Horford tells a great story about getting suspended at Florida

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Stu had Horford on his podcast. Great story about Jon getting suspended for talking on the bench during a game and what he had to do to get back on the team.




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Quick Synopsis: Stu uploaded an audio file on the the internet. People from around the world can access the file and listen.

Stu used words, voice inflection, and tone to communicate ideas and the emotion behind the ideas. Depending on Stu's command of the language, some ideas were coherent and formed an interesting narrative that left the listener in the mind's theater. Or, there could be random segues and general what-have-yous that muddle the train of thought to a point, or worse there is no point. Generally, one is somewhere in between. 

there you have it! Every podcast in history summarized in one paragraph.

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Sorry. You're absolutely right, I should have summarized it. 

Jon was on the bench at the end of a game, and was joking with another guy while Florida was shooting FTs. Got suspended because Billy Donovan is insane. To get back on the team he had to have multiple meetings with what seems to be the equivalent of internet-ordained preacher. Based on Jon's seemingly very firm position regarding religion, this caused some issues for him.


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Yes sir, that decision to grad transfer out of Michigan just when he was in line for playing time looks better every day. How'd all the NBA preparation at Florida work out for your pro career?

There comes a time in every young person's life when he or she needs to tell his/her family to sit their behinds down and shut their behinds up.


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Are you really teasing him over a decision he made in college that did not physically, mentally or emotionally harm anyone?

Grow the fuck up. That's beyond poor form, it's unnecessary and just a dick move.

You even asked a condescending question as if Jon Horford was actually on this board and in this thread.

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I've listened to most of Stu's podcasts (mostly for the stories from his time at Michigan) and he is rarely complimentary of Coach B. I've never heard him say anything that's actually derogatory or overly negative about Beilein, but his tone and the stories he tells normally aren't super positive about his Michigan career, the time he spent in the program, or Beilein in general. It's kind of odd, considering the success Stu had here and Coach B's willingness to take a chance on him (I believe Michigan was the only power 5 offer Stu had when he committed).

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Stu was a good player here, a good kid.  Decent follow on Twitter.  But he's kind of anti-establishment when it comes to college sports an the "cult" tendencies.  

I don't think he's wrong, but I think there's worse things than being invested in your alma mater or team you like.  Humans have been doing this type of thing since the beginning of time (segway: I'm reading the book "Sapiens" right now).  Stu can chill out a bit on those things if you ask me.  Borderline "too woke."  


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I think Beileins first 5+ years here he had a real edge. It was what was needed to take our meandering program and transform it into what it is, and once was, today. Recently I think Coach B has softened a bit and in a good way. I think we could be a mediocre program where maybe the players really “liked” coach ala Hoke. Instead we got edgy coach B. Thank god for the griping we hear to be honest. The “Those that stay will be champions” actually still exists under Coach B. 


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Remember that time Horford transferred out of Michigan whining about how Beilein doesn't develop big men for the NBA because he won't let them play with their back to the basket, and then the NBA went all positionless basketball playing five out and Horford had no NBA career?


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Not a bad listen... Obviously Coach B is not an angel and may not treat everyone to the manner which we had imagined but the results speak for themselves... Pretty sure Horford is smoking some Pinconning Paralyzer towards the end, really made me homesick for a brief moment...


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Horford family is well known in Grand Ledge where they have lived since the 80's. Nice people although a little whacky and into some hippie shit.


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Good listen. He dishes on Billy Donovan (calls him a "psychopath") and even Beilein. Horford claims that Beilein played favorites with Mitch McGary. Horford was also upset that Beilein did nothing to try to convince him not to leave, while he flew across the country to try to convince DJ Wilson not to leave (apparently DJ was considering leaving Michigan after his redshirt year, which I didn't know). He and Stu do seem to have some positive things to say about Bacari Alexander. He says that seeing what Bacari Alexander endured during his time at Detroit made him never want to be a coach. He says that Bacari's firing was unfair and that the players he inherited at Detroit were spoiled brats. Overall, Horford seems pretty jaded by the realities of college basketball.


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The story of Wilson nearly transferring got a lot of media attention in 2017 when he exploded on the scene and went on to become an NBA 1st-rounder.

Horford seems out of touch with reality.  McGary and Wilson were objectively much better players than he was.  He gave us decent minutes as a backup center but never developed an offensive game in four years here.


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I think Horford's frustration was more due to his view that Beilein didn't make Mitch do some of the things that he made the rest of the team do. The fact that Beilein went with Mitch over Horford in the lineup seems secondary. 

Horford's take is obviously just one side of the story though. 


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Man I've seen a lot of former basketball players comment on the bullshit Bacari went through, and the fact they don't give any specifics makes me thinks it's extra bad. But of course Beilein plays favorites, everyone does. The more talent you have, the more leeway you get. Obviously Mitch McGary was getting a longer leash, but you give him a longer leash because he has the potential to put up a 14-10 in the NCAA tournament, including a dominating 25-14 against Kansas and their front line of Jeff Withey and Perry Ellis. You give that guy way more opportunity than a journeyman big that averaged 2.9 points and 2.9 rebounds in his career.

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Players aren’t even in the same stratosphere when it comes to overall skill and production.

Of course you give Mitch a longer leash, he had single games where he accomplished more on the court than Horford did in a season.

Seems like extra-sour grapes after not materializing at two separate big-time programs.


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WAIT!!! You mean to tell me that John Beilein flew across the country to try and get an NBA first round pick to stay...while letting a 5th year senior, 3rd string turned backup center leave and open up a scholarship for someone who would actually contribute?

/cluches pearls in terror


That scholarship was likely turned into MAAR or Dawkins.


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After listening to that podcast, I couldn't be more glad he left. Aloof while in a Michigan uniform, but angry about losing his starting role to a superior player. His starts were only given to him because the better player was hurt. He was clearly unable to deal with the fact that McGary as a sophomore coming off  multiple injuries was better at everything than he was as a senior. It happens - some dudes are better than other dudes at basketball. 

If that was truly how Jon was handling things, I don't wonder one bit why Coach B didn't drive down the street to try to convince him to stay.  

Also, I'm no priest, but his liberal use of the f-bombs made him sound even more jaded and childish.