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02/13/2019 - 7:58pm Yeah, I think people say the…

Yeah, I think people say the same thing about Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck.  Judging by the past couple years of QB play it appears they were right.  

Haskins broke down the Michigan game on the BTN film room.  He said the absolute key to his success was the work that went into pass protection coupled with Day's coaching him on pre snap reads, something he admits he was clueless about until midway through is RSFR year.  The OL made his job very easy.  His ability to deliver passes in phase to receivers made it pitch and catch.  OSU had the speed at WR to get a step in man and they were physical enough to overcome the press coverage.  Haskins said he really just had to sit back and deal.  Had pressure worked things would have been different.  Penn State rattled him most of the game until their DL wore down and he started picking them apart late in the game.  

Fields will be forced to learn a system in a hurry and OSU is replacing some great receivers so that will probably lead to some early hiccups.  Day has said already that the disadvantage of a guy with zero years in a system is that there is a ceiling to what he can feed him in year one.  Unfortunately he should be pretty versed in the ways of the offense by November.  

The scary thing is that Fields is 10X the athlete Haskins was.  Haskins didn't scare anyone with his feet so man coverage wasn't much of a risk, Fields is as good a runner as OSU has had since Terrell Pryor was there and teams who run a lot of man coverage are at risk of being eaten alive by a fast QB who is a willing runner.  

Honestly, our D had JT Barrett's number and he went 4-0 against us.  He wasn't a good passer, he wasn't an unstoppable runner.  He was going to run zone read 35 times a game and keep it 20+ times in a big game.  If we hadn't hurt him twice and been eaten alive by big armed QB's in relief we might have been 2-2 against him.  Oh the irony....

02/13/2019 - 4:33am Wishful thinking I am afraid…

Wishful thinking I am afraid.  

Day is extremely dangerous and has shown a willingness to go for the jugular already.  OSU's offense in 2018 wasn't what Urban Meyer would have run, that was Day's show.  I really think when the history is written we find out that Urban wasn't all that involved in 2018. He was checked out, might have been the figurehead but the offense was unlike anything he'd run before.    

Unfortunately its pretty clear Day has an eye for good defensive assistants and he has coached with some very familiar names.  Riley didn't have the balls or foresight to revamp the staff when he took over Oklahoma and got himself into a situation where he had to fire a DC midyear.  Day upgraded the defensive coaching staff at OSU before the ink was dry on his contract.  

Day is a prototype of the next generation of coaches, so is Riley.  Meyer and Kelly >>>> Big Game Bob and Mike Leach as mentors.  

Truth be told, Don Brown had Urban's number.  The read option Meyer clung to for years was not going to keep beating us. They looked pathetic against our D until JT went down.  Then Day trots out his prototype QB and OSU's offense morphs into a pass-first system with a QB who can deal. Past 5 quarters against our D has been ugly...and that is Ryan Day's offense on display.   

There is a good reason Tate Martell wasn't going to be the QB at OSU next year.  They aren't running the zone read and the QB's Day has been bringing in are guys who athletic pro-style QB's not run-first guys who can't quickly dissect a defense.   

02/13/2019 - 3:26am Problem is, Cooper's…

Problem is, Cooper's ignorance about the significance of the game was his downfall...Same thing Rich Rod said "just another game" and no coach on either side of this rivalry will win much with that attitude...

Day spent two years in Columbus learning from Meyer who clearly "got it" when it came to THE Game.  

01/15/2019 - 2:21am It gives us a better chance…

It gives us a better chance when the D can't stop a fast offense 2-3 times a year.  It'll  obliterate the bottom 75% of the Big Ten.  

As long as Ed doesn't get anywhere near a head set and Harbaugh keeps his on mute it should look a lot like Penn State's offense.  Which looks similar to the OSU 2012-14, '17 offense.  Those offenses made a lot of people look silly.  

Thats what we're getting.  He was at Bama one season so don't expect Tua and 4 five star RB's. and coached under Moorehead at Vandy and PSU for a half dozen.  Zone read, spread passing concepts, 50/50 run pass split.  Lots of Buck Sweeps and counter treys.  

PSU had a lot of success with Moorehead putting guys in space and running zone read.  If Shea can run like McSorely or Barrett in the zone read it should work well. Those two weren't speedsters but they could get 6 when they needed 5 most of the time.  

