to early playing time.  But at least as of August, that is not necessarily the case for this one.

Now, maybe as the 2018 season unfolded, Alabama has found their answer at Safety for the next 1-2 years.  So it's possible circumstances have changed & we can still play that card.  But as of August, that was not really the case. 

12/12/2018 - 4:35pm The bigger question in my…

The bigger question in my mind is what type of CONCRETE facts was Alabama able to present that made Dax AND his family believe that Harbaugh would leave?


Don't know, but even if somebody gave them seemingly compelling information, by all accounts Michigan was totally blindsided by the flip.  I'd find it hard to believe that a family like the Hills who are experienced with the process already would not at least directly contact Michigan first before hitting the eject button.

That being said, Dax's desire to sign in February would seem to make a bit of sense in that context.  It would enable him to have a clearer picture of any "coaching musical chair" movements.  Rather than taking people's word for it, he could wait it out & see what ACTUALLY happens in in a vast majority of any particular cases he may be worried about prior to sending in his NLI. 

12/12/2018 - 4:26pm I'd be shocked if this were…

I'd be shocked if this were actually the case.  Not shocked that Alabama would TRY that path of course.  But I'd be shocked if the Hill family wouldn't at least check back w/ JH and Michigan first before pulling the plug if that were truly one of the major or THE major concern.

Word was that Michigan was totally blindsided by the flip.  Which means either the Hills are one of the most unthorough and impulsive recruits I've ever seen, or it was likely something else.



12/04/2018 - 8:18am This is true. A buddy of…

This is true. A buddy of mind is very plugged into the ND football program. Said a Letter of Intent was on the table for Meyer years ago before he took OSU. 

The one Meyer demand that ND refused to agree to was allowing Meyer 2-3 recruits annually into the school “no questions asked”. ND refused. Meyer turned down the offer saying he couldn’t guarantee success without getting his guys & walked away. 


As much as we hate Notre Dame, that rivalry is qualitatively different. With them we are two dogs fighting over the same bone. With OSU and MSU it’s cats & dogs. 

12/04/2018 - 8:06am Don’t worry. We will when we…

Don’t worry. We will when we beat him in 2022 when we smoke USC in the National Championship game. 

12/02/2018 - 1:13pm Agreed. 


I’d most…



I’d most certainly force Notre Dame to join a conference. But it would actually DECREASE the likelihood of teams scheduling stronger OOC games. 

I could also see teams perhaps jockeying to get into weaker conferences so they could bully everybody. Or alternatively, reduce the conference schedule from 9 games to either 8 or even 7 games and insert insanely easy OCC teams like the SEC does. 


Then a team like Michigan or OSU could do what the SEC does. Play a cupcake schedule, and then play maybe 2 respectable teams the whole year max until the conference championship game against a legit strong team. 


Basically boils it down to a one game regular season unless a team chokes and gets upset by one of the 1-2 “respectable” teams.


11/30/2018 - 11:45am To use your hypotethical…

To use your hypotethical disgruntled kid who isn't *quite* good enough for the booster payments/gifts, but then sees his buddies getting them....


The reason he/his family doesn't whistle blow may be a combination of several reasons:


