15-0 in 2018?

Submitted by Zenogias on February 16th, 2018 at 4:26 PM

I was talking with a friend I trust on things related to Michigan football and he laid out what I thought was a fairly convincing scenario in which we go 15-0 this year, with wins against ND, Rutgers, Wisconsin, MSU, Penn State, OSU, and arch-rivals Illinois in the B1G championship game.

The crux of his argument boils down to the OL developing significantly (the addition of Calvin Anderson helps solidify left tackle), Shea is ruled eligible and takes his performance to a new level under QB whisperer Jim Harbaugh. An opening victory against Notre Dame provides the spark for our offense, who grow in confidence throughout the season. A modest improvement in pass protection combined with Shea's mobility puts opposing defenses in a bad spot, opening up the field so we can run whenever we want. Wide receivers exhibit the growth you'd expect from freshmen becoming sophomores, especially with a dedicated and experienced WR coach in McElwain. We have to rely on our defense against tougher teams, but between the reviatalized offense and Don Brown's dudes in year three in his defense, only a handful of games are even close. Naturally, all the momentum proves impossible to stop, and we steamroll through Clemson and Alabama on the way to a national championship.

I wanted to throw this up to the mgoboard and see what you all think, if this is just an outlier position or if it sounds realistic or plausible.



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Well, the epilogue here is that the national desire to see what a Harbaugh team could really do if let off the leash gives Jim the platform he needs to agitate for a 16 team playoff. A summer of non-stop touring the country promoting the idea while recruiting leads to the #1 ranked recruiting class and causes the NCAA to push through priority legislation increasing the playoffs to 16 teams for the 2019 season, paving the way for Michigan to roll to the first 17-0 season in NCAA history, including two playoff wins in Michigan Stadium, since the higher ranked teams are given homefield advantage in the opening rounds.

Arb lover

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At week 8 or 9 next year, if it's still a possibility.

While I would be lying to say I haven't thought/hoped/whatever that it happens, it seems early, could jinx the program, or who knows, nd/msu could use it as incentive to go crazy, or the NCAA could use it as behind the scene rationale to deny Shea.


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You are pushing it, suggesting Clemson is in the playoffs, but to imagine Bama to be there waiting for us, meaning they're in the final game yet one more year is utterly senseless.  Othen than that, I see no problem and figue you're probably pretty damn close to calling a perfect game. 


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i think M will win the big ten and go the playoff, im not predicting anything for the playoff, but i would be very happy to beat MSU and OSU and ND and win the big ten, its a pretty tough schedule so i bet theres a loss somewhere 

at this point dont even care about a national championship just wana beat those 3 damn teams and win the big ten! thats not too much to ask is it??