Sam Webb: U-M Has "Slight Lead" for Otis Reese

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on January 31st, 2018 at 9:41 AM

With one week until Signing Day (Feb. 7), Sam updated the recruitment of Otis Reese this morning on WTKA. He said Michigan has a "slight lead" for him thanks in large part to his relationship with Chris Partridge. It didn't help Georgia that his main recruiter left, but proximity to Georgia is in their favor.

He also said that unlike the Aubrey Solomon recruitment - everyone knew for weeks he was going to Michigan - this one is going to come right down to the wire.



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Don't know why, but I feel like I'm putting a lot of emphasis on this recruitment. To lose out on Friday, Patterson and Otis would be a big strikeout...especially in comparison to Columbus' closing activities.

So far under Harbaugh we have had recruiting classes that were perhaps ranked higher than what our record was. If some of the outcomes on the field don't change, I could envision future classes resembling more this class than previous ones.


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Every lineman we’ve recruited for the past two years projects as a Gaurd. You would think the Offensive coaching staff (cough: Drevno) would know we can only play two Guards at a time!


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The conventional wisdom is that an OL who makes a grad transfer because he's looking for an opportunity to see the field probably isn't something to get excited about since there are so many OL spots that a quality player earn time. Anderson doesn't fit in that category. He would be starting if he returned to Rice.

Here's an excerpt from an article I just saw. The article also mentions a Stanford grad transfer OT, Casey Tucker, I hadn't heard about.…

"In 2017, Anderson’s overall PFF College grade of 82.8 (54th among qualifying FBS offensive tackles nationally), pass blocking grade of 80.5 and run blocking grade of 83.8 (19th nationally) would have led all qualifying Texas linemen."






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I think this has more to do with Georgia than Michigan, based on who I’ve talked to. Pay to attention who else Georgia gets/is expected to get in the coming week. The longer Georgia slow pays him the better off we are obviously (I would’ve been burned already). Georgia might not end up having room for him in the end anyways.


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Looks like they have 2 higher rated linebackers in their class already. This is a down year for M recruiting- that's what you get for going 8-5 and losing to every good team; it also helps to make the championship game like Georgia did.

2019 looks good for us right now though. Results on the field need to be good this year or it may get worse

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The weird thing about 2018 recruiting though is it was down before they even started the season.  They weren't in on a lot of top guys, didn't have many commits from top recruits, and things were looking relatively bleak before they even kicked off the season.

Then, even when they were 8-2 midway through October it was even more bleak.  They'd lost some commits, were about to lose some more, and were in on even fewer top guys. 

Its easy to say "oh they finished 8-5, so its a down year" but even if they had rallied to finish 11-2 they just weren't in on enough top guys to make any sort of difference.


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Yeah, it was always a weird year.  I faintly remember Brian and Ace walking through offers early last year and it was a lot of high 3*/4* guys.  For any number of reasons, this class has been down from the jump.  I'd honestly like to know why, since all the people complaining about how this group can't recruit forget they had two top-10 classes the first couple of years.

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I think the criticsm that has some value is the claim that certain coaches on staff don't like to recruit, and therefore don't put as much effort into doing so. I certainly don't have evidence to back it up, but it makes sense. Certainly results play a large factor in getting recruits, but if a school isn't calling, keeping up with recruits or paying them the attention they think they deserve, many recruits will choose to go to the school that does put in the effort instead.


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record isn't the only thing recruits consider - otherwise MSU would have recruited better during their peak


hell, MSU has beaten us 2 of 3 years and went 10-3 this past season and is ranked 29th in the 247 composite - about the middle of the pacl for the 65 P5 schools (including ND in this)


so people blaming the record areoff base - our class isn't for shit but it would be better with better recruiters like some we have added this off-season (Washington for one)