Per 97.1 The Fan Columbus Ohio Former Georgia Backup QB Justin Fields will Transfer To Ohio State

Submitted by Brandon_L on January 4th, 2019 at 11:04 AM

They believe that Fields will petition for immediate eligibility and expect it will be granted by NCAA. This also should mean that Haskins will be declaring for the NFL draft.



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The NCAA needs to drop the transfer restrictions. Shea had to jump through a million hoops with his lawyer in order to get his one-year loss of eligibility removed and his coach was a documented liar. 

This guy got called a nasty word and now it's a slam dunk? Stupid. 


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That would definitely help parity in CFB. Schools wouldn't be able to promise recruits the moon to get them to sign, and then go back to business as usual - I'm thinking of that elite TE that Urban signed under the premise that he was going to totally re-engineer his offense around this kid. 

These kids have a very short window to make it to the NFL, so they should have more than one shot at picking a school/coach who can get them there. 


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my only concern with that concept is, take bama...they are already better than everyone, and maybe a handful of shit nfl teams...their five star (insert position here) decides to go pro, so McCaffery or whomever says fuck it UM...I'm going pro and heading to Alabama, get a ring, and rinse/repeat...the idea of signing the LOI is intent to participate in school AND football. The best thing to happen would be, the LOI actually means something, kids go to SCHOOL, bagmen are wiped out, schools are served penalties for violations, and things focus on COLLEGE football. But that's the difficult path. Nobody wants that anymore they just want their team to manipulate and come out on top at the expense of anyone else...


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He has no basis for immediate eligibility and should not be granted it. That said if people thought Haskins was good in Day's offense just wait until you see Fields in it as he can also run.

Being stuck with Pep Hamilton never felt so depressing.


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How exactly do you figure the racial slur should translate to being immediately eligible? It has nothing to do with the team or his coaching staff. You can’t say he doesn’t feel safe and feared for his life or else his family wouldn’t have allowed his younger sister to sign there for softball. 

There is zero reason that he should be immediately eligible, no matter where he’s transferring to. 


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If he gets an immediate clearance, that is actually not a bad news for us as we can use "are you sure you want to go to a school where racism is so prevalent that NCAA said you can get away from it without paying a penalty?" to every black player thinking about going to Georgia (and we seem to be in play with Georgia recruits a lot).


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Ohio St had a QB commit for 8 months flip to Georiga after getting 1 phone call from them less than 48 hours before signing day. He never visited them, never met the coaches, never even been to the state of Georgia before.   So not all kids are sophisticated 


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If it was documented that he was threatened on campus like he claims, it's a slam dunk for immediate playing time.  More o than Shea.

I have no idea how he looked at UGA, but Fields was supposed to be a phenom.  Athletically he's a freak, my guess is he splits time with Martel this Fall.