Its a lot to ask a first time play caller to walk into a situation where the HC is known to be a little stubborn and the other offensive coach thinks he should be a HC by now.  It'll look like a clown show at first.  

Interesting note, this is Shea Patterson's 4th OC and 4th system change in 4 years.  FR Air Raid, SO Read option, JR Pro...

01/15/2019 - 1:43am Franklin has recruited skill…

Franklin has recruited skill positions well and guys get passed over by younger recruits and leave.  Honestly, that is a sign of a healthy program.  4-5 guys transfer means 4-5 more spots for coaches who are landing top 10 classes every year.  

If a 5* kid is on a college roster and not pushing for the starting job or taking on a big role as a #2 as a SO he is probably going to be a bust.  They can't keep the great ones off the field. 

The early entries are the harder losses to overcome.  Their OL was just starting to be decent and they lost 2 or 3 guys.  When a draft-worthy guy comes back its like getting a 6* player.  

01/15/2019 - 1:32am We can do well in NJ but…

We can do well in NJ but owning it isn't going to happen. 

It can't get worse with another Jersey guy on staff.... I don't think Partridge is doing much in NJ.  Quality coach but the guy isn't all that well-liked in NJ outside of Paramus Catholic.  Burned a lot of bridges recruiting guys out of the public schools and being less than sporting with some of the big time programs.  

Partridge brought Gary in '16 but in the 2017-19 classes since he was hired there were 25 Rivals NJ 4* guys.  

PSU landed 5, Notre Dame landed 4, OSU landed 3,  Bama took 3.  

Michigan had one! 

Penn State and Notre Dame aren't going to quit recruiting NJ and OSU replaced Schiano with Hafley who is a NJ born, Pitt/Rutgers guy who has strong relationships in NJ.  The fact that Bama can muscle in just about anywhere they want isn't going to change.  God forbid Dabo figures out they play football in New Jersey. 

Right now I'd take a bigger slice of the pie.   



01/08/2019 - 1:24am I'm confident the D will…

I'm confident the D will replace any coaches lost with quality coaches.  

The offense makes me nervous.  Ed Warriner is a very good OL coach but he cannot be allowed anywhere near the playbook.  He damn near derailed OSU's offense in 2015-16 before they sent him packing and hired Ryan Day.  Also, should be noted his OL wasn't very good when he took on the OC duties until they hired an OL coach for 2016.

Pep is a disaster.  Unreal he still has a job.  

Until Harbaugh hires a Ryan Day/ Tom Herman/ Lincoln Riley/Tony Elliott caliber OC he isn't going to evolve the offense.  His last "innovative" OC was David Shaw and that worked out great for Stanford.  

01/08/2019 - 1:16am Judging by the game in…

Judging by the game in November, they don't need his input to know exactly what our defense does.  

01/08/2019 - 1:13am Its not even close.  The…

Its not even close.  The Clemson and Bama OL's are light years ahead.  The RB talent on Bama is insane and Clemson, while not as deep has a starter who is better than anyone we've had in years.  

Clemson's WR's are absurdly good.  I like the guys we have but would any of them start over Clemson's starters? Juedy is elite, the Bama TE is a stud.  

Tua, Lawrence and Hurts are vastly superior to Shea.  Not even close.  

Only area that is somewhat similar is DL talent.  

We're closer to Penn State and Washington than we are to Clemson or Alabama.  

12/18/2018 - 3:04am Urban was a mediocre QB…

Urban was a mediocre QB developer. Ryan Day is scary good. Having Day back has more of an influence than Meyer for Haskins  

Haskins’ personal QB coach, Quincy Avery,  is a huge fan of Ryan Day. Said “If I had a son playing QB I’d want him to play for Ryan Day” 

I really think his advice to Haskins matters more than anything.

If Avery thinks another 12-15 starts is critical to his long term development, he stays. 

If Avery tells him to get paid, he goes. 

He goes....

12/18/2018 - 2:47am  

Haskins was a double…


Haskins was a double edged sword for OSU. He could deal but his lack of ability to run really impacted their run game. Urban was a zone read or die coach and Haskins was a terrible zone read QB. (Won’t matter where he is going)

Most of the season they were out of balance. The run game stunk.  They tried a lot of RPOs but the OL struggled because their blocking schemes weren’t working.  With Barrett guys like Weber feasted because D’s had to account for him. 

It took them till November to find a consistent run game and it was because they finally called design runs instead of RPOs.  Add in Haskins grew a pair and started keeping once and awhile. 

