Wikileaks- Peach Bowl Edition

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So as I was looking for the date of the Peach Bowl I was led to the Wikipedia page for the 2018 Peach Bowl. Looks like it has been updated to show us playing Florida for the 2018 Peach Bowl. Caveats that probably anyone can update the page. Hopefully this won't be round 3 with UF.



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This quote is very funny but in reality wikipedia is a tremendous source of information.  Anyone can write a book, article or anything else and large crowd sourcing tends to edit pretty well.  I believe there are several peer-reviewed articles showing the accuracy of text on wikipedia is equivalent or superior to textbooks.  


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This is not the actual image from the page, but here is the text that is in the image:

2018 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

CFP New Year's Six
51st Peach Bowl

Florida Gators  Michigan Wolverines

(9-3)  (10-2)

SEC  Big Ten

Head coach: 
Dan Mullen

Head coach: 
Jim Harbaugh

AP  Coaches  CFP

10  11  9

AP  Coaches  CFP

8  8  7

Date  December 29, 2018

Season  2018

Stadium  Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Location  Atlanta, Georgia

United States TV coverage

Network  ESPN

Peach Bowl

 < 2018 (Jan.)2019 > 

That is a lot of detail to just be made up.  It's happening.


The Mad Hatter

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I don't mind playing Florida again, because I think we'll beat them as per usual and that's what the team and fans need right now. What I don't like is the game being on the 29th. I'd much rather have us play on NYD, when people are actually watching.


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The problem is that the Rose and Sugar have to be on New Years Day per their deal with the CFP. There are six games to be played and they do not want to be played simultaneously, so that leaves very few options. The Fiesta, Cotton, and Peach bowls rotate in and out of being on NYD, but there isn't much we can do to control which of the prestigious bowls is in that slot. I'd rather play on the 29th in the Peach against a top 10 team than in the Outback Bowl on NYD. 

Remember, everyone bitched and complained about the first and second CFP because they played games on New Year's Eve even though it was a working weekday. To solve the problem, they decided to move games to the nearest Saturday. Now people are mad about that. What do you want them to do? Play all the games at the exact same time so that nobody will be able to watch? Further degrade bowls like the Rose and Sugar by making them go up against playoff games being played in their traditional time slots? 


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Will Florida be the Home Side of the Stadium??  For Ticket purchasing....I live near Atlanta so for me its GREAT....although rather had the Rose or Fiesta BUT its still a NY6 Bowl so Im Going!


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Im trying to figure out where to buy my tickets I want to be in the Michigan section or nearby..Im assuming for now Florida will be the Home team and Michigan the Visitors because ya know even though we are ranked Higher they are the SEC and Atlanta is the Home of the SEC and Im sure Florida will be desginated Home

Ghost of Fritz…

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Not the greatest matchup. 

But so what?

If Michigan wanted a better game...should have played/coached a lot better in Columbus.

Team gets the same number of bowl practices regardless.  Use them to fix the stuff that is broken and advance some the the younger guys.

And get the win.


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Fuck it, if we are going to play Florida almost every year, I say we designate them rival. Then at least we'd have a winning record against one rival. 

Avon Barksdale

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The easy way to avoid stuff like this happening in the future is for Michigan to not sale out its allotment of tickets. 

We do not want to play Florida because there is no upside. They suck. We’ve already beat them twice with Harbaugh (and no one ever cares) when discussing Harbaugh’s “quality wins.” If we lose, then it’s just another “cant win the big game” brick for the Harbaugh House. 

Michology 101

December 2nd, 2018 at 2:14 PM ^

I understand where you're coming from, but man I don't feel we're in the position right now to be saying the Florida team sucks. 

Florida could be saying the same thing about us and that there's no upside in playing Michigan because of the way we looked in our last game.

If they beat us, many people will just say Michigan had already proven they weren't that good anyway. 

I guess I'm a little sensitive because after that OSU game, a lot of people are using the "sucks" word on the internet to describe Michigan right now.   


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Sat  Sep. 14 OFF

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