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04/29/2017 - 4:02am A PLEA TO MO WAGNER AND DJ WILSON!

Boys, YOU AIN'T READY FOR THE NBA! I don't know who is filling your heads with BULLSHIT, but your games are just starting to bloom. Mo Wagner and DJ Wilson, just found out what they can do in those Big Ten and Ncaa Tournament games. I have seen this a million times, and for the most part, I ALWAYS SAY THE SAME THING, stay in school and learn how to play, then how to DOMINATE your opponent! All those guys before you who thought they were the MAN, thought they were ready, are now either out of the league, riding the pine of an NBA BENCH, or living out a mediocre, part time NBA CAREER!

Let's look at the last batch of Wolverines, who thought they were NBA MATERIAL! TREY BURKE and Tim Hardaway Jr. thought they were the man, and have been traded MULTIPLE TIMES. Hardaway has shown flashes at times, is in the playoffs with Atlanta, but is starting to FIGURE IT OUT, and averages 14 points a game, and has scored 40!.Trey Burke is in his 3rd year, now with Washington, in the playoffs, and averaged 5 points for the season, in a backup role!

Mitch McGary, left early for the NBA, has been there 2 years, and is with the OKLAHOMA CITY, averaging 15 minutes and 1.3 points a game! But they are now out of the playoffs. Glen Robinson Jr., a great shooter, and scorer, has been in the league for 3 years, and won the dunk contest. and plays with the Indiana Pacers, who are also, currently done in with the playoffs! BIG DOG JR. AVERAGES 4 POINTS A GAME, and 14 minutes a game! Glen was just starting to figure it out and dominate in college, but he went to the NBA!

AND THEN THERE IS NICK STAUSKAS! One of the best pure shooters you will ever see, and was just starting to learn how to DOMINATE! He has also been in the league 3 years, has been traded twice, but plays with the Sacramento Kings. And Nick has not seen the playoffs, but plays 22 minutes a game, and averages 7,5 points a game!

WHAT DO ALL OF THESE FORMER GREAT WOLVERINES HAVE IN COMMON? They all left early, they all thought they were ready for the NBA, and except for one out of the five former Wolverines, is actually doing anything in the league! And they were all HIGH DRAFT CHOICES, that have not panned out, because they listened to some BUCKETHEAD, WHO TOLD THEM THEY WERE READY!

Thankfully for MO WAGNER, AND DJ WILSON, they have applied for the draft, and have not taken agents, which allows them to COME BACK TO MICHIGAN, if not drafted! Sometimes guys, you have to step away from the BIG MOUTHES, pumping your head full of nonsense, and do like MSU'S MILES BRIDGES, and go back to your school, and learn how to DOMINATE, INTIMIDATE AND ELIMINATE! Then you can go to the pros,and make all the money you want! BUT WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE THE SKILLS, to compete because you didn't learn it all, THAT'S ON YOU BOYS! Because coach John Beilien sure has a lot more to teach you about this wonderful game! I hope you come back, but if you don't, you won't be missed, the PROGRAM AND THE WORLD WILL GO ON, and we thank you for your time and all the thrills you gave us!


02/02/2016 - 8:04am Guys, if you can! PLEASE come

Guys, if you can! PLEASE come over to the University of Michigan DEARBORN, for hockey, and DO ALL OF THIS! If you stub your foot going up the stairs, and moan, it's considered to be WAY TOO MUCH NOISE! At the basketball games, the team actually has to do cheers for itself, like women do for softball at some schools! I took a cowbell in there, and they thought I was a GOD! But it's like pulling teeth in there, and they need all the help they can get from any of the Michgan fans and YOSTERS! And to think, that place used to be packed in the early 80's, and when they used to play and beat the big MICHIGAN TEAM!  U of M Dearborn are the Wolverines, they have the same uniforms, except for the helmet, and they play the VICTORS, but it's like being in COFFIN, in that place, and they need some very LOUD AND CRAZY Wolverine fans, STAT!

03/04/2015 - 12:44am WHAT DOES THAT S STAND FOR



03/04/2015 - 12:42am There's one at the Joe Louis

There's one at the Joe Louis Arena that this guy does at the start of EVERY period. As soon as the ref drops the puck, He shouts "WHY HAVEN'T WE SCORED YET!  The M hockey band had started doing this, but it needs to be organized. But he's added more over the years to it. "Why haven't we scored yet, in this building, on this night, on this day, against this sorry team, against that sieve"!   And there is another one that goes "THERE'S A SIEVE IN THIS HOUSE, IF YOU SEE HIM POINT HIM OUT, SIEVE"!

01/17/2012 - 7:57am D GARDNER

As I told, a Michigan senior marching band member in early 1997, who was thinking of quiting the band, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? She said she was kind of tired of it, and was gonna drop out. I told her, it's an honor and a blessing to do ANYTHING for Michigan, and she would regret not showing up for her final season. I went to the Ohio State game later that year, saw her in the senior band show, as they were preparing to go to the ROSE BOWL to win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP THAT SEASON. THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN you know!