OSU got it fixed but Haskins hindered the run game most of the year (first world problems...)

12/18/2018 - 2:30am  2018 was a heavy passing…

 2018 was a heavy passing year for OSU because their QB could sling it but was a terrible read option QB. Haskins couldn’t run. 

Day coached JT Barrett who was a spotty passer and gritty runner. They didn’t throw nearly as much in 2017.

Day and Wilson will adjust to Martell.  Both have had QBs who will run it 15-18 times and only throw it 20-25 times a game. 

Most OSU fans equate Martell to Braxton Miller.  


12/18/2018 - 2:17am Riley takes in transfers and…

Riley takes in transfers and makes them Heisman winners. Easy to see why Fields would consider this route.

They have a 5* incoming for 2019 but no one on campus has an inside track. 

Day has the absolute confidence of Fields’ off-season QB coach, who also happens to train Haskins and said yesterday that “any QB who can play for Ryan Day should do it”  

Martell isn’t a Day recruit. If OSU pursues Fields it probably means Martell bails. 

12/14/2018 - 12:17am Bill is the king of…

Bill is the king of splitting the baby. Mr 50-50, hardly ever takes a stand on a big recruit who is as unpredictable as Harrison. 

12/12/2018 - 2:26am I don’t begrudge any guy who…

I don’t begrudge any guy who sits out a bowl game.  

Best analogy I’ve seen:  Have you ever given two weeks notice in order to prepare for a guaranteed promotion and massive pay raise? 

These guys are basically minimum wage student employees at UM. Someone wants to pay them 7 figures but needs them 100% healthy. 

12/11/2018 - 5:19pm 4.59 for Tate Martell, laser…

4.59 for Tate Martell, laser timed the summer before his SR year. It’s not his straight line speed that makes him dangerous  

Braxton Miller could be tracked down by a fast DB. What made him (and Tate) dangerous is their ability to get to full speed in a couple steps or reverse course and maintain their speed. 

JT and Trace had an uncanny ability to get skinny and slip/slide for an extra couple yards on 3rd and 3. Neither one was really going to get past a good DB. 

12/11/2018 - 1:21am Because the statistics show…

Because the statistics show QBs with less than 20 starts in college really struggle in the NFL. The exceptions are few.  The best example is Kurt Warner and he took a long, unique path to the NFL. 

12/11/2018 - 1:17am Baldwin is really, really…

Baldwin is really, really good. Comes out of Lake Travis in Texas, 8 of the last 10 state titles in the big school division. The last 4 QB’s before him went FBS (Baker Mayfield being the most notable) and the kid who replaced him is committed to Texas. 

Baldwin only started one year but that’s how LT works. He was in their system since 6th grade. 

Ryan Day recruited him, ran a very similar offense to what OSU does. He is a passer with some mobility.  Probably a better fit in Day’s system than Martell. 

The really scary one is their 2020 commit. That kid has an NFL arm. 

12/11/2018 - 1:09am They’re praying Schiano and…

They’re praying Schiano and Bill Davis leave. Their D sucked this year. Some of it was youth in the back 7, some was scheme and it’s the second year in a row the LB play was below their expectations.  They hired Grinch from WSU and Buckeyes are hoping he gets the playcalling duties. 

Its scary how much talent is on that roster. If they actually fix the D they’ll be a playoff caliber team. It cost them this year. 51 and 39 points to end the regular season kept them at #6. 

12/11/2018 - 1:05am Martell runs like Braxton…

Martell runs like Braxton Miller. Considerably faster than Trace who ran a lot like JT Barrett. 

The issue with Tate Martell is he has a better arm than any of the three mentioned above. 

JT had a noodle arm and streaky accuracy. McSorely and Braxton were arm punters who had receivers who could win 50/50’s. 

Martell’s arm isn’t as strong as Haskins but the kid can deal. Puts the ball on target which is all the OSU receivers need. 

I’m hearing Haskins is legitimately undecided. He is a middle class kid so it’s not a matter of needing the money to provide for his family. He could use another year in college. The odds against a QB with less than 20 starts are not great. Day as HC actually helps because he prefers a more NFL-style passing game. 

12/11/2018 - 12:37am Marc Givler, Rivals guy and…

Marc Givler, Rivals guy and on par with Greene thinks he is staying home. He was non-commital until about 10 days ago, going so far as to say Michigan was surging all summer and fall. now he believes he will be a Buckeye. 

