OT: 11 Warriors Full Meltdown

Submitted by TallyWolverine on October 20th, 2018 at 10:44 PM

    Their live blog is a wonderful sight to behold. Theyre always laughing about Michigan tears....they could get a bucket full of my tears of joy at their misery. Evil maniacal laughter is echoing throughout my household. PLEASE take a look and enjoy!



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Was checking out their threads earlier.  That is one vicious crowd in criticizing their team.  You'd think they'd be feeling a bit more supportive but yikes.


October 21st, 2018 at 9:53 AM ^

One could argue he’s “underachieving.” Now personally I wouldn’t make this argument, but I can see how it’s there. 

Hes been to Indy just once since Harbaugh arrived. He’s had a couple embarrassing losses (Iowa last year, losing to MSU and their backup QBS at home, Purdue last night). They’ve lost convincingly in a couple big games (Clemson and Oklahoma). 

The argument can be made that due to the vast talent advantage OSU has over virtually everyone, there’s no reason OSU should be losing some of these games. 

How on Earth can you rationalize going to Iowa or Purdue as a double digit favorite, and losing by 4 or 5 TDs? I think we all know how some of our fellow Michigan fans would react if Michigan went to Northwestern as a 14 point favorite and not only lost, but lost by 29 points. There would be calls for Harbaugh’s head on a stake. 

Our coach has won 74.4% of his games here, and we STILL have fans who want him fired. And that’s after taking over a program that was 46-42 and missed 3 bowl games in the 7 years prior to taking the job, and was coming off of a 5-7 year. 

Obviously it’s hard to look at Meyer’s record and say he’s underachieving. But he inherited a team tailor made to his schemes with a down PSU and a down UM. I’m sure we as fans can at least fathom the frustrations OSU fans have with Meyer.



oriental andrew

October 20th, 2018 at 10:53 PM ^

The 2nd best thing I've seen today - Urban Meyer Surrender Cobra after Purdue went up 28-6. 

But man, Purdue is running all over, around, and through the osu defense.

EDIT: Oh geez, this a blowout. 35-13??? Never saw THIS coming...