One Frame At A Time: Loyola Chicago Comment Count

Ace June 13th, 2018 at 6:00 AM
what's german for 'galoot'? [Bryan Fuller]

So, uh, recovery hasn't been as smooth as expected—those following me on Twitter have probably picked up on that—and as such I'm pushing out posts when I can. I've been hoping to get to the Moe Wagner retrospective but have held off because I've hit a block there; in the process of preparing that post and working through the block, I did at least get through the Loyola Chicago game in GIFs. (Most of it, at least. This copy cut out all good replays of Wagner crashing into Raftery/Hill, which is an argh experience.) Did I do Florida State yet? Uh, working on it. Time is a construct.

Anyway, remember that time Moe Wagner put up a Final Four stat line matched only by Akeem Olajuwon and Larry Bird?

That was enjoyable.

[The rest of the Loyola game in GIFs, featuring a LOT of Moe, after THE JUMP.]


Lives here.


10. E-Moe-tional Spectrum

Wagner's reaction after a wayward dribble on a fast break resulted in a carrying violation is delightful—perhaps more so in retrospect, admittedly, given the score at the time.

9. The First of Several

You can tell this is Wagner's first putback of the game because he's not yet dripping in sweat.

8. That Wasn't On The Scouting Report

The pass or the pivot finish, take your choice.

7. Board, Spin, Hook, Flex

Going small did not solve Loyola's biggest problem.

6. NBA Finish

When pro athletes go against not that.

5. Why Not?


4. Appropriate Reaction

A big reason Wagner's historic performance was so necessary: other Wolverines shot 4-for-21 from three. In other words, I feel you, Isaiah Livers.

3. Large Adult Sonned

Cameron Krutwig gets Valkyrie'd.

2. Flex On 'Em

Sure, I'll watch a replay or two:

The Michigan section going bonkers in the background is a nice touch. Speaking of which...


When you know you've got a shot at the whole dang thing.



June 13th, 2018 at 11:35 AM ^

That was my favorite highlight of the bunch, there's a precise moment with Krutwig knows Moe has him beat off the dribble and he might be getting Valkyrie'd.  He takes a quick glance to his left and you just know he's thinking, "I sure hope I have help coming" and that answer happens to be a resounding, NOPE.  I could watch that clip all day.

The Fan in Fargo

June 14th, 2018 at 11:30 AM ^

What a great season. I find myself already nervous for the new one though. I think from the start winning a few of the big games will set the tone for the season's confidence level. Whether or not Livers and Poole can score and become consistent threats is the absolute key. Along with Simpson and his jump-shot. I don't believe Livers and Poole have even shown a glimpse of anything yet. A few plays here and there doesn't mean jack. If those two guys can do their job offensively somewhat close to the other three starters, then it'll be a good year. If not, it's going to be another long one until the end when they hopefully come around. Simpson, Mathews and Teske will take care on their end of the bargain I'm confident.


June 16th, 2018 at 2:43 PM ^

Thanks for this Ace, it brought back such great memories.  I loved "Flex on 'em" the best.  Not only Moe's reaction but the reaction of the other 3 you can see on the court was awesome !!