#4 M Swim beats Ohio State by 104, #2 W Swim stays perfect

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on January 20th, 2019 at 1:44 PM

Yesterday was senior day at Canham Natatorium, and Michigan's Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving teams took on their secondary rival from Columbus. 

Michigan's #4 ranked Men couldn't overcome on Thursday at hated rival #3 Indiana, falling 173.5-126.5. They had to regroup quickly and face another Top-15 rival at home and they took care of them, winning 14 of 16 events on the day.

The highlight was Michigan going 1-2-3 and picking up major points in both the 100 AND 200 yard breaststroke races. Michigan took both diving events as well which is always great to see as we've  been more of a swimming than diving program.

Event winners-

  • 200yd Medley Relay: Michigan, 1:27.16
  • 1,000yd Freestyle: Ricardo Vargas (U-M), 9:00.06
  • 200yd Freestyle: Felix Auböck (U-M), 1:36.50
  • 100yd Backstroke: Ben Sugar (OSU), 48.45
  • 100yd Breaststroke: Charlie Swanson (U-M), 53.91
  • 200yd Butterfly: Miles Smachlo (U-M), 1:45.91
  • 50yd Freestyle: Gus Borges (U-M), 19.74
  • 1 meter Diving: Ross Todd (U-M), 357.40 score
  • 100yd Freestyle: Gus Borges (U-M), 43.81
  • 200yd Backstroke: Kai Williams (U-M), 1:46.06
  • 200yd Breaststroke: Tommy Cope (U-M), 1:56.82
  • 500yd Freestyle: Ricardo Vargas (U-M), 4:22.12
  • 100yd Butterfly: Miles Smachlo (U-M), 47.24
  • 3 meter Diving: Ross Todd (U-M), 385.20 score
  • 200yd Individual Medley: Jacob Montague (U-M), 1:49.02
  • 400yd Freestyle Relay: Ohio State, 2:55.61

The #2 ranked Women had little trouble as well. Unlike the Men, they did not lose to #14 Indiana on Thursday, beating them 172-128 on the road. The Wolverines took 13 of 16 events, with two of OSU's event wins coming from the diving well.

Michigan's elite senior from Hong Kong, Siobhán Haughey, won 3 events alone just like she did at Indiana. But this time by bigger margins. 

Event winners-

200yd Medley Relay: Michigan, 1:38.56
1,000yd Freestyle: Molly Kowal (OSU), 9:49.78
200yd Freestyle: Siobhán Haughey (U-M), 1:44.99
100yd Backstroke: Catie DeLoof (U-M), 53.61
100yd Breaststroke: Miranda Tucker (U-M), 1:00.97
200yd Butterfly: Vanessa Krause (U-M), 1:58.49
50yd Freestyle: Maggie MacNeil (U-M), 22.42
3 meter Diving: Genevieve Anerame (OSU), 290.15 score
100yd Freestyle: Siobhán Haughey (U-M), 48.27
200yd Backstroke: Catie DeLoof (U-M), 1:56.18
200yd Breaststroke: Jamie Yeung (U-M), 2:12.41
500yd Freestyle: Rose Bi (U-M), 4:46.99
100yd Butterfly: Maggie MacNeil (U-M), 51.16
1 meter Diving: Lexie Barker (OSU), 288.80 score
200yd Individual Medley: Siobhán Haughey (U-M), 1:59.91
400yd Freestyle Relay: Michigan, 3:16.63

The #4 Michigan Men are now 6-1 on the season and have beaten Ohio State 22 straight times going back to 1993. Michigan is also 56-2 against Ohio State since 1957. The Wolverines have never lost to the Buckeyes at Canham Natatorium. We are 13-0.

The #2 Michigan Women are perfect at 7-0 and are on a 5 year win streak vs the Buckeyes.

Mike Bottom coaches both teams so they have the same schedules as far as dual meets go, so both the Men and Women will be back in action in their final dual meet of the season on Friday, February 8 at Michigan State.



January 20th, 2019 at 1:49 PM ^

The guy's team will not stay number 4. Good in dual meets, but not built that well for a championship scoring setting. Their backstroke is not nearly on par with the rest of D1, and honestly even D2 teams in the state of Michigan.

Indiana is pretty stacked this year and will probably win the B1G again, especially due to diving. 

Girls team is pretty loaded though. All this being said, it's always good to beat OSU


January 20th, 2019 at 2:24 PM ^

I'll have to check the rosters, but Stanford and Cal have been incredible as of late at NCAAs. Bottom loves to go all out for B1Gs and the PAC12 and Texas teams usually don't. It would be great to see the girls win.

2013 Men's team was pretty loaded, and Cal and Texas were historically down. Since then, the guys team has taken a few steps back. I hope they get back into competing for a trophy at NCAAs


January 20th, 2019 at 2:43 PM ^

those times are amazing.  i was a competitive swimmer for 13 years.  damn that is some phenomenal swimming.  butterfly and the 500 free were my events in high school and my times wouldn't compare to these at all.  wow.


January 20th, 2019 at 3:32 PM ^

Am I correct that Michigan has only won 2 National Championships in women's sports? I know Field Hockey was the first around 2000 and then Softball has theirs. Am I missing any? I'm guessing gymnastics has gotten close.