  1. He may not be totally aware of it in a provable way.  Usually the sophisticated booster networks make sure to place the payments/benefits in either small dollar intervals so the recipient CAN'T flash the cash around unless he's insanely disciplined & saves all of his small $50/$100/$250 payments.  But if he's that disciplined, then he's probably also disciplined enough to not flash it around anyway.  Or they have the car lease in the uncle's name and the uncle keeps it at his house across town & the kid only gets to drive it around once or twice per week--plausible deniability saying he's just "borrowing his uncle's car."
  2. Football teams and groups of friends/cliques especially for young men are tribal & have a great sense of community in many respects.  Even if he/his family is aware of the payments & he's not getting them, he enjoys the camradarie and doesn't want to "rat out" his friends and become a parriah on a practcail/day to day level.
  3. Even if he's willing to throw his current team (or a team he *almost* committed to) under the bus with some type of (almost impossible to find iron clad evidence), he may still think he's got a shot at playing in the NFL or coaching at the college level and does not want to get labeled as a "troublemaker" by the industry generally.  Just go with the flow, man.  Don't make no waves.  He just doesn't want a scarlett letter generaly even if he's willing to totally burn bridges at his specific program.  This might also be true if he's got a sibling or cousin or best friend who is wrapped up in the whole thing.  Blowing the whistle may create some collateral damage to people he cares about, either b/c they would get swept up in the scandal, or they too would get the "troublemaker" label due to "guilt by association" if he turns whistle blower.
  4. If he's still in the recruiting cycle or if he's young in his college football career, he may be under the delusion that if he keeps his mouth shut & is just patient enough, he'll get some type of payments (or better payments) too.  i.e., Holding out hope that even if he didn't get a signing/committment bonus, maybe the booster network will still give him cash for in-season/in-game performance, or for not declaring for the NFL Draft & coming back to play for his college one more season.
11/30/2018 - 2:55am 1) Interesting post…

1) Interesting post. Somewhat related to the “Michigan is Good but won’t ever be Elite Unless we Cheat” diary, with the modifier of “Cheat MORE”. As to the posters who wonder why we dabble but not go in whole hog—either moral rationalizations and/or similar to people who break rules but who are still not hardened criminals yet. But it seems like we are on that path due to the cultural shift and total lack of meaningful  enforcement by the NCAA. When just one or two programs break the rules, they are corrupt and the non cheaters are virtuous. But when a tipping point hits and a big % of high profile teams cheat with impunity, then the programs exercising restraint cease being virtuous and instead just become suckers.

2) To posters wondering why we don’t as a school openly advocate paying players—it’d put an even bigger target on our back from the NCAA. Unless we only advocate the private free enterprise route (commercial sponsorships, endorsements, etc), the NCAA would feel their profits absolutely threatened and make us Public Enemy #1. It’d have To be a critical mass of schools to have safety in numbers.


3) To those wondering why there aren’t more whistle blowers—just WAY too much money and power involved.

Most don’t have an incentive to whistle blow. Either because they derive direct benefits from the current system or they’d suffer financial or political loss as a pariah for harming the favored home team. Disgruntled staffers coaches and players don’t want to get kicked out of the coaching/player fraternity for being a “troublemaker.” Plus they likely wouldn’t have the systematic proof to blow it wide open  

This is a cash cow for the NCAA, so unless it’s blatant and they’re EMBARRASSED into investigating, they won’t. Plus they don’t have subpoena power. And what local state Attorney General is going to investigate the state’s beloved team or coach when the next election is around the corner?

What local beat journalist will sacrifice their access and goodwill among program insiders/sources by printing an expose article? What local news editor will risk a huge drop in ratings or circulation by alienating a big % of the local readership/viewership?

Only way this gets blown open is if the federal government (FBI/DOJ) get involved, or if a national level media outlet (or unemployed/ambitious reporter) with nothing left to lose and a Pulitzer To gain spend YEARS of investigative journalism and then rolls out an iron clad expose over multiple media platforms.

Which brings me to my final point:


4) I’m surprised Michigan booster networks don’t find legal ways to spend their money more creatively. For example, if we lack the will to go full SEC, why not use our booster money to shine light on the shenanigans at our rival schools? Yes, there’s a risk of blowback if we aren’t squeaky clean. But in a 3 foot flood the 2 foot tall guy drowns and the 4 foot guy survives. Plus, boosters could do this totally confidentially.

Have a deep pocketed donor fund an “investigative journalism” nonprofit to the tune of a million bucks per year. Set it up via a series of shell corporations to obscure the source of the money. Then hire a small army of investigative feeelande journalists, seasoned “opposition researchers” from the political world, and a chief of staff to coordinate it all. Then systematically target the dirtiest 2-3 key rival programs for research. Compile a dossier of iron clad proof, then hire a PR firm based in NYC or LA to confidentially shop around the findings to every media outlet that will listen. 

