Michigan holds OSU to lowest rivalry point total in 70 years

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on January 30th, 2019 at 2:05 AM

Michigan's 65-49 win tonight is the fewest points OSU has scored in 70 years.

1/29/1949 at Yost Field House, Michigan beat them 54-48.

70 years ago to the day.



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At 83.8, we now have the all-time (going back to 2002) best Adj Def in KenPom.  There’s still a lot of basketball to be played, but this defense is historic.


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Thank Yaklich for the defense.  We have a pretty good set of data that shows throughout his career, Beilein is a less than stellar defensive coach.  What we are witnessing is a 2 headed coaching monster.


Credit to beilein for swallowing his pride and giving up the defensive end of the floor.  Credit him for finding Yak....but the historic numbers are Yak's teachings.


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Obviously Yaklich has had a major impact on the defense, but the key defenders (Matthews, Simpson, and Teske) were all on campus waiting for him.  Beilein appeared to alter some of his recruiting tendencies in advance of this defensive renaissance, and then found an assistant who could maximize the talent on the team.

In fact, it’s a very Beilein thing to do.  For decades he ran offenses that relied on 5-out strategies, launching threes because they were more efficient than twos, and could recruit overlooked players with that skill.  Now that the rest of basketball has finally caught up to him, he’s finding players who are overlooked because they are NOT shooting threats, and is lapping the field on defense instead of offense.


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I was going to take the under @ 130 but was worried about OSU and a lot of fouls and stoppage. Figured if OSU barely got 60 vs Rutger Maryland and freskin Iowa that had to be a good sign. 

I think we couldve hung another 10 on them easily. Poole was getting under their skin. 


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Did you know?

In 1949, the baskets consisted of a peach basket on one end of the court and a car tire on the other. I imagine that made it much harder to score.

This makes last night's OSU point total even more impressive.

Perkis-Size Me

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If you ask the players, the coaches, and many fans on this board, they'll tell you a far different tale. Doesn't matter the sport: when you play OSU, you should be feeling nothing but pure, straight, unadulterated hatred. The other sports may not get as much publicity as the football side of things do, but the rivalry transcends the individual sport. 

I get more far more satisfaction, regardless of sport, out of beating OSU vs. beating MSU. I get why some folks think differently with basketball, and maybe if I grew up in Michigan I'd have a different answer. But if you asked me who I'd rather beat, and assuming that beating MSU wasn't the difference between winning the Big Ten, going to the Final Four, etc., I'd take beating OSU every single time.