Givler and Greene are their best recruiting experts.  They both say Harrison is hard to read but both agree it’s about LJ and nothing to do w/Urban. 

Givler said that Zach was really surprised how badly the OSU OL dominated the DL  

Larry Johnson is sticking around. It’s wishful thinking that he leaves. LJ is the best in the business and left PSU because James Franklin is a douche. 

12/04/2018 - 2:52am OSU has had 17 early entries…

OSU has had 17 early entries in the last 3 drafts.  

14 started as rookies.  

8 first round, 4 second round, 2 third round, 1 fourth round, 1 seventh round, 1 UFA. 

The 2018 3rd rounders are starting. 

3 out of 17 made a bad decision. 

If that’s what they’re selling it appears to be working. 

12/04/2018 - 2:24am They had a 3* true FR catch…

They had a 3* true FR catch 2 TDs and block a punt in the game. 

I think they’ll be in pretty good shape at WR. 

They get Austin Mack back, basically a mirror image of Tarik Black.  Victor is back, Olave the FR is back and they have 2 bluechippers incoming and a pair who redshirted this year  

Hartline is an upgrade at WR coach over wifebeater.  

bigger question is QB.  Martell is unproven.  Highly rated but hasn’t really played much.  


12/04/2018 - 2:09am And when he went back to…

And when he went back to Bama last December Nicky told him “no thanks”. 

Bama runs a much more multiple offense. Lots of spread/pistol with strategic tempo. Saban doesn’t want 2011 Bama offense, he knows he’d lose to Clemson/OSU if he can’t score in the 40’s against a great D  

The offense McElwain ran at Bama years ago is unsustainable. There is a reason Saban started getting dual threat QBs and adopting parts of offenses that gave his defense fits. 

12/04/2018 - 2:04am If a kid is truly elite he…

If a kid is truly elite he won’t be scared off by being the back up for a year.  If he is a day one starter all he has to do is beat one of these guys out.  Odds are he isn’t as good as he thinks he is...

Tarik is great but he has been healthy for about 8/26 games he has been here.  A FR would have had 8 games to show out this year. 

You don’t see elite programs who aren’t stacking blue chips like cord wood. 

12/04/2018 - 1:55am He came to Michigan because…

He came to Michigan because Saban said “thanks but no thanks” when McElwain went to Tuscaloosa last December to ask for his old job back. 

12/04/2018 - 1:51am Ohio State’s defense was not…

Ohio State’s defense was not good this year. They gave about a half dozen no-name running backs career days and the week before they let a back up QB from Maryland hang 51 on them. 

Pep was dead weight back at Stanford and the buck stops with Harbaugh. He keeps hiring Pep. 

The nightmare scenario: Pep and Ed calling the offense. 

11/27/2018 - 3:34am Nope. 

It's worth too much…


It's worth too much to Fox to not play The Game every single year. They'd keep OSU as the permanent crossover game, heck they do it for Indiana/Purdue.  They'd probably keep MSU too!  

For that matter, it's no treat to play in Kinnick or Camp Randall every other year. 

Go independent, play ND, Stanford, USC and MSU every year. Easier than hiding out on the back 40 of OSU's conference if that's the goal of moving west. 

11/27/2018 - 3:13am If OSU dismantles NW and…

If OSU dismantles NW and gets the playoffs it's off to the Rose Bowl. 

If OSU takes the Rose Bowl, probably Fiesta. 

If NW wins....yikes. 

OSU's offense isn't going to slow down, they ditched the reliance on RPO's,  found their run game and Haskins finally figured out how he was allowed to run with the ball. Northwestern's offense is MSU-level bad. It's indoors at a field built for a legendary QB. They're fast as hell, NW is thin in the secondary and Urban needs a kill shot to make a playoff case. I don't see it ending well for NW  

They'll get destroyed by Bama if they get the playoffs. They'll beat Washington or Utah by 21.  Can't root for them but if they're gonna win, might as well be a blowout  


11/27/2018 - 2:58am OSU was using tempo at key…

OSU was using tempo at key points in drives and repeatedly caught guys without assignments. 

Other times they were using motion and hard counts to diagnose and in a lot of cases successfully read the D. 

