Differences Between UM/Bama&Clemson

Submitted by DTOW on January 7th, 2019 at 8:53 PM

Yes, I know we have a game thread for the championship.  This isn't meant to be based on the play by play happenings of tonight but rather the obvious differences that we see between the quality of our team (and just about everyone else) and these two teams.


To me, I think we actually have the skill set at the receiver position that would be about on par with both of them.  I think our secondary from this year and Bush are obviously at this level.  That being said, I'm not sure we'd have a single offensive or defensive lineman (outside of Gary) touch the field for either of these teams.  The difference in size and athleticism jumps off the screen.  


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January 7th, 2019 at 8:56 PM ^

DPJ was rated higher than Jeudy and has a similar skillset.

If he went to Alabama, DPJ would be talked about Jeudy is because they adapt to modern football offense and actually *use* their 5 star weapons.

Hard to watch this game and feel anything but disappointment/anger. We're a lot closer than we all think. Not to winning the national title but winning the B1G and at least getting to the CFP.


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To me Michigan was with these teams defensively in 2016. The big difference was O-line and QB. Everywhere else they were close enough to compete in 2016.

This year Michigan was significantly lacking on the D-line and at safety. Chase and Rashan can hang, but the backup defensive ends would not. The biggest difference is our interior D-line. Michigan is a long way from 2016 both on the interior and in terms of depth on the D-line. That’s why it’s exciting to see how good Mazi and Hinton look both talent and size wise. They look like Alabama and Clemson players.

The secondary also is way behind 2016. While the top two corners are there; Hudson, Metellus, and Kinnel are nowhere near Peppers, Hill, and Thomas. Again it’s exciting hearing about the speed of Daxton Hill and Quinten Johnson. I’m really high on this recruiting class.

The big issue we have to me is O-line developing. 

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Underrated comment - nobody wants to acknowledge the white elephant in the room - when I say nobody, I mean nobody in the media or on Boards. 


And it wasn't "a" player that got caught juicing, it was probably their best player.  Of course, yesterday's performance was even more impressive given that Lawrence was out.  The other guys must have juiced up a little extra for the game.


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The difference is depth.  Michigan's best players can compete with any team in the country, but you can't expect to match up with Alabama when you're giving significant time to low three stars and walk-ons.

Can you imagine Tru Wilson playing at Alabama?  He'd be lucky to be the water boy.


January 8th, 2019 at 7:28 AM ^

You're the one trying to characterize Harbaugh's roster as being loaded with walk-ons and underrated diamonds in the rough; switch was just pointing out the dissonance in that argument.  Alabama consistently outperforms pretty much every other program in recruiting and that has translated into elite performance on the field, but they find their fair share of surprises too.

Cherry-picking Tru Wilson and trotting him out as some kind of symptom as to why Michigan isn't progressing to Alabama levels is the straw-manniest of straw-man arguments.


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This is it. Great players make each other better...and here is Saban's genius. He obviously sits these kids down, likely together, and explains the deal "Y'all are damn good but if you don't work hard and keep getting better you're not going to play". And I'll be damned-they are very good!!!

Swinney is similar...not the roster depth but a superior motivator...I would run through a wall for him.


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Clemson doesn’t recruit that much better than us... 

The difference is they don’t throw away scholarships for FBs and 1 yard dive plays. 

Elite offense > elite defense. Just need to stop the opposing team to 3/4 of their production and you should win