UM Hoops: TAMU First Look

Submitted by Bambi on March 19th, 2018 at 1:55 PM

I posted a diary previewing Texas A&M last night but the first professional/important preview is up on UMHoops. Dylan Burkhardt provides a First Look at the Aggies (link) though the link is behind a paywall. If you aren't already subscribed to UMHoops do so ASAP. They provide the best info and statistical breakdowns I've seen from any college hoops site and are the best UM Basketball and probably college basketball site out there.

The takeaways are fairly similar to what I had in my diary. The size mismatch between A&M and us will probably decide the game (do their bigs abuse ours down low or do ours mitigate their effectiveness by pulling them to the perimeter) and there should be opportunities for our bigs to take advantage of theirs on the outside. Dylan compares A&M's bigs to Purdue's squad last year with Haas and Swanigan, though TAMU's bigs are better defenders, which I agree with and we know how that mismatch went for us last year.

You should definitely subscribe and read the article but I do want to share one other tidbit from the article I found interesting. With regards to the Aggie's 3P shooting they have hit double digits 3's in 5 games all year, including 10 last night against UNC. So odds are they just had one of their best shooting performances of the year and we should be able to contain them from the outside.



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If there’s a game for big Mo to show up and showcase his skill set this is it. We need a Louisville from last year performance from him