Excellent Jabrill Peppers NFL Analysis

Submitted by mgeoffriau on March 30th, 2017 at 1:15 PM

Just wanted to share this video, I thought it had some great analysis by a self-admitted Peppers doubter. Thought the explanation of his role in coverage was really insightful.


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I do agree with you - the analysis was was fine, although I am always suspicious of just how many hours the NFL guys put into these as I never find myself in complete agreement usually. What I think the poster was trying to extend, and in a chuckle-worthy way, was the ongoing joke here that Jabrill isn't ready for prime time yet. I think we were all hoping - vainly, but hoping - that we'd be here one day talking about 17th year senior Jabrill Peppers still needing that final year. 

Mr. Yost

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And you sound like you didn't watch the entire video.

Because there are certain parts that no one can argue with and the analysis on his role is true. His job was edge protector and blitzer from multiple locations guy.

How many sweeps, runs to the edge and bubble screens did he destroy? He shrunk the width of the field.

The part where he talks coverage is....ehhh, IMO. We never saw Jabrill cover enough at Michigan to know if he was truly better in man or zone. I've seen him make plays on both and I've seen him get smoked in both. My personal opinion is that we should've matched him on RBs and TEs 100% of the time when talking coverage.

Anyway...you act like you can't agree with anything in the video just because you DISAGREE with some of the video.

(Or because you were offended by the opening...which I was because forming opinion with no actual knowledge is ignorant and the analyst says he initially did just that).


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"Their defense caused Jabrill to not have very much film doing what he does best: man coverage" I was laughing too much after this comment to take anything else the man said seriously. 


Anyone that can watch Jabrill for 5 minutes and not be blown away by his athleticism and ability has no eye for football or for talent. Anyone that can watch Jabrill and seriously claim that he excels in man coverage has no eyes period. Whoever does these videos is not good at evaluating football talent or strategy. 


And yes, I was at every Michigan game last year, and haven't missed a home game since I was less than a year old, and played football for 8 years....but I wasn't watching seriously. You're right.


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I believe I can translate DMT's post for the rest of us. It may not be word for word, but here's my best attempt: "My penis is 3 inches long (on a good dick day), which makes me feel bad about myself. In an effort to make myself feel better about my small pecker, I will condescend anyone with a differing opinion than mine, because I know everything and anything about Michigan football, because, like, I've been going to games since before I could walk."


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Ok -- so you're picking up on one thing in a 15 minute video -- the fact that the analyst said that man coverage is what Jabrill does best (which I will admit that I do not agree with) and use that to say that he must have not watched Jabrill play any football -- despite the fact that he just put out a 15 minute video breaking down film of Jabrill playing football...


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.. that Peppers needs to dramatically improve his coverage over what he did in colleage (including Brian's UFRs). His supporters just argue that he had so many other responsibilities and position changes that the coverage break-downs are no indication of what he can do when given man-to-man assignments or has enough repetition within zone coverage within the same defense year-to-year. I agree with this, but if he does not improve his coverage skills a lot (are his hips good enough), he will be less valuable at the next level, tho still valuable. 


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Dramatically? Please, he had some busted coverages, and some were in big games, but anyone who has watched enough football and paid attention to DBs would not be worried about his coverage skills anymore than a Leon Hall. As a safety, he has enough skills and hip movement to always keep the play in front of him. He'll play like John Lynch, only faster.

The worry: his hands were not the best. He'd have had five or more INTs if he didn't drop so many balls, which is odd because he was very reliable on punts. Yet, even then he did like to pick up punts that had bounced and did let a lot of close punt return chances go/fair caught them. To me, his concentration in catching is his biggest issue--he seems overly safe and conscious of getting clocked and doesn't risk many returns when there hang time on punts or to bouncy of a rugby kick. Still, he's smart with his chances, so that's better than RichRod's midgets who fumbled a lot (and I was a RR fan).


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the context is about whether he will end up being worth a top 15 pick, not whether he makes it in the NFL. To be All-Pro level at his size, teams will expect him to be able to blanket tight ends who are dramtically better than the ones that beat him on not infrequently in college, including a couple in man2man. 

Again, I think he will prove himself up to the task, it's just that the lack of proof at the college level is a logical concern for teams considering using an extremely valuable top 15 pick on him. 



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I thought it was a great video highlighting what Peppers can do. I thought it was especially good at showing where his perceived coverage weaknesses come from.

However, I do find it funny that he argues that man coverage is the thing Peppers does best after saying there is not much film on it. How do you know that if there is barely any film on it?


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You, DMT, and many others have picked up on this (I was a little surprised when I heard it as well). I think what he's saying is that Peppers as an athlete is well positioned to man-cover and it should be one of his strengths. The projection comes from the fact that he is an amazing athlete, has good top-line speed, and also has excellent agility and hip flexibility.

As Michigan fans, we are rightfully skeptical, because we did not see a lot of "great man coverage" from Jabrill. What this video highlights is that Jabrill was not often being asked to provide this and his role in the defense (outside shading / edge contain at all costs) did not set him up well to showcase these skills. I think with work on his technique (particularly lining up closer to WRs and better use of his hands) Jabrill's coverage skills will be a positive in his NFL career.


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Did all the complainers watch none or only half the video?  He says he's great at man coverage, shows him being great at man coverage, and shows him being bad at man coverage then explains that that wasn't man coverage, it was zone, and he was doing what he was supposed to it just looks like bad man coverage.


March 30th, 2017 at 4:26 PM ^

I like Jabrill a lot as a player and human...and I believe that he will be a solid NFL player.  Perhaps not Woodson-esque, but solid overall with a deep career in terms of season played.

Thinking of Peppers potential leaves one bittersweet however, as the Peppers era at Michigan did not result in any B1G Championships, no wins over OSU and began and ended with season-ending injuries.

What could have been...is how I will always view Peppers at Michigan.  A very good player, but not enough accomplished to rank him among the Top 20-40 Michigan players all time.


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It's wild to think of what Jabrill would be on this D 2 years from now. While I disagree with the analysis that Peppers' tape wasn't impressive, I agree that he will certainly play a different role in the NFL than he did this season. It would be awesome to see how Brown would use Peppers once he has a few years of his own recruits in the system.