Journalists are usually lazy. They’d need to independently confirm the dossier of course, but it’s basically spoon fed right to them. At some point a critical mass of outlets would pick up the story and voila—your key rivals are now dealing with shitty PR, laboring to recruit under a cloud of a potential NCAA investigation, dealing with potential friction from their AD, board of trustees, prominent boosters, the also-ran media feeding frenzy, etc.

Basically privately fund a clandestine opposition research unit & PR “war room” to systematically uncover and lob PR Molotov cocktails into the laps of key rival coaches/programs.



11/30/2018 - 2:08am That movie would be totally…

That movie would be totally great as a remake featuring college  football in the modern era. 

11/28/2018 - 10:55pm Per the Google, Gal Gadot is…

Per the Google, Gal Gadot is 5’10”. 

Is it lying or are you like 6’5” such that you think a 5’10” woman qualifies as tiny?

11/28/2018 - 10:53pm And it has the potential to…

And it has the potential to make mid tier bowl games or bowl game blowouts infinitely more interesting. 

The freshmen who won’t burn their RS with bowl participation will practice all December with their hair on fire because they know there’s a solid chance they could get a bunch of PT in the bowl depending on circumstances. 

11/24/2018 - 5:44pm Totally disagree. In the…

Totally disagree. In the next 3-4 years we will beat OSU in a totally meaningless end to a craptastic 7-5 or 8-4 season with zero substantive meaning on the line. 


Then theyll hammer us for another 6-9 years straight again. 

11/24/2018 - 4:50pm Agree. You tell me this…

Agree. You tell me this morning that we score 39 in a non overtime game and I assume we win 95% of the time. Especially if our drives eat clock, 39 would be nearly impossible to overcome. 

Our DL was atrocious and it exposed our already weak LB/safety in coverage weakness even more. ZERO pressure. Superior slot WR athlete types also exacerbated the issue.

Part of it was no Solomon, maybe part of it was no hold calls called against OSU’s OL. But getting zero push on the interior gave Haskins all day, and that was deadly. 

11/20/2018 - 9:55am Anything under 40:  Moody.

Anything under 40:  Moody.


Anything 40 or over:  Nordin.


Assuming both don't look particularly terrible in practice this week or in warm-ups.


I know it's an unconventional approach, what with a limited number of scholarships and with kicker's "head games/confidence" issues.  But I've actually always thought an extra scholarship or two would be worth spending if it could guarantee you TWO "dead ringer" kickers if needed.  Basically a howitzer distance guy, and then somebody who maybe is INCREDIBLY accurate/consistent but maybe can only go from 35 yards or shorter.

Like having both a very good driver & an incredible putter both available in your golf bag.

11/17/2018 - 11:30pm My hope on the RZ stuff is…

My hope on the RZ stuff is that we kept it vanilla and have got a good 8-10 RZ/4th down plays that we’ve got down 100% solid and salted for OSU. 

11/17/2018 - 11:26pm There are a couple off odd…

There are a couple off odd blitzes but not too many. And the reason we couldn’t get to the QB all night was about 70% because they didn’t do long developing pass plays (it was all quick slants, crossing routes, hot reads etc) and also 30% atrocious officiating they didn’t call a bunch of Indiana OL holding calls

11/16/2018 - 9:54pm Aside from key player…

Aside from key player injuries and lousy officiating, this is the biggest thing I’m worried about. 


Basically the total opposite of last year. We prep for Haskins and then they trot out some secret red zone packages with Martel that we aren’t ready to defend. 

