Angelique interviews Charles Woodson - takes on Harbaugh, team, Brady, etc.

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On this episode of Angelique's View From the Press Box podcast, she interviews Charles Woodson beginning @ the 29:00 minute mark (also James B. Hawkins from the Detroit News who gives his takes on UofM men's hoops). 

CW tells the story of Shea calling to ask permission to wear No. 2; gives his takes on players sitting out bowl games; the Peach Bowl; Coach Harbaugh; Tom Brady (the G.O.A.T); the Heisman "controversy"; Mattison going to OSU (hint - he didn't like it); and discusses what he feels is the missing between how his 90's team got ready for OSU versus this era of UofM football.

Charles has some really fair takes, none of the ad hominem or "prisoner of the moment" attacks we've seen from former players that shall remain unnamed.  He describes an "obsessive" mentality when it came to beating OSU, how they knew if they could win that one game they were prepared for any other team.  He's critical of the team for not preparing better for OSU after Indiana exploited similar weaknesses and compared it to having a NFL "copycat league" awareness.

Overall nothing groundbreaking but I think it's always worth hearing someone with CW's G.O.A.T status and historical perspective offer critical but supportive assessment of the program.  Do you agree or disagree with his takes?




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I will point out the obvious: great players hardly ever make great (or even good) coaches. So much of what made them great was instinctual and natural talent, that they have difficulty relating such things to mere mortals.

But having him talk to the players with a few insights would certainly have their attention.


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This was a tricky season for Harbaugh.  Really, this season, the team we “had to” beat was MSU and we did that.  Retroactive, the 3 game stretch of Wisconsin, MSU, and Penn State doesn’t look like much, but keeping the team “up” for 3 consecutive do or die challenges (in terms of rebounding from last season) has to be challenging.  Those guys were dialed in for 12 consecutive quarters.  Frankly, and it isn’t an excuse, I think everybody was just gassed by OSU week.  

OSU did not have to put together a “we are back” campaign before the game, they kind of skated without expending much effort and focus.  Honestly, I think Meyer’s only concern this season was beating Michigan.  I think they probably prepped for Michigan literally all season.  If it looked like they didn’t care and did not prep for Maryland, it is because they did not care and did not prep for Maryland. He was gone after the season and he knew it.  He damn sure wasn’t going to lose to Michigan in his last game.

The biggest issue with me was that under the surface, their seemed to be a lack of cohesion within the Michigan program that was revealed after the chips fell.  The players did not seem really connected well with the staff and there seemed to be, if not discord, at least a lack of refined support between our core players and Harbaugh.  I think he is probably difficult for players to form a strong “bond” with.  Let’s face it the guy is difficult.  That seems like on open secret now.  I think the infusion of new young blood to the staff is just what the doctor ordered.


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I figure that he makes them practice so hard, and then if they lose, it doesn't bode well at all, especially when star players like Solomon and even Nordin were benched, and sowing discord among the ranks.  Compound it with Harbaugh being pissed at the players sitting, and you reap what you sow....

I digress a bit... we need more Ohio players, to win the Game...


January 18th, 2019 at 9:09 AM ^

Another theory that I have is that Meyer told the team of his retirement prior to the Michigan game.  There were a lot of signs during and immediately following the game.  

For example, this beating had a "Win one for the Gipper" feel to it on OSU's part.  They simply came out and played in a manner that we hadn't seen all year.  IE. Look at the protection the line was giving the QB, Did OSU block a single punt this year before The Game? Receivers were making the catches they had a tendency to drop all season, etc.

As soon as the game ended the camera kept catching Meyer's family getting emotional with him as if it were his last time coaching that game.  I also saw a lot of the players getting emotional.  

Mix that in with the sideline headaches and the suspension at the beginning of the year and I feel like the writing was on the wall and the OSU players came together and played lights out to send him off undefeated against Michigan and I believe that it was because Meyer told the team he was retiring at some point before the game.

This has been my opinion since the game was played and I may be completely off base.    



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I can’t believe this needs to be pointed out, but here we go...


Charles is a football expert and Michigan legend who responded thoughtfully and tactfully to a direct question.

This is in contrast to many people here who 1) say stupid and inflammatory shit like “Shea is terrible” or “Harbaugh is an abject failure” 2) tirelessly rag on one player 3) bring up the same fucking point that has already been discussed a thousand times. 

So ya. He gets a praised for discussing the lack of emphasis when questioned about it, and some internet dipshit will get negged for posting the same topic the 100th time on mgoblog. 


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not as much as you think.... the real issue is how many players we have NOT from Ohio.... we need the Ohio players because they know the importance of the Game, how it impacts them, their families, their life....  notice how once Tressel shut us out of Ohio, we haven't been able to win...not a coincidence... look at Higdon's interview the other day... implies that it isn't as important to him as it is for Ohio players.... Bo knew this, and he won... even Mork knows this, and he beats OSU plenty.... Jim goes after California and NJ and Georgia... fine for other games but not the Game...


