Feldman reporting Manny Diaz is going to Miami

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per Twitter..

This means the Temple head gig will be opening back up...



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I wouldn't bank on it. Todd Bowles is now available. He is a legend at Temple, a member of the school's Hall of Fame and (like me) a proud Temple alum. He is so North Philly that he apparently   regularly wore the TU gear at Jets practice etc.

*If* Todd Bowles is looking for work he's going to be the first choice by some margin.


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my guess is because how the defense looked the last 2 games which is fair. However its Temple and Don Brown is still a highly rated DC. 


I have also read a lot of stuff about Browns system only working with a talent advantage... but no one follows that up with an excuse for what he did at BC.


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My guess is he was never under the spotlight at BC like he was at Michigan and therefore no one bothered to really evaluate it as much?

That, or we have a rancid locker room and our guys quit the last two games. This scenario I can believe (somewhat) given the transfers of players who are in line to start or play significant minutes.


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If we could win some shit worth winning the aggregate number of lost brain cells lost in the hours and days subsequent to another embarrassing defeat would reduce dramatically. And likely have an inverse effect on the average IQ trajectory of the mgocommunity. These are coefficient factors. No one is to blame. We're all just sick of not being great.


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Recency Bias. Truer things were never said.

46-42 in 7 seasons prior to Harbaugh.

we are a program building back up from real mediocrity, trying, so far as I can tell, to do it honestly and have a real interest in guys getting real degrees. But we are doing it in the Twitter age where people forget the lost decade (nearly) prior, and want national title contention now. 

Yes, I know other coaches have done it more quickly. And whatever else,  guys like Tressel and Saban are excellent coaches. Some of the best. But they started out with a much stronger position. 


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It took Dabo Swinney 7-8 years to get his Clemson program to where it is now.  And they were essentially Michigan under RR and Hoke.  You've got to have everything in place, including assistant coaches and infrastructure types.  Are they there yet, or just close?  It takes time, depth, and ability...


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2018 MSU- worst offense in the big ten and playing in the rain.  Seriously, they were awful, couldn’t complete passes to wide open receivers  

2018 PSU- Hurt Mcsorley without much ability to run

2018 Wisconsin- Hornibrook is terrible and they abandoned the run despite it working  

2016 was a much better defense but I think his scheme has since been figured out and exploited without much adjustment. Recensy bias or not, these past two games happened. The first half of ND happened. He puts his defense in tough positions where if they execute perfectly, all is well, but there is such a small margin of error with it. Teams have it figured out now and I am sure we’ll see it all over again next year. 


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Yawn. Yes, none of those teams were top 5. But those were all games with a lot of hype heading into them. And our defense dominated every single one of those games. MSU got held to less than 100 yards total. That is showing up. PSU has less than 200. That is showing up. Same with Wisconsin until a garbage time Qb. That is showing up. 

You dont have to stick with a bad narrative just because you didn’t bother to think before you posted. You can change your mind. 


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MSU could barely beat Rutgers, Penn State lost to a bad MSU and couldn’t score most the game against Michigan, and Wisconsin fell to BYU.

Lets try to be realistic here. We shut down a whole lotta nothing.

Good offenses torched us. Heck, even Florida wasn’t anything spectacular and the defense didn’t show up.


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Don Brown is a very good DC. I also think it’s fair to say he’s married to his system. Unless he has two safeties who are extremely fast and can cover his defense is exploitable. He chooses to stick to playing one type of defense and coaches to that. There’s no plan B.

I think heavy pass offenses like OSU’s will be able to exploit this defense consistently unless we have the talent of 2016. There aren’t very many good offenses in the Big Ten and Don Brown has exploited that. If people believe his claim of this being his fastest defense I don’t know how to help you. 


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The only position we’re faster at is linebacker. And almost exclusively due to Devin Bush. Safety is so much slower than 2016, viper is slower, corner is probably a wash as I’d bet Lewis is the fastest and Stribling would be the slowest. And D-line is obviously faster in 2016, the two best D-lineman on this team were reserves on the 2016 team. 

Without a doubt 2016 is better and faster save linebacker. This coaching staff is not honest in the preseason when discussing personnel. I’d call it the Fred Jackson syndrome.