A lot like Penn State 2017 where Moorehead was really mixing up the tempo/motions to confound the D.  McSorely,Barkley, Gesecki, Robinson all took turns  

Truth is, teams with 3-4 dangerous skill guys can whip this defense. OSU had Dobbins, Weber, Hill, Campbell, Dixon, McCall, Olave and if that wasn't enough their TE and blocking receivers got loose. 

10 teams on the schedule have a guy or two the D can neutralize. 2-3 times a year a team with 3+ playmakers pops up. The D hasn't handled it well. 

09/02/2018 - 2:52am The entire offensive staff…

The entire offensive staff is a group of castoffs and misfits from other programs. Until Harbaugh hires innovative young coaches on their way up the ladder (like Shaw was) This offense will drag. 



09/02/2018 - 2:30am Patterson will put up…

Patterson will put up monster numbers against the middle/bottom teams when the OL can give him time and struggle against the top 3 or 4 teams on the schedule just like he did at Ole Miss when the OL was outclassed. 

He has talent but a tendency to try and do too much. Jimmy won’t tolerate unforced errors and Shea will make a few every game. 

I’m not convinced he won’t lose his job to McCaffery at some point this season. That is if bad OL play doesn’t get him hurt first 

06/29/2018 - 1:48pm Meyer has a track record of…

Meyer has a track record of routinely turning guys like Dobbs into first/second round NFL picks.  So does Saban.  Players who come to Bama/OSU and don't pan out and get passed up on the depth chart usually don't end up complaining that they were lied to by the coach, the figure out they weren't good enough to make the cut. 

Dobbs sounds like a MSU player.  Chip on the shoulder, angry at the OSU/Michigans of the world. 

06/29/2018 - 1:44pm Belicheck isn't trying to…

Belicheck isn't trying to convince 17 year old recruits to play for him. 

Ed is in his 3rd job in 3 years for a reason and it has nothing to do with his ability to coach the offensive line.  He is pretty good at that part of his job.  Its the other stuff he struggled with. 

06/29/2018 - 12:36pm Ed Warriner is "Mr…

Ed Warriner is "Mr. Personality"

The running joke at OSU is that he had the charisma of a slug and the personality of a clump of dirt. 

Great OL coach, just don't ask him to relate to human beings. 

06/29/2018 - 12:32pm They don't call Ed Warriner …

They don't call Ed Warriner "Mr. Personality" for nothing. 

A lot of guys he tried to recruit to OSU said similar things. 



06/26/2018 - 6:07pm Biggest problem with Ed is…

Biggest problem with Ed is his lack of humility.  He thinks he should be an OC/HC but he hasn't been successful at landing a HC gig and his time as an OC has been lackluster.  Best Jim can hope for is that the last two years have been a wake up call for Ed after he was dispatched from OSU and not retained by Minnesota while missing out on at least 2 HC jobs he interviewed for. 

He developed some really solid players at OSU and ND.  They weren't diamond in the rough types though.  Guys like Decker, Elflien, Linsey and Mewhort were all top 200 recruits with offer lists a mile long. 

The problem with Ed at OSU where Urban has a point was his lack of ability to close on the blue chip guys coupled with his inability to develop the plan B/C guys. If he only had one of those two problems it would have been fine.   In 2013/14 he brought in 7 recruits.  Two were very much plan A recruits, Demetrius Knox and Jamarco Jones.  The next 5 were plan B/C guys after they missed on some pretty key guys.  Of those 5 plan B's, three transferred out of the program while Ed was still on staff.  Only 1 stuck and he is likely headed for a back up role as a RSSR behind a RSFR. 

I think he will do well with the Michigan roster as it stands.  2016 was a monster year for OL recruits.  The question becomes how does that OL look in 2020-21 when the young guys all have a chance to go to the league with eligibility remaining. If he recruits like he did at OSU then there may be some issues down the road. 











06/25/2018 - 6:33pm Ed Warriner hasn't coached…

Ed Warriner hasn't coached the OSU OL since 2015 so it is a bit of wishful thinking to assume the glory days are fading for OSU's front because he is gone.  Studrawa is a great OL coach and has turned out to be a better recruiter than Warriner.  Considering the depth at OSU is better than it has been in 8-9 years, the RB's should continue to find big holes.  Add in a QB who is a legit downfield threat and the run game will not be spending most of the game running into 9 man boxes like it has since Urban showed up.  What is even scarier is OSU fans believe Master Teague is going to be better than Weber or Dobbins.  

