Let's all take a moment to laugh at Cris Carter

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And reflect on what a huge scumbag he is....

He broke NCAA rules, lied, and was kicked out of Ohio State:

Cris Carter, whose 168 career receptions are tops in Ohio State history, was declared ineligible for his senior season yesterday for accepting money and signing a contract with an agent. The deal from the agent outlined Carter would receive a $5,000 interest-free loan and monthly payments of $1,800 for the rest of his college career. The contract would be postdated to Jan. 2, 1988, the day after Carter's last possible game as a senior if he reached the Rose Bowl. On July 15, Ohio State athletic director Rick Bay declared Carter ineligible for the 1987 season. He also faced criminal charges after attempting to conceal information from the government. Carter would later be convicted of mail fraud and obstruction of justice, the only player out of 44 athletes charged in the FBI investigation. He was fined $15,000 and ordered to perform 600 hours of community service.

He abused drugs and alcohol in the NFL:

Carter's dismissal from the Eagles was less about performance and more about his drug and alcohol abuse. Carter got caught up in that milieu and saw things quickly spiral out of control. Carter was drinking heavily and using cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy on a regular basis at that time, and he failed three drug tests over a three-year period before his coach, Buddy Ryan, finally gave up on him and released him in the summer of 1990.

He told Michael Irvin's wife to leave him:

In a radio interview on Wednesday, the former Dallas Cowboys great revealed that Carter told Irvin's wife to leave him back when her husband was struggling with substance abuse. "I don't know what year it was, we were in the Pro Bowl. And all Cris is trying to do, he's just trying to share his experiences," Irvin told ESPN's Dan Le Batard. "He said to my wife -- he said to my wife -- you know, Michael would never come out of this problem until you leave him. Till you leave him. For years, I've held it. I've never shared that with anybody. I've never in my life shared that with anybody. I was so irked with Cris because he was out of line then. His ... is out of line now. He is out. Of. Line."

He told NFL players at the league's rookie symposium to "get a fall guy":

“Y’all not gonna all do the right stuff. I gotta teach y’all how to get around all this stuff too. If you gonna have a crew, one of them fools got to know he going to jail.” 

He blamed Geno Smith for getting punched in the face by his own teammate:

In a world of all-encompassing sports media, it’s no surprise someone prominent has already said something stupid about the sucker punch that will sideline New York Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith for 6-10 weeks. It’s also of little surprise that said person was ESPN’s Cris Carter. The Hall of Famer (seriously, how did that happen, HOF voters?) opted for the tried and true “blame the victim” rationale, but not with a semi-defensible “Geno should have walked away” explanation but with a knock of Smith’s locker room leadership. Read the quote here, but if you want the full Carter experience imagine it’s written all in CAPS. “It’s a lack of leadership on Geno Smith’s part that he would put himself in harms way to get sucker punched.”

He was fired from ESPN:

Carter’s hypocritical and outlandish statements proved to be too much for ESPN who, in addition to the news of Carter and Lewis leaving, announced that Carter’s former teammate, Randy Moss, will be joining the network. ESPN doesn’t have enough airtime to broadcast the NFL’s concussion problem while dealing with a headache of their own.  

He cheated on his wife:

One-time ESPN makeup artist Sue Baumann alleged Berman made inappropriate comments and sent her inappropriate text messages going back to 2011. The sexual harassment claims stem from Baumann’s work with “Sunday NFL Countdown.” The Big Lead also reported Baumann revealed an extramarital affair with another “Sunday NFL Countdown” talking head, Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, to ESPN brass in 2013

He accused Chandler Jones of using PCP laced marijuana.

Cris Carter on Chandler Jones: "I think he was smoking marijuana and I think he was smoking some marijuana laced with PCP."
Oh boy Cris — mike freeman (@mikefreemanNFL) January 15, 2016


So yeah, not going to put a lot of stock into what this clown claims to know about Jim Harbaugh's career aspirations two weeks before NSD and 24 hours after OSU just lost the best coach in program history. I'm amazed this guy has a job let a lone a platform to spew this nonsense.



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I agree with everything in the OP's post except for Geno Smith.  If you as a man, tell another man that you aren't going to pay him back for airline tickets to a charity even Smith was supposed to have and then tell that man "And You won't do anything about it" and then you get punched...that is on you.  LOL


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False, they did have an affair but they both worked for ESPN for several years afterwards. But that did result in them being assigned to different games/locations to keep them apart.

Way back in 1999/2000 Herbstreit cheated on his wife with a co-ed at Florida. He didn't wear his wedding ring and google didn't exist, so she was not aware of his marriage. When she found out she dumped him and he begged her to stay, saying he would leave his wife for the co-ed. Said co-ed started dating senior QB Jesse Palmer. Herbstreit then trolled Palmer when he called Florida games.

Has to be a bit awkward now that they work together....


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So you are suggesting that despite enormous personality defects a guy ultimately succeeded in life and people continue to pay attention to him simply because he was good at football, but in actuality he doesn't have that much credibility?


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Based on his biography, his metrics for success are non-identical to mine and yours. 8 Time Pro-Bowler, adored by people who don't know better, makes more money that all of us combined saying nothing useful for Fox Sports - my guess is that he is satisfied with himself and hasn't given a second thought to anything in the OP.