A Moment at the Frozen Diamond That I felt like sharing

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I was able to attend the Frozen Diamond this weekend and I had a blast watching Michigan kick the shit out of tOSU for the 2nd time in a row and overall for everyone it was a fun and exciting experience. With that said there were the occasional assholes in the crowd that really have nothing better to do than be annoying and acting like dicks. I was in section 128 row J seat 1. I sat beside some fellow Wolverines and nice people from Ann Arbor even some Michigan fans from Columbus and Cleveland. We talked and chatted from everything to football to hockey of course really anything Michigan related. 3 rows to the left of me in section 131 there were a group of 6 Bucknuts who were also enjoying the game but one of them in particular wearing a leather tOSU jacket and Brutus head hat was being a dick all game making his fanbase look like complete asses. He flipped off our band on the opposite stands to the right of the "batter horn" kept yelling "f Michigan" "go back to fing Ann Arbor" and mind you while he's yelling this there are a group of kids behind him and there father is sitting there just laughing and not even asking him to stop because of his off color language that his kids were hearing. I was blown away by his refusing to stop this man! His children looked like they were only 4 or 6 years old! Is this really how insane Buckeye mentallity really is? I was blown away and disgusted.

It gets better.

At the 2 minute mark at the end of the period he's basically taking all his anger out verbally at any Michigan fan he sees. (I have no idea how he wasn't ejected.) If you were there snow balls were being tossed here and there at some people "one hit my friend in the back of my head." I caught a person behind me lifting his arm about 5 or 6 rows back looking to hit me. I had my Michigan scarf wrapped around me and I'm not going to lie I looked kind of scary with just my eyes peaking out. He caught my stare as I shook my head in his direction. It must of provoked some kind of fear inside him because he dropped it right away. Now the dick in section 131 got a surprise and a sight I'll never forget. He starts running his mouth again but as he's running his mouth a snow ball flies out of no where and gets him right in the neck. There in the isle was this little boy no older than probably 5 or 6 years old chucking snow balls at this jerk and he was wearing (get this) an OHIO STATE JERSEY! And he didn't stop! He kept throwing them over and over and it was pissing this guy off to the point where it looks like he might charge the kid (thank god he didn't) so instead he yells out "YOU'RE EMBARRASSING US!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here's a man  who was yelling obsentities at Michigan making himself look like a complete ass and he criticizes a young boy for throwing snow balls and disgracing Ohio?

I couldn't hold this back and had to say something and I made it clean, simple and true. I smiled and yelled "YOU JUST GOT OWNED BY A KID."




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Lots of OSU dbags throwing snowballs into the rows ahead of me in my section. (sec. 157, row X). When they weren't just lobbing snowballs into the masses they were pelting any individual who happened to be walking up/down the stairs wearing maize and blue. Truly a classy fan base. I did have fun though, the ass-whipping handed to them was greatly enjoyed..


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This past weekend in Cleveland, we all enjoyed Michigan CRUSH SOME NUTS, of the Suckeyes, and yes the Michigan musical Cowbell could be heard banging in the background. On Friday, not only could you hear the Cowbell banging inside the Suckeyes home arena, they gave out personal ringing COWBELLS to the Suckeye fans. Then there was the SUGAR BOWL, down in New Orleans, a different state, and the COWBELL, was allowed into the Super Dome to cheer Michigan on to win. And then up at the Palace, Michigan played Oakland U, and yes, the Cowbell was there, being banged by the maize and blue faithful! But over the past two months, there has been TWO PLACES, that will not allow any kind of items or noise makers. I went to Ford Field for the Pizza Pizza Bowl, and NOTHING was allowed in there but your cash and your ass!

But then there is the annual Great Lakes Invitational, where Michigan broke the Sparty's hearts in OT, and won the tournament. But NO COWBELLS WERE ALLOWED, AND HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS! If it wasn't for me constantly reminding the Alumni Band to bring it every year, there would be no cowbell at any MICHIGAN GAME DOWN AT THE JOE LOUIS ARENA EVER!  The Tuba player has too much to do anyway, and that is the fans job. But the CRACKED JLA security, and their metal detectors, stand at attention looking for a MICHIGAN TERRORIST, carrying a cowbell, so they can eject them, and make themselves feel safe!

But while they were patting people down for COWBELLS, the Spartan faithful who sat where I did near the Michigan Band, kept hauling beer up there. And more BEER! Before the game was tied, the Spartys couldn't handle their liquor, and started some pushing and slur matches along with a couple of fights. But the YOSTERS, would not have it, and policed the area, as the Spartan fans cursed us all! As Michigan won the game, the Spartans who hadn't tipped out before the YELLOW AND BLUE was played, went at it again. Then the CRACKED JLA security flew into action to, escort the drunken guys in green, down the steps. And I turned to the guard and asked "where were you guys, they were going at it for most of the game! And this was right next to Mike Illitch's private box! The guard asked me, "how come you didn't tell us"? I sat there is SILENT ANGER, until I told one guard at the door about what happend. " I told him it was DAMN SHAME, that these kids get sold all that beer, and a WWE Elimination Chamber match breaks out, but we Michigan hockey fans, CAN'T BRING A GOD DAMN COWBELL into their precious arena! Five years ago, they ejected me from the building for trying to bring a cowbell into the game. I have seen them take them from people or make them take it back to the car or leave it.

Now if you are a Michigan fan, who unlike some in the Deckers Club,acutally ENJOY having the Cowbell at games supporting the team, there is something you can do, WRITE A FREAKING EMAIL! The Michigan Cowbell is OUR TRADITION, and we can not let these mental midgets down at the Joe Louis Arena, KILL THAT TRADITION. It is a musical instrument and not a LIFE SIZE STANLEY CUP REMAKE, or an octopus, which are allowed into the building. So if you please can, pass the word, write an email, contact members of the band, past and present, and pass this email address on, to write these bucketheads, to RETURN THE TRADITION OF THE MICHGAN COWBELL, TO THE JLA.Goto http://www.olympiaentertainment.com/default.asp?olympia=42 f 

Stand up for yourselves and don't these little Homeland Security Wannabe's, KILL THE TRADITION OF THE COWBELL.


Feat of Clay

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I think it's low-class to swear in front of families, but it's not worth outrage.  Seriously, unless you're going to one of those minor-league baseball parks with a "family section" (ugh), as a parent you prepare your kid and make it an opportunity to talk about your values.  Guess what kids, you're going to see and hear things that we'd rather you didn't emulate.   Kids can handle it.  Maybe you got a legit problem with a 2-year-old who will repeat an f-bomb without knowing better, but preschoolers on up are more than capable of understanding that not every adult is a role model.

Seriously, I've taught my kid plenty about sportsmanship & class thanks to Michigan sporting events.   Some of the nicest moments have come when someone's being inappropriate, spots my kid, and promptly settles down and apologizes to us.  That seems to happen more often with rowdy college students than rowdy older adults, go figure.  

Caveat: Kid gets the same talk when MOMMY CAN'T FIND HER G-D EFFING CAR KEYS so he's used to the "don't repeat everything you hear" standard.


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My friends and I were at Harry Buffalo before the game and ran into John Merrill's mom. Didn't want to make it weird and ask why he was suspended, but she was very cool..and actually pretty good looking. Seemed like she was enjoying herself and just volunteered the fact that she was his mom when she saw all of us in Michigan gear.


Not worthy of a thread, but wanted to throw it out there.