James Light Tweets About Jim's Great Game Plan vs Ohio State

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I'll leave it up to the experts to discuss the more technical details, but this breakdown seems very encouraging with Shea coming in and all the other quarterbacks having another year of experience.





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it was well covered by OSU except Jerome Baker for whatever reason stopped covering him and committed a cardinal sin of keeping his eyes on the backfield too long and spun around when he should be flipping his hips to the outside.

JOK led McKeon a bit too far. That was huge missed opportunity to score a TD right there


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If only our qb wouldn’t have missed wide open receivers all game and then decided to pretend he was playing backyard football and threw a kickoff in the air when we still had a chance to win, maybe we could have pulled that out. This year I hope is different because I’m real sick of losing to Osu.

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Execution was the only thing missing that day.   Catch the easy pick and a few more good throws by the QB and we have likely a comfortable win.  That game plan in comparison to the prior 11 games was out of sight.  


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often has as its deeper cause not having enough talent.  QBs who miss throws, dropped passes, runners who miss holes, defenders who miss tackles.  It all goes back to our players not being quite as good, and not making as many plays as the opposition.  And as we've seen, it only takes a few plays to turn a game.


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Give me the Jimmies and Joes over Xs and Os everyday of the week and twice on Saturday.  Not to downplay the importance of a good game plan and, as important, good play callling, but talent probably wins nine times out of 10. 

I looked at the 247 Composite class rankings 2015-2018 (4 years) for the top five in the Big Ten, and Bama, Clemson, and UGA.  For the Big Ten over those four years, OSU averages a 3.75 class rank.  Next is PSU at 13.5 (yet we hear how great Franklin is at recruiting and that won't get you into the CFP or a nattie, but he got his first top 5 class in 2018 so that may very well change).  Then it is UM at a 17.75 average, followed by MSU and Wisky at 27 and 39.75, respectively.  Xs and Os do matter in East Lansing and Madison, and what Dantonio, Chryst and their staffs have accomplished is quite remarkable.  By comparison, Bama, Clemson, and UGA have averaged 2.25, 10.75, and 4.0 class ranks over the past four classes.

Size of class can skew class rank in both directions.  Clemson had some 14 and 16 player classes, while Bama's 2017 class was close to 30 as I recall.  So average player rating may be a better measure.  Ohio State's average player rating the last four years is 92.93, compared to Bama, Clemson, and UGA at 93.105, 91.24, and 91.75,, respectively.  The only other Big Ten teams that come close to 90 are UM at 89.40 and PSU at 89.28. 

Since his first Ohio State class in 2012, Urban has had only top 10 classes.  Six of his seven have been top five with only the lowly 2015 class being his worst at #7.  What Saban has done at Bama is legendary, and Swinney shows you what tithes and offerings can accomplish (just ask a Gamecock fan). 

Jimmies and Joes can't always overcome a bad game plan or awful play calling or inconsistency at the most important position, but show me the best game plans without the Jimmies and Joes and I'll show you MIchigan State.





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and one good scoring drive may have put the game away. But the D failed when they let the OSU freshman QB pick them apart.  I sure hope our Safeties play is better. We need someone to stop the easy scores. It is a shame since the D plays excellent for about 95 percent of the game but often let big plays beat them. If our D was a true top D, we would have beaten WI and OSU, no matter how poorly our offense played.


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I don't know why this is getting downvoted so much.  I mean I guess you could say you should have made a more optimistic post, but the context is right.  Most Everyone thought O'Korn would come in and be the difference maker.  Many were shocked when he didn't start.  Then we saw him play.  Yes, you can always point to somewhere else on the field as part of the cause, but in the end, he didn't translate to be the most NFL ready QB playing in college.  Maybe I'm jaded, but till I see Shea actually do something on the field, I'm hopeful, but cautious.  Ruddock was a great story.  Since then it's not been the same outcome.  


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One day we'll beat those guys. One day.

On a serious note, UM has had decent plans against OSU even going back through Hoke's tenure. There have been a clunker or two but for the most part I think UM coaching and preparation has been good enough to win now and again. UM just doesn't have the talent to hang in there for a full 60 minutes and pull these off. Hopefully we are building the necessary, quality depth to beat these punks.


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I mean it's almost like talent matters or something.

But I've come to learn here that scrappy two star athletes get coached up and take down teams of five star players on the regular. That we shouldn't "star gaze" cause its meaningless.

Something doesn't make sense.


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People are dead sure that our 3 star safety (OT/LB/RB, etc) recruit will be just as good as their 5 star recruit at that position because the coaches "saw something they liked".  But you can't just coach talent and athleticism into and out of existence.  It doesn't take much of a difference between two players on opposing sides (one safety dropping a key INT while the other doesn't, for example) to make the difference between winning and losing, year after year.


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Well, I mean, we lose to MSU on a regular basis who supposedly has less star talent . So it isn't always talent either.

If we went on talent we'd have the second or third best team in the big ten every year when thatsnoteven close to the case.


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will take a giant leap. Let's face it,  the top players are only going to choose the teams they think will win the national championship. Right now Michigan is not one of those  teams. May be it is possible this season but more likely in 2019. If we continue at 8-4 or 9-3 we are not going to really improve on recruiting. But Harbaugh can whip out good teams even with 3 star talent. So, I'm still optimistic that Harbaugh will turn around our football program.-


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Remember that Hoke was 'slowly' putting the pro-style offense in place.  He worked the pro-style, if you will, more and more each year.  He wasted DRob's talent after the Sugar Bowl by making him stand in the pocket more.  He utterly destroyed Devin Gardner's football career by making him stand back there like Tom Brady more each year.  Except for OSU, and the last few minutes of ND.  Those games he allowed Gardner to be a run threat, too.  And the difference in offense was stark.

I want to like Hoke becuase he's a good person - legit good.  But he destroyed too much about Michigan football make it easy...


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Since our last win in 2011, we were an interception away from winning 2012, a 2pt conversion away in 2013, had little chance in 2014/15, extremely close in multiple ways in 2016, and if we didn’t have some of the worst QB play in school history, we very well may have won this year. It sucks.

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Son of a biznatch. Seeing O'Korn miss that out and up in the end zone reminded me of just how easily Michigan could've ran away with the game if there had been a more accurate slinger in there. The refs helping them back in when they were down 14-0 didn't help either. Call it what you will but that's two years in a row that Michigan was on the brink of blowing those snakes out. The future is bright. Go Blue!!


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Offense was at one if not two standard deviations worse than the average Big 10 team last  year.  That, to me as a statistician, indicates a special identifiable cause which I hope Coach Harbaugh has corrected.  I don't know if the cause is corrected but it seems very likely that the offense will be (almost has to be) much better.

I believe that Tressel and Dantonio have won with less than  5-star talent.  I think that  a few 5-stars sprinkled in between 3 or 4 star 5th year seniors goes a long way toward good thinigs.

We will find out in September.