Patterson or McCaffrey?

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Just thought it would be fun to stir the pot in a more forward-looking direction, now that some of the dust is settling on the coaching situation, by posting a link to this piece by Pat Caputo in the Oakland Press. Is he right in inferring that the job ought to be in play? Has anything been guaranteed to Shea? I wouldn't assume that's necessarily the case. Could McCaffrey fast-forward the offense in a way that Shea might not?



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Because you're brilliant and other people are just really, really slow. And pointing up your brilliance on message boards gives you a chubby. :)

The reason it was a problem for me is because there's an icon on the right that says "Source" that looks like it should be what one uses to link. 

Thanks, however, for your enlightening observation. 


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There is a button with a chain link on it.  If you hover over that, "Link" pops up.  This is what you use for a link.

The source button is not used for links.  That is used to see the source code of what you are typing.

I thought this was pretty easy and self-explanatory, but some people need extra help.  You are welcome :)


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Patterson starts. He was the clear edge in experience. However, Dylan will push him in camp and I suspect he will get more playing time this year in blow out games. IMO, Dylan has the higher ceiling and is on his way to great things.

The positive outlook. We will have two VERY capable starters next year if they both remain healthy. If Shea goes down, I won't be concerned one bit with Dylan under center. He showed a lot of poise and smarts when he played this past season. Moreover, he proved himself coming off the bench cold in his first game at ND under the lights. Yeah, it was limited, but he showed his mental fortitude and ability to play. The moment didn't seem too big to him AT ALL. He has the gamer gene in his blood.

Toe Meets Leather

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I'm not sure we can be quite that confident in McCaffrey just yet.  I agree that he showed poise in the limited time he came in, but conservative play calling definitely helped there.  The coaching staff did not ask him to do too much in those moments. 

That being said, I do think he has the potential to be a great two-year starter and will be more than capable as a back up this year.  I really hope we don't see him in any extended capacity this year (meaning Shea is seriously injured), but I am excited to see him with an open playbook in the coming years.


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My wife tried to be nice to me one Saturday morning and turn on Pat Caputo's show in the car because she'd heard me mention it before (but probably forgot that it was a rant about an awful take). I immediately screamed "NO! NOT PAT CAPUTO! NO!" and rolled into the best fetal position I could manage in the passenger seat. Such things have not happened since. 

Mike Damone

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I understand your point - but can't we have a QB that has been working with our receivers during game action for a year, and now perhaps can find a real rhythm/chemistry with them.  I want to see if that can happen - if so, will be a special year, and a real return to a Michigan offense with multiple weapons.


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I thought receivers had to wait or come back to the ball several times when they were open deep.  Gave DB time to close gap. Still made the catch sometimes, but that's my recollection, right or wrong.  Probably wrong. 

I'm happy with Shea, just think(maybe hope) Gattis will want to evaluate the QBs during the game. 



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This is not as cut-and-dried as you are making it out to be. Here, defining "the best player" is as much art as it is science. There are two positions in sports where you can very easily either catalyze or destroy a team-playing the wrong QB or playing the wrong PG. Here the biggest, fasted, strongest are not always the best. I guarantee that if you are flipping personnel at these two positions on a weekly basis you will have a disastrous season. Clearly Coach Swinney and Coach Saban would instruct you very differently...feel free to take it up with them :)


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I'm not saying it's going to be DM (but later on in the post I do say it), however, I do not think it's as cut and dry as others are implying.  Not sure if they would play 2 or not, but undoubtedly there are things that DM does better than SP. Period.  Coach has always harped the best players are going to start. Meritocracy. 

Coach also IMO has a better relationship with DM having recruited him and knowing the family well. 

SP was not told if he returned he would be the starter. 

Having 2 proven guys at the position is something every cfb team desires. 

My feeling is that DM can and WILL be the starter by the end of the season (assuming he's on the roster).  Now whether that is from injury, or performance is a question.  DM assuming the Tom Brady role, and replacing Bledsoe, and never giving up the job is me calling my shot.   

Pep also plays into this, so ummmm who knows. 



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I think we are now in the low triple digits for the amount of times the Patterson or McCaffrey thread will be started before we kickoff next season.


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This is a bad take.  Shea is a senior 5* QB who looked damn good until the entire team seamed to break right around the time of the Indiana game.  Playing in an offense that over-featured the running game (and yes, it was working well most of the year, so not being critical), behind a weak OL, he looked very good, considering that it was his first year in the system. Hard to blame She for the fact that Gentry had so many drops!

McCaffrey looked awesome in his limited time.  No doubt about that.  But I think that unless McCaffrey is so unbelievable during spring ball, and Shea takes 5 steps back, the job is rightfully Shea's to lose.