USA Diving accused of ignoring aleged sexual abuse of divers

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OSU tied in again:

"A class action lawsuit against Indianapolis-based USA Diving accuses the national governing body of ignoring or obstructing sexual abuse allegations, and the lawyer says the organization is "worse than gymnastics, worse than swimming."

The accused coach, Will Bohonyi, is a former IU diver and coached at the OSU Diving Club.


El Jeffe

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I don't know why, but this comment intrigues me, and I've spent several minutes trying to parse it.

By putting quotes around "transgressions" you seem to be saying that the transgressions in question aren't really transgressions.

So you're saying that if he were a politician, we could ignore his lack of transgressions, because of the no politics rule.

But because he isn't a politician, we can't ignore his lack of transgressions?

Or because he isn't a politician, we can't ignore his actual transgressions?

I don't get it.


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Penn State - Unbelievable instances of sexual abuse and subsequent cover-up

Michigan State - Thought it couldnt get any worse

Ohio State - "Hold my beer"

"The lawsuit also alleges that Ohio State University has had possession of the naked photos for almost four years and "no action has been taken."

During a meet in August 2014 in Knoxville, Tenn., the girl's teammate informed the head coach of the Ohio State Diving Club about the abuse, the lawsuit alleges. The girl, who had just turned 17, was sent home. Bohonyi stayed.

“The Ohio State University has no interest in hurting their brand," Little said in the interview. "This is part of a massive problem at Ohio State that’s not just isolated to Dr. Strauss."

Several former Ohio State wrestlers said Richard Stauss, a team doctor who committed suicide in 2005, abused them during medical treatments going back to the 1970s."


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Hey earth to you have your head in the sand? How many different universities do you need to see in the headlines before you realize it’s a country wide university issue and some spotty coincidence. The mass majority of campuses have the same exact issues, and as time goes by, you’re seeing more and more victims come out of the woodwork. 

You act as if you are free of this all and it’s ridiculous...

Boundaries class for sexting an 11 year oldgirl


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I looked at the MLive linked story. It says:

"A hospital employee discovered images of child pornography on a thumbdrive left in a hospital computer in May 2011. By the end of June 2011, eight people knew the images on the thumb drive belonged to Jenson. However, hospital attorneys decided not to turn the incident over to the University of Michigan Police.

"It wasn’t until November 2011 that someone notified police investigators. Jenson was charged and then fired from the hospital."

So, in 6 months the UM had terminated the criminal. The article doesn't indicate what corrective actions were taken against other employees who were inadequately assertive in pushing to redress the problem. UM may have been deficient there.

Do you really think that is equivalent to what happened at PSU and MSU and may have happened at OSU where officials at the highest levels of the school administration engaged in an active coverup of ongoing criminal activity for decades?


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This isn't the first time I've seen this, Sparties trying to equate a doctor that was probably employed too long after some very inappropriate comments that they probably really couldn't fire him for in the beginning vs sexual abuse by a doctor that went on for decades and nobody cared to do a thing about, and may be part of a larger problem considering more than a handful of players from the football and basketball programs have been accused of it in the last 5 to 10 years.