Are you already worried about DPJ not living up to his lofty rankings?

Submitted by aaamichfan on September 12th, 2018 at 5:35 PM

Consensus top 25 overall player in his class, so far has looked good but not great. Obviously he has an excuse last year with nobody to deliver him the ball, but in general his body of work looks more like a high 3* or low 4* recruit at this point in his Michigan career.

Obviously the guy is going to be successful as hell, and could very well be prepping himself to go straight to Medical School without any career in football beyond college. But is anybody else just a tad underwhelmed with DPJ up to this point?



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It's not about how many points you have, but it's a way for us to censor poor posts and comments so that more casual readers don't:

  1. Give too much attention and time to your specious opinions (it's a filter of sorts for those pressed on time).
  2. Think you represent more than the fringe of the rational fanbase. 
  3. Give Michigan fans a bad reputation. 


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While I may get an occasional neg, it isn't something that happens a lot.  I find this whole point thing to be similar to being back in elementary school.  

It is ridiculous when half the OP's start out by apologizing for committing the mortal sin of posting something that might have been done before. If you've read about it already, why berate someone who is trying to share information? 

Half of these threads have little substance until one gets to about half way through when snide remarks or cutesy comments finally end and substantive posts begin.



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You don't get it because some of your posts have been part of the problem perhaps, but folks have every right to be upset about it honestly. The downvoting was part of the self-policing mechanism on the board and now that's gone, at least for the moment, and it makes the place a much harder read in some respects. I used to rely on those massive downvotes to decide what / who would ultimately disappear, and now that's much harder to do. 


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That sounds like mob mentality to me. Is that what you’re looking for here? 

If I have been part of any problem here I apologize as that is not my intention. I know I can be direct, but I feel like I get cussed out frequently because people think I have all kinds of accounts. I think that is the bigger problem.... accusations with no evidence. 


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At worst, the multiple accounts thing is a wonderful joke that you have a difficult time accepting. Also, to call self-policing "mob mentality" is like calling taxes "theft." It's an over-reaction and polarized opinion stated for the sake of trying to give yourself leverage that you don't have. Just accept that your opinion isn't that well-founded and move on.


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Not sure why people think I have multiple accounts and really don’t care because it’s dumb and funny. Not tying to gain leverage, this isn’t a battle or even a debate, I asked a question. Taxes are theft in many cases in my opinion. Nothing to move on from, I’m not stuck. I like this blog and have for a long time. If I do something wrong and the mods ask me to stop I will. I’m not here to be mean or cause problems, I’m here to talk Michigan.  

Wings Of Distinction

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The op brings up a valid point. Nothing wrong with wondering why a stud recruit hasnt quite yet lived up to both billing, and massive opportunities.

Continued punt return foibles. Lack of wr production. Heck, Nico Collins has emerged past him as Black did.

And about the mob mentality and negative/snide responses:  Many on here take themselves way too seriously. And their petty condescension betrays this time and time again.

Go Blue.


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This community reacts strongly against people who spew the type of nonsense that's typical of other fan sites; that's why most current members have gravitated here.  This is a classic concern troll post and is rightly getting negbombed.

There seem to be a lot more posts with the new format, and the quality has gone way down.

UM Fan from Sydney

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Negging threads is needed. Negging users’ posts, however, does absolutely nothing because for whatever reason, the points don’t change anymore. Why we still have points listed is beyond me. As someone mentioned, negging a thread into oblivion makes the OP feel like a jackass for posting such shit. That is why it is needed. 


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That's my damn point—Howard had a very efficient passer (Taylor) and one of the best QBs in Michigan history in Grbac throwing the ball to him, and he STILL had only a small number of receptions in the same time period as DJP has had with lousy QBs throwing to him.


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I agree but I think it's been established that telling people they should feel bad about their thread topic doesn't work and isnt a reliable deterrent for future bad threads.

Edit: this reply was meant for Mr. Kalishnakov (i prefer the Eugene Stoner design)