McMurphy regarding Powell, Ohio Police report "changed"

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McMurphy has been quite active on twitter ( and I thought it was worth its own thread especially for his latest facebook post that just dropped about 12 minutes ago as of now regarding the 2015 arrest report incident.

Full post here in the link with part of it quoted below:


"On July 24, the Powell, Ohio, Police Department released a “revised report” about the 2015 incident – nearly three years after the incident – and the Powell Police Department changed its original report and now had the arrest box unchecked in its “revised report.”

I asked Powell Police Chief Gary Vest and director of communications Megan Canavan why Powell Police changed the original report. They said because “the terminology was different.”

That didn’t make sense to me last month and it still doesn’t today: either you are arrested or you’re not. You’re pregnant or you’re not pregnant."



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I see what you are saying but I am very disappointed. I feel like I should give up on watching football. That is what I did with politics. Stopped watching any news channel. Hope I will feel different tomorrow. Can't get over the fact that powerful people get away with things time and time again. I am blabbering now...


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I'm guessing more dirt will come out. They will regret putting a time limit on the investigation and shoving this thing through without getting to the bottom of everything


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I'm not really sure what else could come out. I don't think McMurphy has anything else left in the chamber. The amount of horrible things that did come out against Zach Smith were there and I don't think there's going to be anything groundbreaking to come out. OSU will suffer the near-term reputation hit but unless a future scandal occurs this will become old news after this season.


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Because of all these things happening this year, Urban will have heart problems at the end of the season plus having lost to us because of it. Go Blue!


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Ok, so if this true and the report was "revised" on July 24th, then this means that Meyer and Gene Smith knew that Zach Smith was arrested and their statements during the press conference about not having cause to fire him and "monitoring the situation" are lies


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OSU is fucked.  Their entire defense is accepting Urban Meyer's testimony that Shelley never showed her husband the photos or texts from Courtney regarding the clear evidence of abuse.  But Gene reported the contact he had from the police?  That is just so f-ing lame.  The press is going to fry their ass.  No?


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The Powell PD covering up for the local football coach. Like all good cover-ups, the latest revelation will get other journalists investigating.  And, more will come up. I don't believe this was address two weeks ago; but, the fact that it shows an active changing of arrest status shows that society simply doesn't address domestic violence well.  Let's be honest, Zach Smith should have been in jail a long time ago. And, the system (police and attorneys) have protected him and Urban Meyer and Ohio State. If this happened at our beloved school, I would want justice to be served. 3 game suspension is not justice. If it weren't for McMurphy, Zach Smith would still be employed and coaching on the sidelines today . . . think about that.  

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Hopefully some journalism student runs with the story of the Powell police department.  The excuse that "terminology changed" is pretty drastic to say something like, employment and background checks?  One minute you've been arrested, but all of a sudden 3 years later you're now vindicated due to terminology?  Wow.  Glad to know someone's record can flip to the good as long as your well connected in Columbus with the OSU inner circle.

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Still hope someone does more digging into the Powell police department, given what seems to be unusual circumstances with the way too coincidental timing of the police report change 3 years later.  Are the decision makers on this somehow related to the Bruce family?  Is anyone tied to Zach Smith?  Everything just stinks too bad.  If terminology change really is the reason, then there should be a full scale investigation of their "arrest" records from the last several years just to make sure some average joe isn't entitled to basically have his record cleared due to terminology changes.


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Investigation report reveals in May 2014 on recruiting trip to Florida, Zach Smith ran up $600 bill at a strip club along with another OSU football coach. Urban Meyer warned Smith if it happened again, he would be fired

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) August 23, 2018


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After Zach’s 2014 strip club trip, Urban changed Coaches Manual “morality clause;” staff was to “avoid strip clubs/venues that would embarrass” OSU & prohibited “pornography on any school issued phone” Meyer did not report to compliance. In 2015, Zach took his White House photo

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) August 23, 2018


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McMurphy is dropping bombs left and right now.  💣💣💣  Strip clubs, failure to act after Gene Smith suggested letting ZS go.  You know he's not happy and going to rain haymakers all season.......especially after the OSU twitter mob harassment.

The Fan in Fargo

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There are no actual (real) checks and balances on police departments. Nothing you can do there. Exactly a major reason why all of the players in the NFL won't stand for the national anthem. 

UM Griff

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Disgusting, but not surprising.  Behavior by this Police Department is no different from than the Talahassee  PD sweeping FSU’s misdeeds under the rug.