That said, Higdon should be in a much better position to have a monster season.  If the OL is even slightly better he will dominate if he can keep the legs healthy.  Patterson will help the situation for him as well.  The ability to add some read option looks + his arm will loosen up some of the defenses. 



06/25/2018 - 6:07pm Ed is a good OL coach. …

Ed is a good OL coach.  Period, end of story.  As long as no one asks for much more he will be a solid addition.

He is a lousy recruiter, doesn't relate to players or parents well.  He is an awful play caller and he is not particularly endearing as a human. There are two reasons he is not at OSU: Recruiting and play calling. 

He brought some real dogs to OSU as recruits.  Since he left most of them transferred out or have been passed up by the guys Studrawa has brought in since he came in 2016.  Studrawa killed it last year getting 3-5* OL's last year and took over the OL/OL recruiting in 2016 when Ed moved up to the booth. 

The OSU OL is in better shape depth-wise/talent-wise today than it has been since Tressel's heyday.  That is a scary thought when you realize they survived on patchwork and good luck from 2012-16.



06/25/2018 - 5:39pm Urban, Dantonio and Franklin…

Urban, Dantonio and Franklin have B1G titles, Harbaugh doesn't. I suspect that is the rationale.  Honestly think Paul Chryst is in the discussion for #4 and is a better coach than Fitzgerald.  

I think Urban is still the clear #1 but 2-3-4-5 is up for debate.  If I had to hire Franklin, Chryst, Fitzgerald or Dantonio I would pick Chryst. 

06/25/2018 - 12:29pm OSU hasn't had a legit NFL…

OSU hasn't had a legit NFL QB since....never.... but they seem to get by just fine.  The scary thing is Haskins is probably the best pure passer they've had in my lifetime. 

06/25/2018 - 12:20pm He is the #2 dual threat on…

He is the #2 dual threat on Rivals and frankly they do a much better job than 247, especially with QB's. 

I'm sure his 247 ranking will skyrocket now that he has jumped from Iowa St to MSU to OSU. 



06/25/2018 - 12:17pm Penn State is the negative…

Penn State is the negative recruiter.  They are the absolute worst, have been really negative towards OSU/Michigan in particular.  Go figure. 


They attack Brown/Mattinson/Larry Johnson for their age, tell players they won't be around when they need them.  Its all they have because all three of those guys are punching NFL tickets while the D is pretty average. 

06/23/2018 - 1:04am I disagree, that was a very…

I disagree, that was a very disciplined, talented team but they would have been smoked by anyone in the top 5.  The downside of developing 3* talent is that you always have depth problems because 3* talent usually blossoms as 4th/5th year players and there is a huge drop off when you have to sub in a RSFR 3* for a 5th year senior former 3*. Michigan St, Wisconsin, Stanford all put together some really good teams every few years with this formula but all three get dusted by the elite teams stacked with 4/5* depth.  

My wife was in grad school at Stanford during the Harbaugh years, went to a lot of games and had a front row seat for his 12-1 season. He deserves a lot of credit but if Harbaugh was the architect for the rebuild, Shaw was the contractor who poured the foundation and did the yeoman's work.  

David Shaw made that team what it was, make no mistake his attention to detail is what has been missing in the Michigan offense.  He was a stellar OC, not a single detail went unchecked, he had a fantastic QB and they had an OL that started a ton of games together going into that season.  Likewise, the WR/TE/RB's were all veteran players.  

The PAC was god-awful that season. I mean historically bad.  USC was feeling the wrath of sanctions, UCLA/Washington/Cal/WSU were terrible teams.  It was a one game season, Oregon, and Chip Kelly lit us up  with a 22 point loss and there was no way Stanford was a playoff-caliber team that season. It wasn't even close, they just ran circles around us and wore out both sides of the ball.  

Harbaugh was hired after the alums finally decided to invest heavily in the program and embark on a 5 year retooling. They expected 3-5 years and got 4.  The end game was always David Shaw, a Stanford alum,  being elevated when Harbaugh moved on.  Shaw was too inexperienced to be the HC in '07 but he was already turning heads as Harbaugh's assistant at USD and the boosters wanted Jim to mentor and develop Shaw along with the program so he could take over and be a 10-15 year Stanford Man.   As you would expect, Stanford boosters are smart and the move proved to be stellar.  Shaw has 3 PAC titles in his first 6 seasons.  

