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Lorenz CB-ing Eric Gray



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The RB position is very interesting in this class. Michigan had Giles Jackson, Eric Gray, and Wandale Robinson all visiting this weekend, and they're all similar players. Gray is getting crystal balls, Robinson says Michigan is his #1, and Jackson bothered to take an official to Michigan all the way from Oakland, CA, so he must be pretty interested, too.


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I love Robinson, but he is a slot for us, I believe. He's at least a guy that we envision splitting out a good chunk of the time. He did an interview a little while back where he mentioned that Kentucky (I believe - I know it wasn't us) was the only school recruiting him to play tailback.


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Then why didn't you post about it?


Oh yeah, right, it doesn't fit your "Michigan Sucks" narrative


Posting what you perceive to be bad offers / commits while ignoring the good ones shows you are just stirring up shit and are not a fan, no matter what other BS you claim


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You mean like his claim that he is an alumnus? I admittedly have trouble with that one.

I don't know that I've eve met an alum that, even if they quote you the numbers as he does, sounds so beset with hopelessness and angst that they cannot just digest events and see what unfolds. I don't know that I've ever met someone with a deep cultural association with the university who is this negative about everything.

Beilein 4 Life

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You can still sign into your Maizen account. Just look back through your posting history. It should be pretty easy as you haven’t posted under that name since everything you though was wrong and all your predictions were shit


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I’m close to leaving the blog completely.  I don’t mind the discenting opinion, but it’s constant and totally disrespectful to the kids Michigan is recruiting.  Not all of us are happy with how things are going, but this is abusive.  

I don’t think this is exactly what this blog was meant to be.  


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Been thinking the same thing. I’ve been around for a long time, but I don’t want any part of some armchair loser publicy degrading kids because they don’t meet his standards. I imagine he’s only allowed to exist because the new site lacks the mechanics to Boliviate his dumb ass. 


Recruits and and their families read this blog, I hope they realize it is literally one guy passing his uninformed and amateur hour judgement on them. I would bet a months salary he has never scored a touchdown, or caught a pass, or made a tackle in his pathetic life. 


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There are certainly a few really dragging this place to the ground anymore..

And the whole not being able to nuke an account thing.. if that truly is the result of this upgrade, someone should be punched in the face. I can't imagine it would take more then 5 minutes of googling around Drupal forums or tweaking code to get that fixed. This upgrade process has been amateur at best.



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Yep.  Inadvertently, this has become the place where the bottom 5% of the fan base comes to voice awful opinions about high schoolers.  I sincerely doubt that is the intent of this site, but that’s where it is at the moment.  It’s a terrible look for the fan base, and frankly we’ve had a lot of terrible looks as it pertains to football as fans.  We should be better than that. 


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Is your only definition of a good recruit  whether the player has 4 stars or more? That is such an arbitrary distinction, and far from an ideal analysis. And I understand the correlation of stars with success but that is such a simple cause and effect that ignores countless of other factors (ie offers, recent evaluations, what state do they reside, fit within a team's system, coach's previous success recruiting this position).

Additionally, not all 3, 4, or 5 star players are equivalent and this is a point you just can't seem to grasp. You don't think for yourself beyong looking at the star ranking and it's pathetic.


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Some perspective:

Michigan is #16 in team recruiting rankings for 2019, and they're #2 in the Big Ten, according to the 247 Composite rankings.


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Not a lot of upward mobility when you keep taking low ranked 3 stars. Will definitely get passed by PSU. Even last years disaster was still #3 in the B1G. Doesn't mean much when 19 out of the top 20 recruits in the conference were either going to OSU or PSU though. 

SMart WolveFan

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Uhh, he didn't struggle to sign a TOP 20 class, he struggled to sign a small top10 class and then failed miserably to salvage anything and, in the end, took three "fliers" as recruiting inched gently into the #21 class.

But, by all means, keep believing in your "objectivity" when it comes to all this.


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What is it exactly that you hope to achieve by basically repeating this in different words all over this message board for weeks or months at a time? To convince people they should be as permanently aggrieved as you are about the state of Michigan football recruiting? It's just so tiring, dude. 


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interesting thing about Bluey is that he knows that the overwhelming majority of people in this community don’t want him here. yet he feels like it is his higher calling to inject his version of “reality” into the conversation. how arrogant is that. where else in real life do you know of people who continue to feel the need to visit a community that does not at all want them there?