Per Feldman, Ryan Day has agreed to a 5 year contract to be Ohio State's Head Coach

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The Bob Stoops story appears to be incorrect.



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I am not that afraid of Day. His resume basically looks like a guy who knows Urban and Chip Kelly and keeps getting promoted because of that. 


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I absolutely do not understand and cannot agree with this scorcher of a taek. You cannot look at this Ohio State offense and say it's Urban's (the personnel, sure, but the scheme? Absolutely not).

Every offense he's ever had has been focused on a dual-threat QB (if not an outright run-first QB) and passing plays were used to pick off defenses that started cheating to take away the run. Haskins is a pro-style, pass-first QB and Day constructed the whole thing around him. My inclination is to be very, very afraid of the next few years, especially if the recruiting continues apace.


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It's hard to assign credit when the head coach is also an offensive mastermind, though Mullen and Herman speak well of Urban's abilities to find OCs. 

For every Lincoln Riley there are dozens of similar situations which have failed. People act like Lincoln Riley was the first time ever a coach has retired and been replaced by a young assistant... he could be Riley, he could be Bob Davie.  


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Let’s also not forget that Lincoln Riley inherited both Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. I’m not saying he’s not a great, maybe the best, offensive mind, but he’s got more to prove yet. Let’s see how good he is after two of the best QBs in OU history, and possibly back to back heisman winners, are gone. 

Similair with Day. If Haskins leave we’re talking about a record setting Big Ten QB. In both cases I’d assume a drop off regardless of coaching acumen. 


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The jury is out on Day right now. Appears to be a very good OC but does that translate to being a very good HC?  Maybe but maybe not time will tell. Also will be interesting to see what he does for a coaching staff. Could be more changes.  Most HC hires are a bit of a crap shoot and this one is no different 

Yinka Double Dare

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Between Urban and Wilson, a couple very notable offense cooks were also in that kitchen besides Day. Different situation from Riley, who ran that offense himself. 

Not to say Day isn't what Meyer and Kelly think he is. But it's not as obvious as it was with Riley/Oklahoma that it was him. Of course, he can keep Wilson as OC if he wants. Urban was also a hell of a closer in recruiting. Ohio State sells itself to some extent but Meyer was an upgrade in recruiting from Tressel. Will be interesting to see what Day does. 


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It is mostly unclear how successful he will be.  There is a big difference between being an assistant and running the whole program. Just look at NFL and see how many great assistant coaches turn out to be bad head coaches.

The fact that OSU performed well during the first 3 games means absolutely nothing.  Also, the fact the offense he is running beat us means very little.  It will take 2-3 years to see the full impact of this coaching change on the program. 

I bet there will be some turnover among the other assistants and that could affect the chemistry of the program.   One thing we know is that Urban was simple the best and it will be difficult to top his success, which could put pressure on him and who knows how he will react to that pressure. 


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The Bob Stoops story appears to be incorrect.

As it obviously was when it was reported. Stoops is happily retired and isn't leaving his giant home and property in OK to go back to the stress of coaching a major program. The game also has very little room for the "CEO" types of coaches that Stoops was - OSU wasn't going to pass up on the young tactician for the old manager. All Stoops-to-OSU speculation was silly from the get go.


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I was actually listening at the time too and he did not say that. He said “Bob Stoops interviewing for the OSU job would scare me more than Ryan Day” or something to that effect. 


The previous op obviously heard the first part and was in such a rush to break it on MGoBlog that he didn’t listen to the rest.