If you could add one former Michigan basketball player to the current roster...

Submitted by UMFanatic96 on January 8th, 2019 at 1:03 PM

In these hard times (thank you Al Washington), I am proposing a question about our amazing basketball team. If you could take any one former Michigan basketball player and add them to the current team to make them even better, who would you choose?

Note that in this scenario the player would obviously be in their prime, so feel free to include players from the 20th century.

For me, I would pick Nik Stauskas to better our outside shooting and free throw shooting. 



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Very few if any controlled a game better than Jalen Rose.  He is the primary reason for two final game runs.  

Point guard play is the driver for the ncaa.  And Z does a fine job   

CWebb maybe for post play and rebounds.   We are deeper at the wings but nobody did it better then Glen Rice   



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^ Truth

These are the only two suggestions that are correct.  Nik was a very nice player.  If he and Rice were on the same team, Nik would only play in mop up time at best.  

And Webber was the most dominant athlete (AC, Woodson, Desmond and Wheatley included) that I've ever seen at Michigan.



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Nik would eat into Poole's and Iggy's minutes. It has to be somebody at the 4 to round out the roster. Juwan or Webber would be my picks. Maybe even Rice. 


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Trey Burke.  I love Simpson but he is an erratic shooter.  If you add Trey Burke to this team, they're unstoppable!  Trey's ability to take over a game, hit 3 pointers/make you respect his shooting ability, and distribute would make this team impossible to defend. 


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You're flat wrong if you think Burke or Walton match Z's defense.  Z is on a completely different level than both players and only Gary Grant from Michigan's past is probably in the conversation. 


In fairness to Burke and Walton, they weren't coached by this coaching staff and probably would have been more than adequate defenders in this system.  Both were hard working, tough, alpha-dog guys that were decent-to-good at defense.  But they aren't Z.

The Man Down T…

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Yeah but...  The defensive training that Burke and Walton would have received if they were here with Yaklich would have them right there with Simpson defensively.  Or if you put Simpson in the 2013 team, is he as good defensively with out coach Yaklich?  I'd suggest not.  So, yeah, add Webber or Rice or Walton.  They'd pick up the defense techniques and thrive with them


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The answer to this annual question is always either Glen Rice or Chris Webber (maybe Trey Burke if PG is a huge void). For this team, I think Glen Rice would be most valuable given the team's inconsistent shooting.

Mr Miggle

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Yeah and I think there's a better topic for conversation. This team's main weakness is depth. Which former player would you add to help that? We should limit that to players who didn't make the NBA or who came off the bench here. Not fair to bring Rice off the bench where he could probably play everywhere but PG. It would have been nice to see LaVell Blanchard on a good team.

My answer to the OP's question is Jamal Crawford, mostly because he got cheated out of his Michigan career.



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Jamal Crawford, but NBA style Jamal Crawford. If we had a backup guard who could score in short spurts, it would be a great asset to this roster.


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The tricky part about this is that this team has good scorers but also great defenders. My first thought was Stauskas for the same reason you thought about him--knockout shooting. But the only place you can really put him on the floor is at the 2 or the 3, and that means you're taking minutes from Poole or Iggy or maybe Matthews, guys that you don't want to take off of the floor and (at least in Poole's case) offer something of what we want Nik for. 

Glen Rice as a stretch 5 intrigues me. Chris Webber doesn't bring distance shooting but his size and offensive potential would obviously be tremendous. There was some talk about Gary Grant a few days ago, and he could continue to be defensively solid while providing needed offense. But I wonder if Trey Burke could be turned into a plus defender on this roster--he was terrific at everything else, so why not?

I guess my ideal player would be someone who can approach Z's mastery on defense while providing a solid upgrade in offense, which in this era means he has to be able to hit 3s. I don't recall Grant being a deadly distance shooter, so I suppose I'm going to lean toward Trey Burke. 

I don't think Glen Rice really fits defensively. Chris Webber might, though, which could make him my second choice.


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Are we discussing NBA prime or Michigan prime? That's one of the challenges with these hypotheticals. At Michigan Webber was not a 3-point shooter. NBA-prime Webber, of course, was one of the dominant players in the game, so if that is an option he's a no-brainer. 


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For pure talent you have to go Webber.

For need you have to go C or PG who can also play off the ball until late when you pull Simpson due to free throws and put this person at PG. In this case, Webber/McGary, or Burke/Rose. I personally like Rose for NEED because I can play him with Simpson, still switch all screens, etc. - that said Rose and Poole would probably fist fight for the ball, so maybe you do go big.

For chemistry...McGary all day...he would give you energy and McGary and Iggy would be the most hated duo of all time. Teske would be the perfect big man compliment to McGary and if you wanted to go GIANT for a few possessions, you could play them together.


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Gary Grant was a 44%+ shooter from three. He only took 2-3 per game, but he would hit the open shot.

I still say, without hesitation, the answer each and every time is Glen Rice. He shot 51% from three his senior year on almost 200 shots!!! He could also rebound. I believe he averaged about 6.5 per game and that was with Terry Mills, Loy Vaught and Mark Hughes on the team. 

Could you imagine Glen Rice playing the four for Beilein similar to how he used Glenn Robinson Jr?


January 8th, 2019 at 1:51 PM ^

If Grant shot that well from distance, he's an easy choice. The defense at the 1 would continue to be very good and the offensive upgrade would be huge. 

Rice's shooting, obviously, would work well on any Beilein offense. It would be a huge asset to this offense. But I'm not sure that it would be worth the tradeoff you'd lose in defense for this particular team, compared to some of the other options.

But it's not like this is a real choice or anything. We're just having fun, pretending that football isn't actually a sport.

Roy G. Biv

January 8th, 2019 at 3:25 PM ^

Don't forget that while Rice did not have Allen Iverson feet, he had huge hops.  He was an excellent rebounder.  And just as good at highlight dunks as shooting 3s. Think how effective Duncan Robinson was on D and rebounding with a fraction of Rice's athleticism.  Rice tutored by Beilein and Yaklich is scary.


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Really can't go wrong with Burke or Webber. 

I always thought Burke was a solid defender and could really take it up a notch when he needed to (Steal against msu comes to mind). The potential for him to become a plus defender under the current coaching, paired with his ability to take a game over makes him a no brainer. 

I like to think McGary would have fit in really well with this years team. 


Tom Pickle

January 8th, 2019 at 1:13 PM ^

Freshman McGary would probably be the most fun addition to this team without changing its current makeup too much. He'd just play 10-15 minutes a game and fit right in with how this team is structured.

Any superstar level player is going to change the team into something almost completely different.