NFL Mock Draft with Gary/Bush/Lions

Submitted by Nate the Newt on January 18th, 2019 at 3:36 PM



They have Gary 2nd overall to SF.  If he goes second does that make his time here look worse?  Always feels like it didn't quite happen right with him.


Bush to the Steelers sounds about like a perfect fit.


Lions picking 8th and taking a TE?!?!?  Did they solicit advice from Millen and Mayhew on this one?





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Because he doesn't solve anything for the Niners. He basically is another Solomon Thomas who was drafted to replace Armstead and cant. So you would have a roster with 3 1st round draft picks you are trying to play at the closed end and they all are below average at rushing the passer.


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Agreed, he just never exhibited as much explosiveness as Q.Williams on the inside, or Josh Allen (among others) on the outside. I'd expect both to be drafted before him. But I'm sure he'll blow up the combine with testing measurables. 

And YES, to answer the OP, if Gary did go 2nd, I'd see that as a HUGE indictment of his DL Coach!!!


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I normally don't think too much about Mock Drafts, but that one seems silly to me without a tremendous amount of thought going into it...but again, I am a know-nothing.


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The picks in that draft seem HIGHLY unlikely. Looks like a writer trying to be "different" with his picks, instead he is just making foolish choices for a lot of teams.


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When Gary came here he was supposed to be a rush end, but by virtue of depth and need he became the anchor, and he didn't put up the numbers people expected. If he finds the right situation in the pro's he will put up good numbers. I still don't think he will put up absurd testing numbers at the combine, but he will put up numbers deserving a top 10 pick. 


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A rush end? I don't recall that. He was technically a DT on the recruiting boards and he moved to 5-tech behind Chris Wormley almost immediately. It's not like they couldn't have put him at 3-tech if they had felt the need; we could have used him there this season. He was never a weakside DE type at any point in his recruitment or college career. 


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Gary will test off the charts at the Combine. Ideal size, speed, and length at a critical position... we know this. We also know he is a good kid with no off-the-field issues, and he will interview well. I expect him to go in the top 5. 

And I think Daniel Jeremiah is very well connected and knows what scouts are saying. Although Josh Jacobs at #5 is a bit puzzling. 

Lol and yeah... no way I see Bob Quinn taking a TE at 8. They do need a middle of the field threat, but TE at 8 is a stretch. At least trade down first.


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Most Mock Drafts -- especially those that are done by relatively unknown people -- are click bates.  They want to be controversial to get noticed.  This one is a very good example.

Hold This L

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Two things:

1. If the lions take a TE in the first three rounds, I’m not a fan until bob Quinn is fired. You have holes literally everywhere on your defense. A good TE isn’t taking you to the Super Bowl or putting you over the top. Also look what happened last time they took a TE top 10.

2. I don’t want the lions to take Gary. Way too inconsistent and he only speed rushes. Hes ziggy 2.0, which is he has like three games a year where he feasts on horrible LTs and they are blowing the other team out anyways, and the rest of the year when they need him he’s non existent. I’d rather take chase in the second and greedy in the first. 

Perkis-Size Me

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The Pats need to really start getting serious about finding Brady's replacement. The guy is 42 years old and they have no viable backup or heir apparent. They are one bad hit from their entire empire collapsing around them. 

I get that he's the G.O.A.T. and he should be allowed to step down whenever it is that he wants to step down, but time is not on your side here. He likely doesn't have more than another 2-3 years in him. How hard should it be to sit the man down and tell him that for the good of the franchise, they need to find his heir?

What is so wrong about getting a great prospect into their organization who can sit behind Brady for a few years, learn from one of the best (a la Rogers with Favre), knows his place as the backup until the time comes, and then when the master steps down, the apprentice can be handed the keys to the kingdom and know exactly what needs to be done? 

I'm no owner or NFL exec, but if I'm Kraft, I'm starting to look for my replacement for Brady now. I want this train of dominance to keep on rolling once he retires, and I want my next QB to learn as much from Brady as he can while he's still playing. 


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Nice theory. They tried it with Garoppolo and it didn't work out. I wouldn't be surprised if they drafted someone if they thought that guy had a chance to blossom, but unless Brady says he's stepping down, it's hard to tell how long the guy will be warming the bench. We can say 2-3 years, but 3 years is actually a while. Virtually nobody waits the way Rodgers did; at most, it's a year, and then results are expected. 

And where the Pats draft, a sure-thing QB is hard to come by. Belichick is not the sort to mortgage the franchise on a pick that's not a sure thing, which means you wait for someone to drop to you, and those players are well-enough scouted that it's unlikely to find a quality option. 

And Brady might not be totally cooperative, either. Perhaps he should be, and perhaps the Pats shouldn't care, but Brady is still their best chance to win trophies until he retires or his arm falls off.