Devin Gardner can go if he wants to, but MOST who leave Michigan, usually end up regretting it and going nowhere. You won't be the last great Wolverine QB, to basically be on the bench for most of his career, and you won't be the first. But you have a job waiting for you when Denard Robinson graduates, just like DREW HENSON did. He had the greatest season I ever saw from a Michigan QB, including Brady, Harbaugh, Henne, Leach, Wangler, Collins, Elvis, etc.. But look at all those guys who left Michigan when RichRod came in, and look what happened to the program! Michigan is back, and I would hate to be one of the guys who left them hanging, when they just built it back up! And oh by the way, Henson did make the NFL, along with Scot Driesbach, who only played one year too! But for that one year, THEY WERE THE MAN!



This past weekend in Cleveland, we all enjoyed Michigan CRUSH SOME NUTS, of the Suckeyes, and yes the Michigan musical Cowbell could be heard banging in the background. On Friday, not only could you hear the Cowbell banging inside the Suckeyes home arena, they gave out personal ringing COWBELLS to the Suckeye fans. Then there was the SUGAR BOWL, down in New Orleans, a different state, and the COWBELL, was allowed into the Super Dome to cheer Michigan on to win. And then up at the Palace, Michigan played Oakland U, and yes, the Cowbell was there, being banged by the maize and blue faithful! But over the past two months, there has been TWO PLACES, that will not allow any kind of items or noise makers. I went to Ford Field for the Pizza Pizza Bowl, and NOTHING was allowed in there but your cash and your ass!

But then there is the annual Great Lakes Invitational, where Michigan broke the Sparty's hearts in OT, and won the tournament. But NO COWBELLS WERE ALLOWED, AND HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS! If it wasn't for me constantly reminding the Alumni Band to bring it every year, there would be no cowbell at any MICHIGAN GAME DOWN AT THE JOE LOUIS ARENA EVER!  The Tuba player has too much to do anyway, and that is the fans job. But the CRACKED JLA security, and their metal detectors, stand at attention looking for a MICHIGAN TERRORIST, carrying a cowbell, so they can eject them, and make themselves feel safe!

But while they were patting people down for COWBELLS, the Spartan faithful who sat where I did near the Michigan Band, kept hauling beer up there. And more BEER! Before the game was tied, the Spartys couldn't handle their liquor, and started some pushing and slur matches along with a couple of fights. But the YOSTERS, would not have it, and policed the area, as the Spartan fans cursed us all! As Michigan won the game, the Spartans who hadn't tipped out before the YELLOW AND BLUE was played, went at it again. Then the CRACKED JLA security flew into action to, escort the drunken guys in green, down the steps. And I turned to the guard and asked "where were you guys, they were going at it for most of the game! And this was right next to Mike Illitch's private box! The guard asked me, "how come you didn't tell us"? I sat there is SILENT ANGER, until I told one guard at the door about what happend. " I told him it was DAMN SHAME, that these kids get sold all that beer, and a WWE Elimination Chamber match breaks out, but we Michigan hockey fans, CAN'T BRING A GOD DAMN COWBELL into their precious arena! Five years ago, they ejected me from the building for trying to bring a cowbell into the game. I have seen them take them from people or make them take it back to the car or leave it.

Now if you are a Michigan fan, who unlike some in the Deckers Club,acutally ENJOY having the Cowbell at games supporting the team, there is something you can do, WRITE A FREAKING EMAIL! The Michigan Cowbell is OUR TRADITION, and we can not let these mental midgets down at the Joe Louis Arena, KILL THAT TRADITION. It is a musical instrument and not a LIFE SIZE STANLEY CUP REMAKE, or an octopus, which are allowed into the building. So if you please can, pass the word, write an email, contact members of the band, past and present, and pass this email address on, to write these bucketheads, to RETURN THE TRADITION OF THE MICHGAN COWBELL, TO THE JLA.Goto f 

Stand up for yourselves and don't these little Homeland Security Wannabe's, KILL THE TRADITION OF THE COWBELL.



Incase you didn't know, the cracked security staff at the Joe Louis Arena, has offically banned the tradition of Michigan-MSU cowbell by the fans. Trust me I know, because I was thrown out two years ago for having one, had mine CHECKED at the door and taken. They claim they have NEVER allowed the bells in the building, eventhough I've brought one since 1988, and put it in the hands of the cracked security staff. And my many many emails to the Joe, the CCHA, the local media, has basically fallen in the DELETE file. But the one response I got back from a person at the Joe Louis Arena, told me that security considers the cowbell to be WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION, a noise maker, and a potential weapon. Now as we all know, dead octopus, and mock lifesize STANLEY CUPS, empty Coke bottles and pizza boxes, make it into the building for every Red Wings game. BUT THAT WAS OKAY!

Thanks to the efforts of the Michigan Hockey Band, as you may have heard on tv and in the background on tv, THE COWBELLS MADE IT INTO THE BUILDING! We banged those 3 cowbells throughout the whole CCHA finals down there, and not ONE JLA security member, came up and took it from us, or even looked at us! SO SUCK ON THAT JLA SECURITY! The cowbell is our tradition, and these out of touch from reality assclowns down at the JOE, are trying to KILL IT! I say, flood them with emails, phone calls, and pass the word that the Joe Louis Arena has banned the Michigan Cowbell.



