Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork tweets warning about tampering with Rebels players (cc: Jim Harbaugh?)

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“We will use every avenue available to hold those accountable who tamper with our student-athletes,” Bjork said.

“As far as the limitations initially placed on the permission to contact, the restrictions are common,” the athletic department statement to Yahoo Sports said. “Until we were notified (Tuesday) morning, none of the student-athletes had communicated they were unhappy with those restrictions. Frankly, if they had any objections and a legitimate reason to seek transfer to one of the limited schools, we would ordinarily work through those issues with the student-athlete and his family. The student-athletes’ best interest is always the priority. Coach (Matt) Luke and (athletic director) Ross Bjork discussed the matter this morning. To be consistent, they are removing any restrictions on their permission to contact for all those who have requested permission. Our compliance office has reached out to the student-athletes to let them know.”



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"Yes, we know, we got hammered by the NCAA, but we are going to try and fry anyone who is tampering with our players, even if they want to leave."

Mostly, there's some anger there and since Harbaugh was seen in Oxford this week, it makes him seem like the likely candidate for this to be directed at.

I'm also very confident that Harbaugh's knowledge or the person who is assigned to be Harbaugh's knowledge of the NCAA rulebook has assured him what he can and cannot do in this situation.

Mr Miggle

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but I don't think the warning was directed at him. Tampering isn't best done in the open or by the head coaches themselves.  I don't think SEC schools worry about Harbaugh cheating. They worry about him finding legal approaches that they hadn't thought of or their own coaches are too lazy to use.

He used much of his statement talking about the contact restrictions they're lifting. None of them involved Michigan. They do involve some schools that they know cheat..

Blue in Paradise

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This seems to be directed at the other SEC schools who are (were?) restricted from contacting the Ole Miss players that requested their Permission to Contact.

Michigan would be ok here as we are not a “Limited School” (unless I read it wrong)...


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