Has the Bama dynasty ever been this vulnerable under Saban?

Submitted by Human Torpedo on August 17th, 2018 at 1:30 PM

Think back to November. They basically had a massacre of injuries to their LB core and that was the first time I noticed the sports media start to be critical of Bama's dominance. Then Auburn whacked them hard in Jordan-Hare. They got their sweet revenge against Clemson but then needed a miracle heave in overtime by a true freshman backup QB to beat the real SEC champions in the NC. Keep in mind Saban not only was undefeated against former assistants like Kirby Smart but had won every game by at least two touchdowns before then. Then they lose most of their defense including all of their elite secondary. Not to mention they only finished #5 in 247 sports recruiting class rankings. Mind you, I still think this year they are heading to the Playoff, but I'm not seeing this as vintage Bama dynasty anymore and can definitely bleed now. What say you?



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Wut?  Does anybody think Berkley Edwards will contribute either on kickoffs or some carries.  Fastest back on the team and only 2 lbs lighter than Higdon 


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I really hope so. I’d much rather have him than DPJ or any other starter on punt/kick return duties, assuming he can catch the ball cleanly. Unless there’s a game changer like Peppers, having a starter back there seems reckless.


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They had #1 class for like 8 years in a row until last year, they have 5 stars waiting in the wings, Georgia will be their toughest competition now to get out of sec because they can match talent level


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There was nothing miraculous about them winning the game...the receiver was wide open. Any QB should be able to make that throw (except ours last year). It wasn't a "heave". 


I wouldn't call a team coming off a national championship "vulnerable". 

Gentleman Squirrels

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As long as Saban is there Bama will continue being good. But they'll have a tougher time of it because Georgia is hot new team in the conference and Alabama's recruiting hasn't been as strong since Smart left. And they way Smart is recruiting, Georgia can pull off a dynasty similar to Saban's at Alabama.

The question is if Smart is as good of a coach to achieve the same feat. And how much of these teams beating up on each other benefit other teams in the country (Michigan, Clemson, OSU, Florida St., USC, PSU, Washington, Texas)? They also have talent and can take advantage of this situation.


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So because they don't have an apparently all-time great team and are merely a consensus pick to make the playoff with as good of a shot at another national championship as anyone their dynasty is vulnerable?

No, I don't agree. Saban is probably the greatest college football coach of all-time and he's still got that program humming along. To do what he's doing in the era of 85 scholarship rosters is absolutely insane.


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As far as vulnerability goes, Earth has had some close calls with meteorites the last few years. I guess that's the closest the Alabama dynasty has come to ending.


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This is a silly post, criticizing a team that just won an NC for the 1000th time in the last 1005 years (or whatever). That being said, I seriously doubt Saban can keep things running at this level too much longer. There are always outliers, and there's a chance he could be it, but odds are he will become less productive as he ages and the program will slip. 


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Quit drinking and go to bed. Alabama reloads every year. They are not "vulnerable" they are still the best team in college football and will continue to be as long as Saban is there. 

Go Blue!!

Perkis-Size Me

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No, and even if they are “vulnerable,” it’s only by their own standards. They are still stocked with five star talent. Their backups are still five stars or extremely high, top-50 overall four stars. 

Will they win it all this year? Don’t know. But they’re in the playoffs every year until they don’t make it. 


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My Bama-fan wife (born there, can't help it) will make some horrible Appalachia State jibe at me from time to time.  I just point out to her that in the same year, Alabama lost to ULM, and Saban was the coach then, too.

So I think they were more vulnerable then than now, personally.


Larry Sellers

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I think it really depends on the effects rising inflation pressures have on the overall value and size of the bags being delivered to recruits. 

Obviously, they need to get bigger bags. Saban is aware of the problem and is already working to correct the issue and get Bama back on top of the recruiting rankings in short order.


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I think this is a great question with some interesting points. I don't think 'Bama will crumble in the next 2-3 seasons, if only because of the stockpiled talent. But you're right about some vulnerabilities and worthy competition starting to show up. 

Re: 2018, the thing about young talent is that it can be managed with the right schedule. The reason I think you're onto something is that the schedule starts with a very scary Louisville team. Against a young defense, I could see Petrino pulling off a close game. In the first couple of games, 'Bama will also face a talent-laden and better-managed Texas A&M squad in their first four games.The cupcakes are super-soft, but there are hard substantive games mixed in. Things could get very spicy very quickly.