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Just a friendly neighborhood PSA for those interested in upgrading/moving your 2018 football season tickets.  The ticket office is doing things differently this year as it will be done online only.  There was some info out there that mentioned an email would be sent out mid-April regarding your login information and time slot being sometime between May 1 and May 18. I called the ticket office this morning to confirm and the email with the info will be sent out this Friday and the login times will still go between May 1 and May 18 based on your priority points.

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Have seen several Twitter posts in the last hour (College Football Insider, Michigan Football Insider, and several Buckeye fans) saying NCAA has ruled him eligible.  Will believe it when there is a NCAA letterhead, but where there's substantial smoke....let there be Shea


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section 13, row 26.  Had the flag pole, field goal net pole and field goal poles to deal with.  Moved to section 15, row 50 last year and much better but in the bend where section 15 and 16 come together.  Row 50 works great just seeing if I can move over a bit.  

Cock D

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I'll probably stay where I am.  Same seats as my dad had since 1970.  And since it's right by the portal in section 16, it's easy in and out to the concourse and to the parking lot.

I don't think I could be happier.


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That's one of the things I like about my current seats. I sit right on top of the entrance to section 14.  Another plus is there is no one in front of me so I always have unobstructed view of the field even if I'm  sitting down.

what would Bo do

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I assume I'll get whatever the rest of you don't pick up in the endzone somewhere.  I'm just glad I got tickets for this year, as I assume demand will be much higher next year and I wasn't sure if I'd have enough points.


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My seats are unupgradable(assuming that is a word), sec 1 row 51 aisle seats one row below ADA row. My back is a wall. I can stand and the people behind me can still see. Bathroom is right down the tunnel. In a word, nirvana.


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Would like to move from where I currently have been sitting for 9 years, but it’s near the aisle, near a porthole and have gotten to know a few people around me. If I could move diagonally across from my section it would probably save me a lot of time leaving the game and getting back to my parking spot.

But the wife likes our seats and doesn’t want to move.


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Does anyone know if they are going to sell additional road game tickets?  I was in Egypt when I renewed my season tickets and apparently road tickets were an option then that I didn't see.  I already have flights and a hotel to NYC for the Rutgers game, but need to get seats.