Sparty uniforms for game vs. Michigan

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EDIT: Here is a link to an online column by Grinczel from the site:


Love this line: 


"Unveiled Tuesday morning by Nike, the uniforms are stylishly understated compared to many contemporary alternative uniforms seen these days throughout sports, though beyond hip for today's techno-savvy college football player."


"If an iPad were a football uniform, it would look like this."



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Exactly.  A totally derivative me-too look.  Could be anyone - ND, Baylor, Col State . . .  All the cool kids are smoking, so I will too.

If you are going to make a clown of yourself, at least do it like Maryland and get some buzz out of it.  All Sparty really did was paint the helmet gold (wtf, gold?).  *Yawn*  



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oh my god, that's perfect. that's the crappiest '1990s Baylor'esque crap Nike Combat has put out. i can't imagine how pissed i would be to have waited for my turn for the Nike AWESOMEZ treatment and see that absolute turd come out. when in the hell has MSU had gold in their fundamental color scheme?


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I hate to break it to you, but those are actually way better than Michigan State's standard uniforms, which are utter trash.

The only thing that's perfect here is that Michigan State has to revert back to homely uniforms that resemble their rubbish stadium (which looks like it's going to fall apart in a heavy wind).

Those are probably in the running for the most understated and least tech-sleaze Pro Combat uniforms Nike has put out.


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Those are ugly as a mugg.  Not really ever impressed with any of the pro-combat uni's.  I think I've liked a couple of Boise's renditions...but that's about it.

Like those Arizona State jersey's from the other night - these for the spartans are fugly. 

Naked Bootlegger

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....White?   Wha' happened to the white?    If I'm not mistaken, here is a snippet of lyrics from the Sparty fight song:


All through the game they fight; Fight for the only colors: Green and White.


If your fight song lauds your team colors, THEN YOU DON'T CHANGE THEM! Massive fail here,MSU. Shame on you.  




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Seriously guys,  seriously.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Do they want to look like Notre Dame?  Green and GOLD?


OK it's supposed to be "bronze".  No one is buying that.  :)