11/11/2018 - 5:48pm I agree, but at least some…

I agree, but at least some of them are coming from a place of principle.  Like guys who say, "No 2 loss teams allowed in the Top 25" or something like that.  What I don't like are the guys who are outright homers, like that John Bednarowski guy I mentioned earlier up the thread.  He's outright stating that he actively roots AGAINST Michigan simply because he grew up in Ohio.  Hard to believe that the dude ranking Michigan at #6 isn't a biased position.

11/11/2018 - 5:45pm Not Pollack.  He's referring…

Not Pollack.  He's referring to the guy I mentioned in the earlier thread, John Bednarowski of the Marietta, GA Daily Journal. 


See my post below (I cross-posted it in this thread for convenience) for details.

11/11/2018 - 5:40pm Actually there is a URL that…

Actually there is a URL that has the same table with better functionality.  When you scroll over the team logo, it highlights that same logo all over the table so you can get an idea of distribution. 


Link HERE:


You can also click on the teams, which features a handy orange-shaded distribution scale so you can see how the votes were distributed week to week (each tab for a different week). 

Link HERE:


The website also has poll respondent profiles to check out who the person is, their voting history, etc.  I'm going to cross-post what I wrote in the Coach's Poll thread since it's far more relevant to the AP Poll:

"First, a caveat--I'm sure Michigan may benefit from favorable rankings among maybe some pro-Michigan journalists out there, but at least over the past several weeks there have been ZERO "upper range" outliers.  The vast majority pick Michigan at #4, a smattering at #5, and then only 3-4 in the nation at #6.

Three journalists have chronically ranked Michigan lower than the others over the past few weeks.  They are:

Jim Alexander of the Press-Enterprise (Inland Empire, CA).  From a quick google search, this is the first year he's been a voter in the AP polls.  Online profile seems innocuous enough.

Rob Long of 105.7 FM The Fan in Baltimore, MD.  Seems to be an SC Gamecock fan, but nothing particularly antagonistic against Michigan.


And then there's....

John Bednarowski of the Marietta, GA Daily Journal.  Naturally he ranks Georgia currently at #4 this week.  Ranked OU #5 and Michigan at #6.  Select quote from his latest column online:

"After growing up in Ohio, I pull for Ohio State one week of the year, and that’s when it plays Michigan."


Bottom line is I'm glad the CFP doesn't really take these polls into account, or if they do, then it's a small sliver of the information they consider.


11/11/2018 - 3:38pm First, a caveat--I'm sure…

First, a caveat--I'm sure Michigan may benefit from favorable rankings among maybe some pro-Michigan journalists out there, but at least over the past several weeks there have been ZERO "upper range" outliers.  The vast majority pick Michigan at #4, a smattering at #5, and then only 3-4 in the nation at #6.

Three journalists have chronically ranked Michigan lower than the others over the past few weeks.  They are:

Jim Alexander of the Press-Enterprise (Inland Empire, CA).  From a quick google search, this is the first year he's been a voter in the AP polls.  Online profile seems innocuous enough.

Rob Long of 105.7 FM The Fan in Baltimore, MD.  Seems to be an SC Gamecock fan, but nothing particularly antagonistic against Michigan.


And then there's....

John Bednarowski of the Marietta, GA Daily Journal.  Naturally he ranks Georgia currently at #4 this week.  Ranked OU #5 and Michigan at #6.  Select quote from his latest column online:

"After growing up in Ohio, I pull for Ohio State one week of the year, and that’s when it plays Michigan."


Bottom line is I'm glad the CFP doesn't really take these polls into account, or if they do, then it's a small sliver of the information they consider.

11/08/2018 - 3:52pm At what point did everybody…

At what point did everybody decide to call Rutgers, "Rutger"?

I understand the whole thing about trying to "make fetch happen," but a Rutger is a statistical category, not the school itself.  The school is still Rutgers, no?

Or is this like calling Ohio State, "Ohio" back in the day to get under their skin?  If so, why do we feel the need to go through the effort to irritate Rutgers? They're barely worth considering as a Big Ten team. Just hammer them and move on....