December 26th, 2018 at 10:33 PM ^

I use to be all about cheering for EVERY BigTen team in EVERY bowl game...

...but after seeing most of the BigTen celebrate our loss in the Horror, celebrate our 3-9 season in 2008, seeing BigTen refs play grab fanny with Ohio State players in 2016, and finally seeing multiple BigTen schools have major scandals of earthquake proportions...I kind of don't care as much anymore.

Sure, I'll cheer for a few BigTen schools, but if some certain BigTen schools get blown out - I will laugh.


December 27th, 2018 at 7:00 AM ^

I have always been of the opinion that the correct rooting order, for purposes of college football, and at least in my case, is as follows:

1) Michigan

2) Chaos

Now, one could make an argument for 1a being games which help Michigan's position in the rankings, at least while we're still in the regular season, but given the nebulous criteria used by the CFP Committee, it's hard to know what those are. 


December 27th, 2018 at 8:35 AM ^

For me it's because the better the conference is perceived, the better it is for Michigan. In a hypothetical scenario (unfortunately) where M is tied with the same record as say a PAC12 team, in a playoff scenario the team with the better conference perception would have an edge. Also there is some pride involved in playing in a tough conference--ask the average SEC fan about that one. You can have a great record but it's discounted around the country--recruiting impact--if the conference is weak. The stronger the conference the better for us IMO. 


December 27th, 2018 at 9:01 AM ^

Yeah, I get the disgust with MSU, PSU, and OSU--terrible institutions with criminal pasts that just also happen to number among our greatest rivals. But I really don't like to see the SEC get all the drooling adulation from a paid-off punditry. I'm especially happy to see schools like Purdue, Minnesota, and NW prevail.

Still, I'll be happy when MSU gets pounded (and I believe they will). These days I despise the fact that they even share part of our name.


December 27th, 2018 at 9:07 AM ^

I don't root for the rest of the AL Central , I don't root for the whole AFC East,

You hit the nail on the head, even if it might not have been intentional.

You don't root for those other teams in the NFL because you don't have to root for those other teams.

The NFL has a multi-team playoff, not an end of season beauty contest.  You can win your way into the playoff even if the other members of your conference / division are winless.  You record is what counts, not somebody's opinion of your record.  There are no polls.  There is no committee.

The whole root cause of supporting other Big Ten teams is because you needed to look good in front of the eyes of the beauty contest judges to make the CFP, and before that the BCS, and before that the top of the AP and UPI polls.  Opinions of your team and its conference mattered more than the actual record of your team.  


December 26th, 2018 at 10:19 PM ^

OP hint:  print/copy the B10 bowl schedule when you make posts like this:

Peach:  good guys v. florida

Rose:  ohio v. washington

Citrus:  ped state v. kentucky

Holiday:  NW v. utah

Music City:  purdon't v. auburn (generic SEC cheaters)

Redbox:  sparty v. ducks  (p.s. what in the heck is 'redbox', a virus?)

Pinstripe:  badgers v. miami

did i get them all? (obviously minny beat G-tech)

EDIT:  thanks to jhumich, forgot Iowa is going bowling too v. Miss st.

Creedence Tapes

December 26th, 2018 at 11:31 PM ^

I heard about Redbox from a guy I know at work. Apperantly Redbox.com is a website where someone can watch various Internet videos of women taking off their clothes and hugging men or even women. I believe it's called pornograhy. I've never actually seen it, as it wouldnt be fair to my wife, but I've heard about it from my guys at work.


December 27th, 2018 at 9:38 AM ^

That Michigan team deserved every minute of that beating.  With the notable exception of Denard Robinson, every player and coach on that team quit on that game, and on their teammates.  I put the blame for that squarely on the coaching staff - Rich Rod should never have been allowed to finish out that game.  I can't be upset with the players - I would have just gone through the motions in that game, also.  But they did quit on it, so we call the spade.

No reason to be upset with Mullen, or Miss St, for the game.  They merely played football...