Callaway's status still unclear

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Just read this and I think it's funny that McElwain was "non-committal when pressed at SEC Media Days."

I'm sure that "In other words, it's possible Callaway might undergo enough internal punishment that McElwain thinks better of any missed game-time, though that remains to be seen."

I'm sure that slap on the wrist hurt.




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I'd be curious about this too. I mean, a situation that happens months before he start of the season can usually be handled in the offseason. If it's during the season it's different. We are talking about a misdemeanor before fall camp even starts... and it's pot. It's not that big of a deal really.

I mean, we all want their best player suspended for the game. I get it. But if this were a Michigan player, we would all be pretty "meh" about it.


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It generally gets the player a one-game suspension, though in the SEC, that game can be pushed to your Week 2 opponent if you have a big game in Week 1. 


I thought I had read recently that the NCAA or another institution was looking into how Florida handled the sexual assault allegations against Callaway. If that is true, then Florida may feel the need to dole out some real punishment to cover their ass. 


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No it isn't. Possession of marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Practically, the odds of a federal officer busting you for possession are minuscule, but, that does not make it legal.


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Check this out:

Biggest thing for video is to remember to switch to plain text editor first.

For pictures and gifs it's easist just to right-click and copy&paste(I think you have to use ctrl+v to paste in the comment box). If you use Chrome, you'll have to right click on the pic and set the resolution you want for size. If you use firefox, there will be boxes in the corner, and you can just drag it to whatever size you want.

Perkis-Size Me

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Doesn't matter if he plays or not. He doesn't have a QB who can throw to him. Gary or Hurst will have Zaire's ass on the ground long before he can any kind of reliable throw off. 


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Wasn't Calloway the same player involved in sex harrassment (or assault) charges in which the school assigned an arbitrator that was an alumni and big donor to the athletic dept?    In any case, that player was let off scott free, so the accuser, her family, and attorney, filed a civil case against the school (or something like that).  I'm pretty sure that was Calloway...


July 12th, 2017 at 1:54 PM ^

My bad...  They didn't file a civil suit, they filed a complaint with the US Dept of Education Civil Rights office, so now the school is under a Title IX investigation for the way it handled the sexual assualt claim.  The arbitrator the school chose is a member of the UF sports hall of fame and an athletic booster.

In any case, I'd say the Title IX investigation would have more to do with any suspension talk than the Mary Jane issues...


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Potentially losing Robinson from the roster would be a much bigger deal than losing Callaway for one game. I get it, it's our game, but we are scheduled to meet again.


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They don't have an elite player, good for us. 

If they have an elite player get a slap on the wrist and play against us, then they won't have any excuses when they lose to us.