Greg Mattison Rumblings

Submitted by DaveHuck on January 7th, 2019 at 1:04 PM

Isiaah Hole just tweeted out an “woo boy”, followed by a “Say it ain’t so Matty” from Chris Wormley. Rumblings starting that Greg Mattison May be announcing retirement. Nothing confirmed, but there are several tweets with Mattison’s name linked.  Bummer, if true. 



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He's possibly going to Ohio State.




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Mattison would leave AA, where a lot of his family is who are big UM fans, for Ohio State, the hated and arch rival?? He realizes he just burned every bridge he has with UM fans right? That he won't be able to walk down a street in AA after he retires, with his family, and not be called a traitor? Is the staff situation at UM way more toxic than any of us know? Why the hell would he do that??

Edit: guess they dont' live in AA, but the point still stands. He won't be able to walk down a street in SE Michigan without being called a traitor.


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The thing I hate about these rumors is all the unknowns. 

I agree with you. Mattison doesn't owe us anything. That said, man... it would suck to lose a good coach to OSU. 

So... why would he do it? Money? A shot at a title? He's pissed at Harbaugh? Brown? What are we doing to try to stop this? 


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Did you read the article? Have you seen UM fans? UM fans on this very board? Regardless of whatever time he put in at UM, him leaving for OSU and bringing a huge amount of insider knowledge about UM, specifically on the defense, to their arch-rival, is an absolute betrayal to most UM fans regardless of any justification you want to attempt to throw out there .


January 8th, 2019 at 5:08 AM ^

You sure about that? There are more people on this site trashing Mattison than supporting him. Meanwhile, if you ever read the buckeye forums, the overwhelming majority have said they wouldn't be upset if Urban Meyer came back and coached again. They rwcogirecwhat he did for the program and wish him the best. Me thinks you have your fan bases confused. Way too many self entitled fans of this team who pretend to be so morally superior to anyone else. 


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If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, "Players and coaches do not give a damn about what the pathological partisans think". This is fact...whether whomever this applies to believes it or not...THIS IS FACT!!!!! I never cared, my teammates never cared, my coaches never cared....THIS IS FACT. One plays and coaches the game for the thrill of the athletic competition...THE END. Just grow up and get over it. THIS IS FACT.


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It seems bad on the surface because he is going to OSU. In reality, his contract was up and not being renewed. At 70 years old, if he doesnct want to retire, of course he is going to jump at a DC position. 

Michigan can put a younger coach in his spot, who probably will boost recruiting, and eliminates the annual talk about whether Matty is about to retire. On the flip side, I don't see it as a boost to OSU's defense, and probably means LJ is heading to Maryland.

B1G Winning

January 7th, 2019 at 1:38 PM ^

I’m going to try and spin this as a positive, because I’m confused:

Could this help expedite changes to the offensive and defensive schemes now?

Mattison has been around the team since before Harbaugh even stepped foot on campus, he knows A LOT about the program, both offense and defense.

All of that information inside Mattison’s head now becomes the property of his new employer.

Can this force Harbaugh and Brown to make some changes to their respective units in order to prevent an even more embarrassing beat down next year in Ann Arbor?

Maybe wishful thinking.. we never seem to be at the forefront of innovation here in AA. Just keep running into stacked boxes and maybe we’ll break off a big one.