DJ Carton

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Trending away from Michigan and announcing today, according to Sam and Twitter. 



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Well this sucks. Beilein will find someone else just as good because he always does, but I must say watching this play out year after year is baffling. No idea what this kid could be thinking as these programs are light years apart.

Blue in Paradise

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Honestly doesn’t seem like that bad of a decision to me.  He probably wants to be a 1 and done and OSU looked like an improved team under Holtmann.

He would be looking up at Simpson, Brooks and DeJulius (or at least 2 of these 3) his freshman year.  Even assuming he can beat out DeJulius and / or Brooks in 2020 - he would be a minimum 2 and done at Michigan.

This kid will start right away at OSU and get his 1 and done shot.

Blue in Paradise

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I don’t personally disagree with you - but try convincing a 17 year old 5 star (who probably has all of his friends, family and coaches telling him he is going to the NBA) that he is not going to be a 1 and Done.

I would also throw in that Holtmann did a good job at Butler with player development.  So this is not a totally irrational choice.

I guess I could see it either way.


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Well, that track record was with Matta, and I think you're selling Matta short. And I'm not convinced they will take a huge step back because I do think Holtmann seems promising. If Carton values seeing major minutes in his first year, I don't think he made a bad choice. Just a disappointing one. Looks like they finally picked up a good PG, probably the best since Conley.

Stringer Bell

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Which NBA players of note has OSU produced in the past decade?  D'Angelo Russell is literally the only one I can think of.  They've had a lot of 5* recruits amount to nothing.  Buford went undrafted and last played in France, Sullinger is in China, Deshaun Thomas is in Israel.


Like I said, I've seen this happen too many times before to get all worked up about it.  But that doesn't make it any less baffling that a kid who aspires to be a 1st round draft pick would pass up the opportunity to play for Michigan.


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Light years apart? OSU was 25-9 last year in Holtmann’s first year, and beat Michigan. Michigan has clearly been better in recent years, but I’d say that’s a gross exaggeration. Basketball isnt football, all it takes is the right coach and a few big recruiting hits to turn everything around


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Don’t be baffled - the reason for Beilein’s struggles to recruit the top 50 is obvious and already recognized by his peers. Is this the sole reason or the deciding factor in this case? Unknown.

UM just has to keep building a track record of great player development so the short-term “sacrifice” by players/AAU coaches/parents is clearly less than the long-term gains.


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This is too bad. I mostly wanted to see him go to UM because he is a local kid and the highest rated player to come out of the QC (ever?). Michigan will be fine but OSU? I don't get it. 


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No coffee for JB!

But seriously, JB was never a good closer. I was hoping the latest success would change that. 

I feel really good about the guard position, DJ Carton or not. 


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Carton had given OSU a spot in the top 3 even without a visit IIRC... so it seems like he always had a soft spot for OSU for whatever reason...

was there a previous connection between him and OSU's staff?

Disappointing, but not at all worried with Beilein at the helm...

we'll see how Carton's career turns out compared to whomever Beilein picks up in his spot


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Not shocking if he’s looking at the roster. He would be the 4th PG coming in next year. Obviously has the talent. It would t play right away with 3 guys who know the offense ahead of him. 


Gotta be a huge relief for Dejulius

Blue in Paradise

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Where is Maizen when you need him?  /s

stinks because Carton looks like a stud but PG  at Michigan is absolutely loaded for the next 3-4 years.

I am perfectly fine with Beilein skipping a PG is 2019 and waiting until 2020.


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Not one to say this much, but something is sketchy about this. OSU doesn't fit any of the criteria he's talked about and I've heard that Holtmann wasn't even on campus for the visit...

Blue from Ohio

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No way, not that I have any inside info, but OSU doing something sketchy with recruiting?  Surely not the same university that signed Mike Weber and his primary recruiting contact basically leaving the next day?  Blasphemy for you suggesting such from OSU.  On the other hand, they are definitely not on par with Michigan Bball and maybe hes just strictly looking for an immediate starting opportunity at a school where he will get a alot of visibility, regardless of the fact that they will probably not be very good.