Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #16: Michigan 4, Wisconsin 1

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(Marc-Gregor Campredon)  He was 'everywhere you want to be"


  • FIRST: Michigan actually did a good job creating offense in the first period.  They got 6-7 looks from the slot and lower circles.  Matrin capitalized on a bad DZTO by Wisconsin and went top shelf to beat Berry for a 5v5 goal.  Michigan totaled 21 even strength attempts.
  • SECOND: This was a special teams period (7 penalties called in total).  Michigan managed 10 even strength attempts...most of which came from beyond the circles.  Three of their attempts came from inside the circles or near the crease.  Again, though, this period is basically an incomplete, given how much time both teams were actually at even strength.
  • THIRD: Back to the usual, haha.  Michigan gets 11 attempts at the net in even strength.  4 come from the slot but nothing else is dangerous, at all.   I'm more in to even strength attempts than just shots, but M was outshot 34-19, tonight. They had a 2-1 lead and just hung on in the defensive end.  It worked out, tonight, but do that again and pucks will go in against you.  They did add 2 EN goals at the end.  To add to matters, Will Lockwood was cheap-shotted into the boards with no call.  After staying down for a while, he skated straight to the locker room, holding his shoulder.  It did not look good.  We will see what happens with that. 



  • FIRST: Early on, Michigan gave up a flurry of activity in from of Lavigne.  Thankfully, Wisconsin wasn't able to hit the open nets provided them.  Wisconsin was able to create quite a few chances inside and dots and a couple in the slot.  It was not as bad as it has been in the past few games, though.  More than half of their attempts came from outside the circles.  I have them registered with 20 even strength attempts that period.
  • SECOND: So...the defense was good (!!) in the second period.  Now, the Wolverines were killing 5 penalties, so...there were not many opportunities for the Badgers at even strength.  But they only registered 8 attempts on net and all of those from the perimeter.  Lots of PP attempts...but that's a different section!
  • THIRD: The 3rd period reverted back to the usual.  Wisconsin threw 28 even strength attempts at the net in the final frame.  They came from the circles, from the slot from the point.  It was an absolute barrage.  And that's not counting the Special Teams shots.  Many didn't get through or get on target...but the chances were there.  Lavigne, some nice blocks, a little luck, and Michigan survives not giving up a goal during that firestorm.  



  • FIRST: Once again, Michigan converted on their first PP.  After Piazza had trouble getting the puck out (and almost giving away a good opportunity), Slaker lead a 3v2 and Kile sniped a beautiful shot past Jack Berry.  On the flip side, Michigan did a good job of not really letting Wisconsin get set up on their only PP of the first period.  Big early wins for Michigan in areas of strength for Wisconsin.  M: 1/1; W 0/1
  • SECOND: Michigan has 2 power plays in the 2nd period.  They score on neither but got the 1-3-1 going on their 2nd and created a few good looks.  0/2 in second.  They did, however, begin a parade to the penalty box.  Michigan took 5 penalties in the middle frame...one of them carrying over to the 3rd.  Wisconsin converted on one of them...in the crazy no-call sequence that lead to a 4v2.  When Wisconsin did get their power play set up (which they had a tough time doing), they did not get anything overly threatening.  1/5 in 2nd period.
  • THIRD: Michigan had 2 power plats in the 3rd period but did not even register an attempt on goal.  This is about right, considering Wisconsin's PK is at the top end of college hockey (#7 at 87%).  Overall, Michigan went 1/4...both above their conversion rate and below Wisconsin's kill rate.  The Wolverines also took and killed 2 more penalties in the 3rd.  Wisconsin got a few decent looks but Lavigne was there each time.  Wisconsin ended up going 1/7 on the night.  Still too many penalties.



  • FIRST: Hayden Lavigne was very strong early on, making mutiple great saves from Grade A chances.  As the period went on, he was not as busy (yay!), but that inital steadying kept Michigan in the game for the first 5-8 minutes.  The defense also had issues clearing the puck and put him in some perilous situations.  Lavigne was also strong as the period ended, making another handful of stonings.  Wisconsin also missed a couple open nets.  Lavigne had 12 saves.
  • SECOND: Lavigne had himself another fantastic period.  He spent probably half of it on the PK and made save after save when called upon.  The Wisconsin goal was a 4v2 rush after a no-call at the other end.  Lavigne actually made the original save.  He's been in great position all night and seems to have seen the puck as well as you could expect...especially considering he's been down a man.  Lavigne had 7 saves in the 2nd.
  • THIRD: Hayden Lavigne might have had his best game as a Wolverine.  He made save after save as the game dwindled down and got Michigan to a point where they could hit an empty net a couple times.  He had 34 saves and many of them under duress with the game on the line.  



  • FIRST: Michigan surrended 0 OMRs in the first period.
  • SECOND: Michigan gives up ONE 4v2 after a PK rush that Lockwood is taken down but no call.  Wisconsin scores on a rebound after great passing and an initial save by Lavigne.  I'm not sure that I'm mad about that one.
  • THIRD: Kunin had a breakaway and missed the net after Lavigne came out to challenge him.  That was all.  



I had: Wisconsin 56, Michigan 40 (FWIW, M was leading after 2 periods)

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Wisconsin 57, Michigan 38



December 10th, 2016 at 11:51 PM ^

Has Michigan had a higher corsi than its opponent in even one game this year?

At least they were playing even through two periods and were sitting on a lead when they were swarmed in the third. That's something. 

Of course, if Lockwood is significantly hurt, that's basically the brightest spot on a bad team going down...


December 11th, 2016 at 12:20 AM ^

fuck the B1G refs. That was the worst officiated game since the infamous FYS game. The head ref was looking right at Lockwood during that cheap shot and called jack. I have not been this incesssed since the FYS game. what the hell were the refs doing all game. forget this clownshow of a conference.