Harbaugh expands on comments about Dantonio, MSU today

Submitted by Amaizing Blue on October 22nd, 2018 at 12:56 PM

After having some time to think about it, Coach Harbaugh has doubled down and expanded his comments about the Spartans, Coach Dantonio, and their program.  Let's just say he doesn't regret his original comments after the game-quite the contrary.




Communist Football

October 22nd, 2018 at 12:57 PM ^

From TMI:

"When you host a team, each team shares the field," Harbaugh said. "Each has a sideline, each has half of the field to warm up on. Michigan State locked arms and used every inch of the field in their walk in attempt of going through or over our guys in a physical manner. To call that unsportsmanlike or call that bush league is putting it mildly. That could've been a real unfortunate incident. As I said, it's the opposite of BS. Coach said that was BS, it's not. That's fact. I think it's something the two athletic directors should talk about."

Harbaugh adjusted his glasses and looked down at his piece of paper and continued.

"I'll go one step further and use Coach Dantonio's words from a few years back," he said. "It's not a product of their team but their program. That's using his words. That could've been unfortunate. I'm proud of our guys for keeping their cool and waiting for the game to (settle it)."

In terms of Bush's response to the incident, Harbaugh didn't have any issues with the way things unfolded from his team.

"I don't blame Devin," Harbaugh said. "I like the way our guys handled it."

Navy Wolverine

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I think it goes even further than that. This is what we have always wanted from Michigan football: the talent, integrity, intelligence, class and toughness we are historically used to (before 2008) but also with an edge and chip on their shoulder that we have never really seen at Michigan. We just aren't going to take a bunch of crap any more. This could be the one thing that takes this program from very, very good to great. 

Perkis-Size Me

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Making no apologies. Showing no mercy. But Harbaugh is calling the situation what it is. Calling out the culture of MSU’s program. 

I have to imagine future exchanges between these Dantonio and Harbaugh are going to be very short, and whatever respect the two had for each other is probably gone. Whatever. 

Harbaugh just walked up to an already raging inferno and dumped ten barrels of kerosene on it. Which is fine by me. About time Michigan showed the same intensity in this rivalry that MSU does. 


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I mean, exactly.  I've given up the ghost of MSU under Dantonio ever not manufacturing DISREPEKT.  No matter what.  Even when Hoke comes groveling back for UM's poor decorum over 3 inches of metal a foot onto the field, Dantonio still burned with fire to beat UM.  It's just a part of his and MSU's DNA under him.  It will always be.  There is literally nothing UM can say or ever do that would change that.  So just call him on his BS.  Lean into it, get back in his grill.  Like you say, what are they going to do, now really try and beat UM?