This Month in MGoBlog History: June 2008 - The End of the Blogspot Era

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May 2008

June 2 - Monday

A very short and unremarkable Recruiting Board update. An article added on OH OL Marcus Hall.

The baseball team had a very successful season, but they were eliminated this past weekend.

June 3 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Reveals Shameful Past. Brian talks about his past as a Magic game player and compares its trends and tactical changes to football. Most of the Big Ten is spread option now, and he worries that ‘M’ might have already missed the boat.

Quintin Patilla is transferring to GVSU.

June 4 - Wednesday

Mailbag. A jazz version of The Victors? Lacrosse gets the first club level player drafted, and more rehashing Boren and a playoff system.

June 5 - Thursday

A baseball recruiting post. I don’t recognize any of the names, so that’s all I have to say about that.

Hello Jeremy Gallon.

More Like Jeremy Pint


June 6 - Friday

Pitchers recruiting post. Don’t know any of these either.

The banner contest is so large that it’s been divided into regionals. This is the Woodson division. Scroll through to see them all. 

June 9 - Monday

Unverified Voracity is Sweaty. ‘M’ has offered rising junior SC QB Conelius Jones…after only watching a ten minute video.

Banner contest, Rice Regional, including one of the infamous banners.

Banner contest, voting results for Woodson regional.

June 10 - Tuesday

Tuesday Recruitin’. There was a prospect camp, and who showed up but Tate Forcier. Rumors persist that Kevin Newsome is looking around and Forcier is still looking at Michigan.

There is a rumor that a hockey player has flunked out, so D Greg Pateryn is coming in.

June 11 - Wednesday

Every year, Brian looks back at his previous year’s conference predictions and evaluates how accurate they were. He starts here with the worst of the conference. Minnesota was a little worse, and Michigan State was a little better. He never got around to previews of Indiana, Iowa, and Northwestern.  

Looks like yesterday’s hockey rumors were premature. No one is ineligible at this point.

June 12 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Challenges you to a Duel. A small note on 6’ 10 ½” Robin Benzig and how Beilein expected him to play either the three or the four. It would have been interesting to see what Beilein could have done with this type of German a decade earlier.

Banner contest, Rice Regional voting results.

Banner contest, Morrison Regional first round.

June 13 - Friday

Over the last couple months, Brian has been fighting the good fight against over-signing, specifically at Alabama. He checks in on the situation, and it looks inevitable that several players will have to be cut.

Unverified Voracity Consumes Humans. Stealing commits/snake oil is still an issue, so when incoming freshman RB Michael Shaw was recently interviewed, the issue was raised. Apparently, Lloyd and staff had been in contact with him throughout his commitment to PSU.

June 16 - Monday

Recruiting update, with a few interesting names added to the board, including SC OL Quinton Washington, TX K Anthony Fera, and TX S Rex Burkhead.

Unverified Voracity Debunks internet rumors about fake jerseys, but there is a picture of the likely new Adidas home jersey. Very little has changed.

Hello Michael Schofield.

More jersey stuff as other pictures are emerging from the Women’s Football Academy. Road jerseys do not appear as appealing.

June 17 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Uses “Kudos” in a Sentence. Football tidbits from a Michigan Daily article, including that Darryl Stonum has put on 25 pounds (!) since he arrived, and Michigan will go back to a spread punt formation. Also, the hockey team has gotten a walk-on recruit in the form of Luke Glendening.

Banner Contest, Morrison region results.

Banner Contest, Larkin region round one.

June 18 - Wednesday

Stadium renovation pictures from the inside.

Unverified Voracity Points. Brian chides someone who believes that CFB is headed toward four, sixteen team super conferences. 

Banner Contest, Larkin region results.

A BTN and Comcast union appears to be finally coming together. The big question is if it will be a part of the basic package or if it will be part of a sports package.

June 19 - Thursday

The Michigan vs. Ohio St. rivalry can be summed up in the title page of Bentley’s copy of Football at Ohio State, now nicely scanned by Google.

Apparently, disaster was averted in the 1997 season when two student managers realized that Northwestern was stealing play calls. However, it took some prodding to get Lloyd to make any changes. Sadly, this exposed some flaws in the program.

ONE: Michigan didn't bother employing multiple signal-callers -- a zero-cost activity -- from day one. TWO: It took them a full quarter and a second prodding to actually act on the information provided by the student managers when the cost of listening was zero. THREE: They ran a sweep on third and twenty-five. FOUR:Michigan football was outsmarted by Jerry Van Dyke.

