Ohio State officially announces Mike Yurcich as new QB coach

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One day after OSU secures the Rose Bowl and caps off their 13-1 season, what do they do? They hire Mike Yurcich as their new QB coach/passing game coordinator.  I interpret that this means Day may be shifting away from the type of Urban Meyer offenses that rely more on QB's who can run but not throw in favor of more pro-style QB's.

And what do we do after we end the season with two major face plants? Nothing. Pep is still here along with all the uncertainty of whether Harbaugh is going to revamp the offense by bringing in an OC. 





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A year ago at this time people were saying pretty much the same about Drevno...Harbaugh would NEVER let his best buddy go...then Warriner happened. 

Its silly and juvenile to suggest that OSU making a coaching hire should have any impact whatsoever on the timing of staff changes at UM.


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Not just the timing, but more importantly the quality! On TKA, Ira was saying how the NFL coaching carousel is still ongoing throughout the playoffs. Moreover, that carousel usually stops before the NCAA ride gets going in earnest. Considering JH's strong ties to the NFL, I expect he will wait to see how the pro hires shake out before making moves. Unless he's already doing his NCAA research and he finds someone he likes.

To that point, just looking at S&P offensive rankings and their OCs at programs for which UM would be a step up, do any of these names make sense of get the Board excited (school and Offense S&P rank in parentheses): Derek Dooley (Mizzou, 14); Tim Albin/Scott Isphording (Ohio, 9); Brian Wright (Toledo, 17); Mike Sanford Jr. (Utah St., 18); Zak Hill (Boise St., 19); Des Kitchings/George McDonald (NC St., 31).

This should probably go in the OC thread, but the board is disorganized anyway, so I'll add to the pile.


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Anyone worried that Jalen Hurts would go to OSU? Seems like exactly the type of luck they always have. 


To your point though, who really cares about timing...rumor is that Harbaugh is working on a big time OC. If true, we can wait a week or two, no? 


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Essentially it would be based on the following:

1. The transfer is due to documented mitigating circumstances that are outside the student-athlete’s control and directly impact the health, safety and well-being of the student-athlete.

In this case it would be racist slurs directed at the QB during a game back in October:

Georgia quarterback Justin Fields was the victim of several racial slurs hurled in his direction during a game in October, which might be enough to back his waiver case to the NCAA for immediate eligibility at a different program next season.


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I read here or somewhere else that 1. The baseball player who made the slurs was kicked out of school, and 2. Fields’ sister is still on / about to go UGA as an athletic scholarship.

By rules, I don’t think that warrants immediate playing time. But, by earlier arguments I made about transfer penalties and timing, I feel Fields should get to play immediately since he is leaving right after the season of false promises by Smart. If OSU gets Fields and Martell loses to him, then any controversy there that’d be caused would be great. However, Martell seems like a competitor that welcomes someone to make him better. I don’t think Fields should transfer to somewhere where he may find the same roadblocks as with Fromm. He should compete against Fromm or find a school like University of Miami where he could have less a path to being the man.

I Like Burgers

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If you've seen any of the recent interviews with Tate or his tweets...he is DEFINITELY not a happy camper about Fields potentially coming in.  Feels like there's enough animosity there that if Fields would transfer to OSU it could kill the locker room pretty quick, just because Tate is going to be a dick about it.


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That OSU offense we saw this year was Day's - not Urban's and it revolves around pro-style QBs with some mobility. The problem with OSU was their crappy defense. They will have a very productive offense as long as Day is there - just hoping their defense doesn't improve. The one issue most OSU fans by had with Urban while reading their boards was that he hired too many close personal friends (Schiano, DAVIS, Studrawa, etc,,,,) and would not fire the underachievers which cost the sucknuts playoff spots the last couple of years. Look for that to change with Day. Will he select effective coaches ? Who knows ?


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Yep, and that's what separates Saban from the others (specifically Urban).  He'll fire an underachieving assistant in a heart beat and doesn't put up with BS. Everybody talks about their talent but 247 Sports did an article that showed OSU had the most "recruiting" talent on their roster at the beginning of 2018 - beating Alabama's average per recruit on their roster 92.89 to 92,54 but yet can't get into the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row after blowout losses to Purdue and Iowa. That's on the coaching staff and like it or not, will never happen under a Saban coached team. He's simply the best around



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Meh, Saban and his 5-stars can seemingly win regardless of who the assistants are. For example, Saban won with McElwain and Nussmeier as OC. Those two have proven, at best, to be very average. So how did they manage to win at Bama? 

Probably because that program is a machine and no one assistant is particularly valuable. 

Saban has also lost Pruitt and Smart - both said to be good coordinators - and seemingly hasn't skipped a beat. 


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Can Fields throw the ball? I would think if he could, with his mobility he would have gotten more run this year. They only used his for QB runs. Smart is trying to talk him into staying, and from what I hear, he is considering it. Told him where ever he goes he will have to sit a year, so he might as well take his redshirt this year and have the same amount of time at Georgia he will anywhere else. 


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Fields has big-time talent - think Haskins with a little more mobility. Now, will he develop like Haskins ? Remains to be seen as from what I'm reading, his problem is between the ears. Don't want to see him transfer to the sucknuts however.

I think the key here is not Martell transferring out if Fields comes to OSU, but true freshman Matthew Baldwin who has big-time talent from Lake Travis TX and fits Day's system better than Martell. Wiltfong called him the most underrated 2018 recruit and was the fastest-rising player at the end of the year. Day went after him hard. Could be a huge mistake if they bring in a headcase like Fields and lose Baldwin 

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I think we are looking at this the wrong way. . .undoubtedly what happened is this:

Once Ryan Day heard Jim Harbaugh say he was going to reload and tighten up, Day shit his pants, and made the desperate Yurcich hire out of sheer panic.


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I think you might want to step back a bit and reevaluate how much of your day is consumed by sports if something as trivial as this has affected you this much.