Since Dollar Bill Martin, has gone from us as AD, the door has once again openned up for SOMEBODY TO DANCE! If you remember, Martin once saw alumni band director John Wilkinson, DANCING on national tv for early season Michigan basketball game. And he didn't like it, and banned the directors from dancing. Now that we have a NEW AD, it's time for the Michigan hockey, football, or whatever band directors, to dance! I asked the hockey band director at the Miami game down at the Joe, why he wasn't dancing? He just said, "no I can't, I'm not allowed"! I think it has to do with that Martin directive, and that he's only been here with the band after the MEMO!


04/07/2010 - 6:18am The Lost Spring Game Tradition

Here's a Michigan tradition, that has been lost since RichRod and construction has come to town. The annual Spring Game, post game KIDS AND PARENTS ON THE FIELD-AUTOGRAPH SESSION. As a kid back in 1979, I got to go on the field after that spring game and meet Anthony Carter, and see all of my heroes. And it is a sight to see at the end of that game, when those kids gather along those walls, and rush onto the field like somebody dropped a bag of M&M's.

Last year, that traditon was ended, and we had a very TIGHT meet the players-autograph section outside on the steps, outside of the lockerooms. It was not the most safe spot to be with everybody standing so close and tight, due to the construction. And at the end of that game, all RichRod wanted to do was rush off the field and sing the Victors. So HOPEFULLY, this year, somebody will remind him of this MICHIGAN TRADITION, so we KIDS can run on the field, and have some fun.

04/07/2010 - 6:08am If I could only get to my

If I could only get to my cowbell and beat the beat we all know.

04/07/2010 - 6:03am CCHA refs, along with Big Ten

CCHA refs, along with Big Ten football and basketball refs, ARE ABOUT AS USELESS as comb for Michael Jordan! I remember seeing M hockey games where one of the Sheegos brothers called icing on Michigan, WHILE THEY WERE SHORT HANDED! I've seen so many games down at the Joe by Steve Piotrowski, where he basically tries to get a team back into the game. And that team called Spartans usually always scored on the powerplay! I remember when they first put replay in the Big Ten, I heard the head of officials say this shocking statement. "We usually blow 7 to 10 calls a game, and replay should really improve our officiating"!
WTF! And now, they won't change a call because they don't want to show another ref up and make him look bad. And these SORRY-PUKE-I WANNA BE ON TV-NEVER SEEN A STREET GAME-I SUCK Big Ten refs, really hurt Big Ten teams with their officiating. You know you suck as a league when ED HIGHTOWER is your best ref! I remember him when he didn't have hair, AND HE STILL SUCKED!

04/07/2010 - 5:53am Openning Day used to mean

Openning Day used to mean something, WHEN IT WAS AT TIGER STADIUM! There was always a buzz in the air on that day, and the weather was usually nice. Sinced they moved to the Illitch play pen for the rich, it's all about how high he can drive the prices up, how many cheeks are in the seats, and how many suckers can he get out to see this 3rd place team, with all the minor league talent! At Tiger Stadium, WE KNEW THEY SUCKED, but at least we had the park, the tradition, the bleachers, and more fun than the law would allow! Now, they tell you to sit down and shut up, and wait for the scoreboard to tell you when to cheer! And since they moved to the COMA, the weather SUCKS, and they are cursed!

04/07/2010 - 5:40am Hey guys, Maya Moore, just

Hey guys, Maya Moore, just happens to be the cousin of my best friend, and her family is so proud of her. My question was how did she escape State or Michigan? COACHING CHANGES! But I would advise the FACE OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL, to go to the WNBA now, before the league folds up. She could be the lady Jordan of hoops! And if the league does fold up, she will be highly known in EUROPE!

09/25/2009 - 11:35pm Marc_from_novi, the It's

Marc_from_novi, the It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine chant was taken from Alabama when they beat us in a bowl game in 1996. It's a SEC chant, and I know I've heard the Volunteers chant it. But when Michigan beat Ohio State in 1997, they gathered around the band after the game, and the players started chanting IT'S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE. The band took it and put it in it's pre and post game march chants. And for some special reason, it is only used on special great wins.

In 2002, at the last second win, Washington game, I was sitting near the band when they kicked the winning field goal. I remembered how good it felt after that OSU game, and I looked down at lady in the band, and started chanting it. This huge smile came over her face, and she started chanting it too, until it caught on with the band, then it got up in the student section. And from then on at great CCHA championship wins, or last second victories, I have been there to lead that cheer. And now it's part of Michigan history. At the Wisconsin miracle victory last year, it was heard, and I didn't have to start that one! But that chant is like the Victors, it's something special!

P.S. When Michigan played Alabama in 1988, their band didn't play Let's Go Blue. In the 2000 Orange Bowl, they played their own version called ROLL TIDE ROLL! We stole the Wave from Washington Huskies fans in 1984, and the It's Great Chant in 1996, so it's only fair Bama got Let's Go Blue!