Per Wolverines Wire: Black expected to see limited snaps/Gary did not make the trip

Submitted by The Baughz on October 20th, 2018 at 9:59 AM

Title says it all. Black made the trip and is expected to see limited snaps. Unfortunately, Gary did not even make the trip. That’s a bit concerning, but it is what it is.

Cant link on mobile, but Wolverine Wire is where you will find this information.



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As mostly a lurker I want to say:  the vast majority of people around here really, really appreciate your insider perspective.  Although it is of course your perogative to post what you wish when you wish, I also want to encourage you not to let the worst of the worst dictate your posts. 

It's like twitter: 1% of the people (or less) make everyone look like crazy people.  The problem being those people are most likely to comment.  

No matter what happens, I for one feel lucky to have someone like you on the blog.  Have always enjoyed your comments, both positive and negative.  Also - everyone should get off twitter.  Seriously.  


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I would like to second this. There is a very small percentage of (ignorant) fans who make a lot more noise than the ones you care to actually communicate and share news with. Thank you for sharing what inside info you have.

Can’t blame you for ditching out of here honestly, but hope you stick around for the loyal fans who don’t jump to conclusion or have negative reactions to every tidbit of news you share. 


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I appreciate you not posting insider updates here.  It's cool that they are inconsistent to keep our opponents on their toes, but it is not helpful here or on 247.  Let Harbaugh get out the info he wants to get out.  Stop with your insider lies unless it helps the program and Harbaugh is in favor of you leaking all the false info that you post.

Leaders And Best

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Far healthier? I can't wait for Sparties to grab onto this if they lose. The injuries are a wash for both teams right now. Michigan is playing without Rashan Gary (a likely 1st round pick) and two of our best DTs are either hurt or playing hurt (Dwumfour & Aubrey Solomon). Our best WR Tarik Black is injured. Our FB Ben Mason is hurt.

MSU has had CB Josiah Scott, WR Cody White, and some OL hurt. RB LJ Scott is probably playing today. Their punter is injured.

I am not sure how their situation is that far different from ours today.


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Apologies to the guy who swore up and down that he was a family friend and Gary wasn’t playing/didn’t make the trip. 

I wonder what’s up with Gary. I really hope he didn’t take a bunch of first team reps and then decided not to play. 


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I like this reply.  It was a very simple, direct, benign instruction.  You did not tell him to put anything in his anus, or to consume any amount of excrement.  Just a minimalist, straightforward: Go sit in the corner.  You are to be commended.

Hail Harbo

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JPC is correct, if RG is shutting down for the season he needs to state as much. It’s called having character, to do otherwise is to be a character. Nick Bosa had the character to be up front with his team, I would hope Gary has the same quality trait. 


October 20th, 2018 at 11:20 AM ^

Bosa had an injury and surgery that will leave him unable to do much of anything in the way of conditioning, let alone practice, until at least November.

By all reports, Gary has an AC sprain. The most logical scenario is that he is not close enough to 100% to go, and they want to give him 2 more weeks and hope he heals up, and can play the rest of the year.

His situation is nothing like Bosa's. No one expected Bosa to come back from his injury. If Gary doesn't come back, he has just as much risk with "durability and heart" questions as anything else. Speculation that he's now in combine mode is as unfounded as it is ridiculous.


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Some of you in this fan base are questioning the character of this young man and those close to him w/o knowing a damn thing about anything. That's beyond fucked up. These guys go out, give their all, get banged up or worse truly injured and some lame ass sitting behind a keyboard decides he might have a hidden agenda or is doing something that might be detrimental to the team that HE is a member of and WE are just outside observers and extreme fanatics. 

Sometimes you need to put the Ouiji board away and stop trying so hard. 

Barn Animal

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Somebody said this in a thread yesterday and got blasted for it I’m pretty sure lol.

That’s definitely not good news for Gary. Luckily we have a bye next week but if he isn’t back by Penn St. I think we may have seen the last of him.


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This (making the trip) can get tricky.  If Gary is cleared to play but won’t or doesn’t want to risk it, things may not be peachy between him and Harbaugh.  I’m not saying that is the case, or that I would blame either one of them, but it is possible that they don’t share the same perspective on whether Gary should play and that they are not each other’s favorite person right now.