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August 29th, 2018 at 12:32 PM ^

We wanted him as a LB not a fullback. Seeing him succeed definitely brings up what if scenarios, but I think even he would have struggled with our O-line. 

Hopefully Charbonnet will make up for this miss and by the time he is ready to go our O-line is also ready to smash and open up giant holes for him.


August 29th, 2018 at 10:39 PM ^

Dillon decommitted when we told him that he would be moved to LB. It's all water under the bridge at this point, but I liked his athleticism for a big back. Everyone remembers that O'Maury had outrageous SPARQ scores, but I believe Dillon's were elite as well.


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Samuels may or may not pan out, but he's an athletic freak and he still seems like a good guy to take a chance on.

The better comparison is probably Kurt Taylor, who's buried and completely unmentioned (so much so that people seem to forget he was in the class when talking about Dillon vs. Samuels)...


August 29th, 2018 at 3:52 PM ^

It’s not like we chose those guys over Dillon. He decommitted because the staff was fawning over Najee Harris and he realized he wasn’t a priority at Michigan. He wanted to go somewhere where he would be the man and also play closer to home. Can’t really blame him, but this was obviously a huge miss by the staff in hindsight. 


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He's very talented and it sucks that Michigan passed, but he also averaged only about 5 ypc on his 300(!) carries.  Karan Higdon, a perfectly fine RB last year but not someone who consistently blew your socks off, ran for 6 yards per carry.  Dillon's numbers don't look demonstrably different than those of freshman Justin Jackson from NW, and while he set some rushing records I doubt anyone will remember him as one of the best RBs in college.  

Dillon is the complete offense for BC, which is good and bad for him but shouldn't lead anyone to believe he's some unstoppable force because he beat the crap out of Louisville, the country's 94th-rated run defense last year.


August 29th, 2018 at 1:53 PM ^

You are underrating Dillon. Mike Hart was a career 5.0 runner here and he is one of the best RB we've ever had. Ty Isaac had a 6.2 ypc last year but he was not as good as Higdon despite a higher ypc. And if you want to talk about how Dillon thrashed Louisville you should mention its very similar to Higdon's best games coming against Indiana, Rutgers, and Minn. Dillon had no fewer than 149 rushing yards in each of his last 5 games against some decent defenses as well. Dillon is the real deal. Better than Jackson but not as good as Fournette.


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I think your post is really more of an indictment of UM and their inability to modernize their offense and run game.  You are correct that Mike Hart was a career 5.0 runner.  He is probably one of the 'best' although as a pure ball carrier, career 5.0 with no deep speed does not speak well for your offense. 


August 29th, 2018 at 2:49 PM ^

I said Dillon is very good, but I was taking to task the premise of the article that he was as good as Fournette.  And I do take issue with the statement that he put up good numbers against "decent" defenses.  Here are his rushing totals with S&P defense rankings included (I can't insert a table, so here's a screenshot):


So in his last 5 games he faced, on average, the 65th-best rush defense, and basically did exactly as you expected.  Earlier in the year he struggled against better defenses while sharing snaps.  He got better and did so against competent P5 defenses, but just eyeballing Jackson's stats he faced 4 top-30 rush defenses, including 2 top-10 units, and generally performed about the same.



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Yeah, it's a very throwback offensive scheme, which makes sense if you don't really have any other major weapons (they had the 95th best passing offense and a QB who barely completed 50% of his passes).  

What will shock you is Jonathan Taylor at Wisconsin had 299 carries last year.  Yes, he had an extra game and there were a bit more spread out, but he had some crazy games too (30 carries against Purdue, 29 back-to-back against IU and Iowa).  If you told me that Taylor will blow out an ACL this year after his 200th carry in week 6 I wouldn't be blown away.


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Fournette is considerably faster than Dillon, but AJ does remind me a little bit of his cousin, Corey (alright, I don’t know if they’re cousins, but they should be). 


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57yds vs Clemson (3.2 avg)

58 yds vs Notre Dame (3.6 avg)

35yds vs Virginia Tech (3.5 avg)

89yds vs Virginia (3.7 avg)

43 yds vs Wake Forest (2.9 avg)

I'd say he's the next Barry Sanders.



August 29th, 2018 at 1:32 PM ^

The hype train on AJ needs to slow down. He's good no question, but BC wasn't playing the greatest competition either. 

Louisville (94) and UCONN (108) were awful in run defense (S&P+ rankings). While Syracuse was meh (61) and FlaSt and NC State were good (26 and 44). 

Basically he's good, but we need more than just a small sample size. Football just needs to get started so these fluff pieces stop. 

(Still, it would be nice if he were on the roster)


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Living in Boston see the highlights all the time.  He's a freaking beast!!  3 star because he was in NE, but would've been top 100 easy and 4* if playing anywhere else.  In the discussion for ACC Player of the Year.