06/23/2018 - 12:30am I'm pumping the brakes on…

I'm pumping the brakes on Patterson for Heisman in his first season. There are 7 legit defenses on the schedule and it will be tough to see how he doesn't have a couple rough outings.  My reasons:

1. Saw him in person against Cal last year and came away wondering why there was so much hype around him.  3 INT's, could have easily been 5 save for some drops by the D,  and totally ineffective as a runner. I would not call him a running QB. Cal's D was average last year and Patterson was incapable of reading their secondary or avoiding pressure.  Cal and Ole Miss were evenly matched talent-wise so it wasn't like his stat line was skewed because Ole Miss was a massive underdog.   

2. Its a big transition.  He played in a read option and an air raid at Ole Miss.  This is his 3rd offense in three seasons and historically spread/air raid guys have struggled going into an offense with pro-style reads. If Harbaugh introduces more spread concepts it depends on how the OL/RB/H pick up the blocking schemes.  

3. Harbaugh hates turnovers.  In 10 games he has 3 multiple INT games.  Quickest way to a short leash is a couple picks.  

4. Unanswered questions, OL and RB have to be great for a QB to put up Heisman numbers. 

5. Harbaugh usually doesn't trust first year QB's to let 'er rip.  Didn't let Luck turn it loose much and put the offense on the RB's.  Same thing with all of the QB's he has had since coming home.  

I think he will have a good year but not a great one.  If he sticks around 2019 could be a monster year.   

02/16/2018 - 3:39am Until Jim Harbaugh can put

Until Jim Harbaugh can put aside his loyalty to Pep Hamilton and Tim Drevno there will be issues with his offense.  They aren't doing much for the program except eating up massive salaries. 

Those of us who followed his Stanford days know full well that the big reason the Michigan offense isn't looking like the 2008-09-10 Stanford offense has a lot to do with the guy who was calling the offense for Stanford.  David Shaw was the guy who made that offense go.  Shaw continued to call the offense even after becoming HC. Jim Harbaugh is a very talented coach but he really built his reputation with a head coach in waiting running his offense. There isn't a coach on the Michigan offensive staff with Shaw's talent.  

Pep Hamilton and Tim Drevno weren't missed for long when they left Stanford.  Drevno was replaced by Mike Bloomgren and the Stanford OL took it to another level.  Pep rode Andrew Luck's coattails to the NFL and he got exposed as something less than a whiz in the booth. Stanford fans knew Hamilton was fool's gold but no one took our word for it.  

McElwain and Warriner are better choices.  Warriner is a great OL coach.  Lousy OC, don't let him call plays, but he can fix the OL problems.  McElwain is a good choice because he won't be as subordinate to Jim Harbaugh as Pep and Drevno.  For that matter, McElwain has coached for an even more intense HC so he is likely used to being screamed at by a mad man.  

The problem Michigan faces in the Big Ten East is three defenses who run deep enough to counteract the core goal of Harbaugh's offensive philosophy which is to pound a defense into submission by running it 40-45 times and popping a few play action passes for big hitters. Even if he develops an elite OL and finds an elite QB, it is a much tougher road than anything he faced at Stanford.  The PAC doesn't play much defense.

02/16/2018 - 2:58am Pac D's were awful during Drevno's years in Palo Alto

I'm a Stanford guy and I have follwed Jim Harbaugh's move to Michigan.  We owe Jim a debt of gratitude for being the catalyst that returned Stanford to respectibility.  We also know that Jim was a short term bridge to David Shaw, a coach who took what Jim did and enhanced it.  

I read this piece and feel the need to address a very critical flaw to the logic that Drevno's OL success should translate. 

Penn State, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Ohio State play excellent defense and all 4 teams are built to stop the run.  The PAC plays notoriously bad defense, particularly against the run and especially during the years Harbaugh was at Stanford. teams like Iowa and Northwestern would be defensive powerhouses in the PAC.    

Harbaugh's offense was a nightmare for the rest of PAC.  He ran the ball 40-45 times a game and simply wore down inferior defenses.  Outside of USC in 2007-08 there was not a defense that came close to what Michigan has to play 4-5 times a year.  He had the benefit of a very weak Notre Dame during his final two seasons.  It was a perfect time for Stanford to climb out of the basement of the PAC.  7 teams were simply awful between 2000-expansion.  

The better OL coach in the program is Ed Warriner.  He isn't a sexy choice, the dude makes saltine crackers look exciting, but he can develop OL's that can handle the Big Ten front 7's.