Jim McElwain is the next CMU head coach

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BREAKING: Jim McElwain will be the next head football coach for Central Michigan, per sources.

— Evan Petzold (@EvanPetzold) December 2, 2018



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Because this board and the majority of posters are no better than mlive or a freep comments section. Its hot take after hot take one worst than the next. It wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a vocal minority trying to posit this place as somewhere more reasonable or intelligent than any other sports related message board. Its really not it's the same as anywhere else. The difference is the front page content the board could be shut down and the site overall would be better for it.


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It makes plenty of sense. To just look at the final score and say "We scored 39 points, there is no problem" is too simplistic. We couldn't score TDs when it mattered.

The offense needs to evolve to keep up with today's college game. Or at least our play calling does. Neither will happen unless we bring in a real OC from outside the program.


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It was 41 - 19 late in the game.  We added 20 points when Ohio State was in dancing-around-in-victory mode.  Also, 6 more points were scored from within the 10 yard line after an OSU turnover.

While the game was competitive, our offense only scored 13 points on its own.  That's why we are mad about “dinosaur” ball.  

62 points is an extreme case, but the point is that no defense is going to hold teams like Ohio State and Oklahoma to a couple of scores.  You can't go in expecting that.  Your offense has to keep pace. 

You can fix any defense problem you want, but you are still not going to beat Ohio State by "controlling the ball" while only putting up 3 field goals in the first half.


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Exactly! Damn why is it so freakin difficult for people to grasp this??

Was the defense beyond horrid? You bet your fat ass it was.

Was the offense great? LOL not even close. The entire last quarter of the season the offense was showing plenty of cracks and holes and completely failed to show up against OSU until the game was already long lost. 


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I think, at least hope, that those clamoring about are looking at this in totality.  Michigan did not really face a tough schedule this year in terms of Defenses faced at least.  Only MSU and ND finished in the top 25 (14-22), against whom the offense struggled mightily.  Taking into consideration the struggle against Osu's 67th ranked D and NW 48th ranked D,  its obvious if you want to compete in todays college football you need to be able to put up points constantly against quality opponents, especially when they re putting points up vs you and Michigan has failed to do so.

However, I agree, 62 points is also completely unacceptable and we shouldn't ignore that either.  It is just I have much more confidence in Don Brown, Greg Mattison and Co. to adjust than I do the offense.  


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Not sure how much McElwain contributed to the offensive game plan but I do feel like he did a good job with the wide receivers and they were much better this year. With that said I also feel like Roundtree will do a good job if promoted

Goggles Paisano

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Why is everyone so pissed at Pep?  The hatred has been dialed up to 10 since the osu loss and we lost because of no pass rush.  Some of you just want to bitch to bitch and you have no clue about anything.