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I think there is some merit to this point. Unfortunately it gets harder to recruit those guys the more we lose. It’s why Harrison was so shook after the game.  You don’t want to be an Ohio boy that defects to Michigan, only to lose for 3 years and have to spend the rest of his life with family members saying “told ya so”. 

SMart WolveFan

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Harbaugh recruited Ohio players as hard as any UofM coach, they choose not to come here.

But you're right, they need the Ohio players especially for "The Game".

Thankfully Urban Decay fumbled Ohio recruiting and now we have a goonsquad worth of Ohio players coming in this year; and even though Al Washington made much of it happen, the damn is cracked and we should be getting a yearly influx of highly motivated Ohio kids ready to show OSU what they missed out on.

Honk if Ufer M…

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No, you're wrong. It's a fact that they don't care ENOUGH, & don't play hard ENOUGH in The Game. MSU & OSU have intense hatred of us, they want to KILL us! The game is life and death for them. It's not the same for too many of our guys. They don't get or understand the rivalry in any serious or visceral way, it seems, and it's not emphasized to them, it's not explained to them. It's not dwelled on.

There are no heated passionate Bo style speeches, or mentioning, let alone harping on the plethora of reasons to be burning with desire, bitterness, hatred, embarrassment, revenge and the need to show themselves, show THEM, show us, show the world and show some fucking pride!

I have too many first hand statements, questions and answers from at least 8 different players during the Harbaugh reign for it to be in doubt.

The same guy that guaranteed The Game as a player now thinks every game is a business trip the same as all the rest. Even keel. NFL, professional, not too high, not too low.

Emotion, motivation, a narrative to rally around, passion, effort and the will to win are MUCH bigger factors in college than in the NFL!


January 18th, 2019 at 6:21 PM ^

That sounds like a bunch of bullshit you're spewing. OSU won because they're the more talented team and outcoached Michigan by a wide margin.  Both team were plenty motivated and passionate about the game. Both put forth great effort in this game.

OSU were the better team, period. Not that lack of motivation, passion bullshit ploy that would work in pee-wee football.

Hotel Putingrad

January 17th, 2019 at 9:23 PM ^

Here's the thing:

Charles was a GREAT player.

Great players become legendary from performing at the highest level in the biggest games, and they live for those stages.

Michigan desperately needs some of those types of players. DPJ could be one. McCaffrey might be one.


January 17th, 2019 at 10:46 PM ^

on one hand, I think it's wrong of former players to be critical in the moment...they played at the peak of the Moeller recruitment era, and Harbaugh is digging out the skeletons  left behind by Carr. 

On the other hand, I take Woodson's comments for what they are worth, he played at a level we haven't seen in a long time, and it wasn't all five star super human talent.. if it was why didn't Rashan make the same impact? Not taking a single thing away from Woodson, even seeing him face us in high school, that kid was better than our entire team combined...but his ethic and attitude went a long way and that's where I believe some of his approach could be helpful. Just need to balance situation and sugguestion. Woodson will be one of those legendary all time greats. Harmon, Howard, the Wistert brothers, etc...he was special and true blue just like his coach Rob Lytle.


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Charles Woodson is such a class act and has been truly blessed by God. Such a great athlete with ZERO off of the field issues/playing until his 40's and true to the University of Michigan through thick and thin. Players in his day were a different mentality and the team thought about the team first. As for Michigan, they had a great season this year that turned really sour at the end for reasons most of this on this board will never know about. I hope Gattis works out and I really applaud Jim Harbaugh for hiring an OC BUT he has an issue on defense. Yes, DB is a good coach but there is a major issue getting carved up when playing talented offenses. Harbaugh needs to clean that up and if Brown don't like it then head back to the cape 

West Coast Struttin

January 18th, 2019 at 7:08 AM ^

So he was wrong about Purdue. If he said Mich was the best in the B10 this year - he would have been wrong also. 

But he was spot on about Browns scheme. I myself didn't know if he was right at the time - but looking back he was. 

And Charles is the man & Marcus is his good bud. Both are Michigan greats...


January 18th, 2019 at 7:50 AM ^

Bring in the 2 GOAT's for a couple days in the off season, maybe during spring practice to watch and advise.  Great for the players to pick the brains of 2 guys who've seen everything on the football field and have the gravitas to back up anything they say. 


January 18th, 2019 at 7:50 AM ^

Bring in the 2 GOAT's for a couple days in the off season, maybe during spring practice to watch and advise.  Great for the players to pick the brains of 2 guys who've seen everything on the football field and have the gravitas to back up anything they say.