The Comcast/BTN marriage is official. BTN will be a part of the basic package.

June 20 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Ejects Bits. Brian adds to a Bill Simmons’ piece on the recent Celtics championship.

Often, I think, we start pulling for a team by proxy. I wanted Michigan to win when I was a child so my dad would be happy. When Michigan was trailing by 21 in the Water Buffalo Stampede Minnesota game, my girlfriend at the time wanted Michigan to do well so I wouldn't accidentally shove her off the couch again in rage. Now that I'm friends with the sort of Auburn fan who involuntarily screams things like "GO LESTER" on every run longer than three yards, I want Auburn to win.

At some point a switch flips and the rooting is no longer by proxy and now you're just sort of infected with this thing. And it makes you do and think very strange things about completely irrelevant external events, and coping and dealing with this weird little disease of passion requires a sort of support group.

Banner Contest, round two.

June 23 - Monday

Recruiting update. IN LB Jordan Barnes looks likely to be the next commit.

George Carlin has died.

Michael Shaw has posted some very impressive times in track, so expectations have been ratcheted up for him as a RB or in the slot.

Drew Sharp wrote an entire column about the BTN/Comcast merger, but unsurprisingly he was completely wrong.

June 24 - Tuesday

Banner contest, round two results.

Four hockey recruits were taken in the NHL draft, but none in the first round (for the first time since 2000) so hopefully this bodes well for all of them playing in Ann Arbor.

  • D Brandon Burlon went in the late second round (#52) to New Jersey.

  • Robbie Czarnik went at the top of the third (#63) to the Kings

  • Greg Pateryn went in the fifth (#128) to Toronto

  • David Wohlberg went in the sixth to New Jersey (#172)

Hello: Jordan Barnes.

Darius Morris is making a visit this week, and it is a big deal.

He's Daniel Horton, except this time he'd be committing to the guy widely believed to be the best strategic coach in the country. Landing him would go a long way towards dispelling the perception that Beilein will only recruit six-foot white guys with peanut allergies.

Kevin Newsome has indeed been looking at other schools, but every indication is that ‘M’ has continued to look at Tate Forcier and Geno Smith. Beaver remains solid and has indicated that he would like to play with Forcier.

Hello: Dwayne Peace (TX WR)

June 25 - Wednesday

Informative post for Barnes and Peace (and no, people are not happy that there are more three stars committing).

Unverified Voracity, Delivered from Perdition by the Coke Fairy. Saban is managing to not cut players; amazingly, a number of players have injuries and need medical redshirts.

Hail to the Victors 2008 is available.

June 26 - Thursday

Banner contest, round three.

Spencer Hall of EDSBS spent some time training with a college football Strength and Conditioning program. That leads into a broader discussion of the Barwis effect and where Big Ten conditioning is compared to other conferences.

Originally published in HTTV 2007, this is an article explaining the intricacies of the zone stretch. Even more applicable now than it was last year.

June 27 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Pushes the Big, Red Button. BTN is saying they’re actually going to try with hockey this coming season (last season’s effort was not great).

June 30 - Monday

That’s it. The Blogspot era is over.

If you're seeing this in your feed reader, you are most likely a super-ancient mummy MGoBlog reader, and you should be commended for that.




June 16th, 2018 at 5:27 PM ^

We discussed before launch in Slack and concluded this is 3.0 because 1.0 and 2.0 were just different blogspot layouts.

The Internet Way Back Machine can show you the difference between the site ( in 2005 vs in 2007. Anyway we decided this version was indeed 3.0 because there have only been two major redesigns and both included a change in servers and how everything works. 

les bleus

July 8th, 2018 at 7:25 PM ^

I miss it mostly because Brian was posting on a regular basis. Nothing against Seth or Ace, but the biggest reason I read this site was to hear Brian's opinion on things. Now he hardly posts anything in the offseason. Back then it was just Brian with Tim and Tom posting about recruiting every once in a while.


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June 2008 was right before the real pain began....sort of like that moment in a slasher movie where the kids are laughing in the cabin and eating pizza and drinking beer.  The lights will soon go out and they will run into the woods to be hacked down by the chainsaw-wielding guy in the goalie's mask....but none of that has happened yet.  Ah - memories.