Supporting MGoBlog

I occasionally get an email or a comment wondering how readers can support MGoBlog. As this has turned from a hobby to an obsession to an avocation the idea of making money from the site has gone from laughable to a far-off intriguing thing to kinda necessary if I'm going to ward off all those stupid "lol mom's basement" remarks from Official Journalists with a chip on their shoulders.

So, if you're reading and feeling guilty here are all the ways to assuage your guilt:


Donate money directly.

There's a button on the left sidebar or a direct link here.

PROS: Most efficient way possible to fund the amphetamines that keep me going during the season.

CONS: You don't get anything. (Yet, I'm working on it.)


Buy a shirt.

MGoStore has a wide selection of totally killer MGoBlog t-shirts for your perusal.

PROS: Awesome shirt, relatively efficient way to funnel said amphetamines. Highly likely to get you laid.

CONS: Ravenous packs of women (or men, depending on gender/orientation) following you around sounds like a good idea until you're up in a tree, praying they'll lose the scent.



If you're already going to buy stuff from Amazon or Stubhub, you might as well visit via an MGoBlog affiliate link and shove a portion of your purchase blogward.

PROS: Functionally free.

CONS: Requires you to find a link and click on the link and Jesus sometimes you just want to go to Amazon without feeling heelish.


Purchase ad space.

Email Seth and he'll set you up. We mostly work on a "cost per mille" (per thousand page views) system so we can meet whatever budget.

PROS: Get your brand in front of this readership. MGoBlogging time at work can now be justified as "researching new markets for increasing brand recognition."

CONS: Involves actual researching of new markets for increasing brand recognition.


Barter services.

I am not a graphic designer and am a pretty hacky web programmer; any and all offers of technical/graphical assistance are welcome.

PROS: Killer recommendation letter.

CONS: Requires expenditure of effort; takes away from "Bear in the Big Blue House" time.



Advertising goes "bing" whenever you hit the site.

PROS: Requires no action on your part aside from slavish devotion.

CONS: Can be kind of annoying.


Commit to Michigan.


PROS: Free winged helmet.

CONS: Requires committable offer from the University, which takes a lot of work.