Harbaugh: Two players have left

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Harbaugh said today Michigan is under its 85 scholarship limit. Asked if anyone has left. He said two have but ‘I’ll let them announce that if they want to.’

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) June 3, 2018

Harbaugh says he hasn’t named an OC yet. Hasn’t decided if he will or won’t. Staff will go through more self scout this week and next.

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) June 3, 2018



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Who the writer here was, that said a few months ago, that Jim McElwain is going to be designing the offense each week for games. And that design is going to be used to call plays from.


I tried to do a search on Jim McElwain from the site search window. But it returned nothing.


Anyone remember?


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"Harbaugh says he hasn’t named an OC yet. Hasn’t decided if he will or won’t. Staff will go through more self scout this week and next."

Part of me thinks Harbaugh is constantly being strategic and doesn't want the outside world to know what coach does what for competitive advantage.

The other part of me thinks oh shit this sounds dysfunctional like last season's offense.


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Remember last year after the Purdue game when he said Wilton Speight had a "soft tissue thing.... he's dealing with some things", but in reality he had 4 broken vertebrea?


So I'll prefer to think it's one of his diversionary tactics, and not dysfunction.


But I will say too, it's a stretch for me to believe he has someone who as great with offensive coordinating as Jim McElwain, and will not have him prefered over Pep Hamilton, who doesn't have a track record nearly as good as Jim McElwain--regardless of what Jim Harbaugh lets on to the public is going on.


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So IF Brandon Peters is one of the 3

And IF he does early graduation

And IF Jim Harbaugh doesn't limit where he can go


Then Brandon Peters could, if he chose, be playing at Wisconsin.


It seems to me he is a perfect match with Paul Chryst. And as a Michigan fan, I don't like that.


But I'll wait and see who the 3 are. umbig11 said the news is out soon.

Goggles Paisano

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First of all, no reason for the backup QB to transfer when you are a RS Soph.  You are always one play from being the starter.  Second, he can't transfer today and play right away.  He would have to sit a year.  He is not a grad transfer.  Patterson was able to be granted immediate eligibility for obvious reasons that don't exist for Peters.  

Goggles Paisano

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Ok you're right.  I'm sure a true freshman who is known to be very raw, who completed less than 48% of his passes his Sr. year in high school is ready to be the backup QB for the University of Michigan.  In addition to all of the reports that continue to speak on his amazing physical skills yet speak to how raw he still is.  Pardon me for giving MY opinion on a message board.  


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of mighty trolls; Behold the Mineral King. The Shea fan so adament, that he is willing to make up baselsess nonesense for what, I persume, is his own amusement. Anything other than a shea led 3 years of UM domination is not think-able. Only Shea is worthy of QBing so says the might toll: Mineral King!  





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until summer camp. There is no guarantee that Shea will win the starting job, though I think he will be the favorite. The real battle will be between Peters and Dylan for the backup role. I doubt Peters will quit the team before the summer season. If he is the 3rd or 4th string after summer camp he will likely transfer after he graduates.


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Sure. We don’t know the players he played with last year. But we can watch him and see he had many issues with his mechanics that cause accuracy issues with his throws, in addition to the usual issue with true freshman QBs as it pertains to learning the playbook, learning the speed of the college game, and balancing school on top of it all.

Joe has potential. A lot of it. But as a true freshman, no way. He’s way too raw and has way too much to improve upon. If he plays, he will do horribly, and all of you fans will immediately give up on him the same way you’ve already given up on Brandon Peters.